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Lee Jun Ki for Singles


Lee Jun-ki is stealing the hearts of many with his currently-airing drama Moon Lovers (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo) where he stars as the 4th Prince Wang So. His performance is certainly commendable given how deftly he portrays So’s character and emotions, along with the great chemistry he has with leading lady IU, who plays Hae-soo. I am just so happy to see him on screen again after a year! 😄 That being said, Moon Lovers is also reaching its end quite soon and I am pretty sure that he’ll be missed. However, that is not the main point here – the actor graces the November pages of fashion magazine Singles and I love the pictorial’s simplicity! He also posted some of the pictures on his Instagram account 🙂

Love! ❤

Credit to Singles


Credit to Instagram: actor_jg

^ He just looks so good in suit that I had to share it here! ❤


Author: dramalandloverj

Jas. I watch lots of dramas. Finally sharing my love for them with all of you here. Cheers! Tweet me @dramalandlover

5 thoughts on “Lee Jun Ki for Singles

  1. He looks soooo good in everything LOL and his profile is …..amazing.

  2. I’ve been questioning myself, is he a human being? Is he even real? How can he hold so much perfection like this!

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