Kim Rae Won for W

It looks like the magazine heard my prayers for Kim Rae-won to have more pictorials, because he’s being featured in W’s April issue. I am guessing this is in anticipation of his upcoming movie, The Prison which will hit Korean theatres tomorrow, March 23. The film also stars Han Suk-kyu, Jo Jae-yoon, Jung Woong-in, Shin Sung-rok, Lee Kyung-young and Kim Sung-kyun. It will tell a story of a group of prisoners escaping to commit crimes. Check out the pictures and movie trailer below!

The Prison 프리즌 posters, still cuts, press conference pictures and trailer~


Credits to W Korea and Showbox

5 thoughts on “Kim Rae Won for W

  1. Those “Prison” gave me a good laugh – some of those guys just got out of prison in “Defendant!” Guess they haven’t learned their lesson! 😉

    1. I think you’re referring to Jo Jae-yoon? XD Yes he was one of them in Defendant’s prison squad too ^^

  2. I think we compare the love for this man. In these photos he seems much younger. He does not get much of it on the news pages. Thank you

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