Remember: Son’s War – Episodes 13 to 16

After countless twists and turns, are we finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel?


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As shown previously, Gyu-man found the secret room and although In-ah’s fear can be seen from her quivers she stands against the chaebol’s threats and tells him firmly that they will beat him properly with the law.

Jin-woo returns from his doctor appointment and hastily excuses himself but stops and turns to face In-ah when she tells him Gyu-man was here. He seems alright with it, and it’s for the better since they have nothing to hide now. Then he receives a call, but we don’t see who’s on the other end of the line.

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Back in his car, Gyu-man wonders whether Jin-woo and his team are being serious in helping each other when they have nothing. Soo-bum tries to explain that the ‘help’ means something from the heart; they support one another from inside but Gyu-man misinterprets and thinks they do it because of mutual benefit, like he does.

Detective Gwak was the one who called Jin-woo, and they meet in that warehouse where many things have happened right there, in the same place. He wants to gift Jin-woo with something since he’s undergoing investigation and can say goodbye to his police career.

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And we see what it is right in Gyu-man’s office at Il Ho Group. The detective had filmed himself admitting that he had forced a confession out of Daddy Seo under the chaebol’s orders. Obviously enraged, Gyu-man flips his things over, making a mess (again). He tells Soo-bum to ask Joo-il to call his men over.

Prosecutor Tak informs In-ah that Prosecutor Hong has resigned of his own accord, which means he’s pulling himself out of the internal investigation he brought upon himself. We immediately see him addressing all the younger prosecutors at his retirement ceremony before leaving. Later Prosecutor Tak sarcastically tells his now ex-superior that he had made a great speech. Hah. On the other hand, In-ah tells him that his resignation does not cover up the crimes he has committed. But the retired prosecutor is still confident in his ways as he smiles at them, hinting that it’s not over yet.

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Gyu-man goes to meet Detective Gwak, bringing along Joo-il and his minions. He had let the detective off after the policeman’s constant begging for his life. All relaxed as if he has been waiting to receive him, Detective Gwak angers Gyu-man even further when he says he sent a copy of his video to Jin-woo as well. Joo-il thinks that he must be courting his death by saying all these and stops Gyu-man from laying his own hand on the detective himself and makes his minions do the work. In perfect timing, the police arrive at the scene to arrest Detective Gwak who had been prepared for this. And his parting words to Gyu-man are that he should pay for committing crimes. And he should know that he’ll be paying for his crimes soon.

Jin-woo is watching Detective Gwak’s confession video as he tells Manager Yun that he needs more evidence like this if he’s going to send Gyu-man off in one blow. But Manager Yun is more concerned about his health condition and tries to persuade him to stop. However, Jin-woo is firm in his conviction of bringing Gyu-man to court. And he will achieve this before he loses his memories.

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Moo-suk (I’ll use his name now that he’s no longer a prosecutor) assures Chairman Nam that he will not be affected although Internal Affairs investigated pretty thoroughly. Yeo-gyung overhears her father asking if the Seochon murder case will be mentioned in the report as he pulls Moo-suk closer to Il Ho Group’s side. At the same time she recalls In-ah’s and Suk-gyu’s words about the case.

Jin-woo and co. have a discussion in their office, they’ve found something fishy with the other company, Youngwon Electronics. Then Lawyer Seo remembers that he’d seen the name of the company’s president in the Il Ho slush fund file VP Kang had given to him. So they check on him.

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Dong-ho is just talking about Moo-suk leaving the prosecution service with Sang-ho and they are glad that they don’t have to deal with him anymore but speak of the devil, he appears right in front of them when the lift doors at Il Ho Law Firm open. Lawyer Park isn’t very happy to see him, and they exchange nail-biting words with each other.

In-ah brings their newfound information to Prosecutor Tak, and he’s secretly happy when she mentions that he’s next in line to become the deputy chief prosecutor following Moo-suk’s resignation.

Jin-woo visits Detective Gwak who’s now in prison and hopes he stays in there repenting his wrongdoings. The ex-detective says they should help each other now that they have a common goal – that is to get Gyu-man.

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Attorney Song is diligently practising his lines in the office, unaware that Jin-woo and In-ah are around until he hears their applause. In-ah thinks he can go to court now, but he thinks that he won’t be able to do it in court. Later she tells Jin-woo her hopes that Attorney Song will be able to speak properly in court. Jin-woo says he’s improved a lot and if this continues he’ll be able to go on a trial solo. In-ah wonders how he ended up working with Attorney Song.

We see that Jin-woo met him outside the courtroom one day, and a family member from another case had grabbed him by the collar and reprimanded for not doing a good job. Apparently the then public defender had gone to visit Dad and Jin-woo suspected that he might have been planning something up his sleeves but he apologises sincerely and told him that it weighed heavily on him too when his first client was sentenced to the death row. He had left after leaving his contact, for Jin-woo to contact him whenever he needed help.

Back in the present, Jin-woo tells In-ah that Attorney Song and Manager Yun are like family to him now. They overhear Attorney Song still practising and laugh together.

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We’re at the next trial of the Smile Light Bulbs case and Jin-woo plays the video of a lab technician testing the light bulb to prove that the chances of it exploding is zero due to the country’s current regulations; it will only happen if the bulbs are faulty.

Dong-ho summons his witness, factory manager Shim Byung-hoon who lies in his testimony that defective light bulbs were produced. Min-soo’s dad gets worked up and the judge warns him of his behaviour as a spectator. As he explains further, Min-soo’s dad is in disbelief and stands up to defend himself but is dragged out of the courtroom by the guards.

The judge asks if Jin-woo has any questions for the witness. He has photos of Dong-ho and him meeting, but recalls his words and makes the decision – he turns the photographs face-down and tells the judge he has no more questions. Dong-ho looks up at Jin-woo in thought.

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Gyu-man is still suspicious of Dong-ho and tells Moo-suk to keep an eye on him. And he’s already been doing that anyway, so he tells the chaebol he found Dong-ho investigating the chairman. That is news to Gyu-man who wants Moo-suk to report to him if anything comes up.

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Jin-woo uses another case to argue that the light bulbs are not responsible for the explosion of the microwave oven. He has reports to prove that faulty wiring was the reason for explosion and confirmed that the same defective wiring was used for the same model with investigations by the National Forensic Service (NFS). In-ah is prepared along with Prosecutor Tak as she messages Jin-woo to make his move.

He tells the judge that it was the same company that manufactured the refrigerators with faulty wiring and microwave ovens. And the original cause of the faulty wiring was Il Ho Group’s slush fund activities. He asks for permission to switch on the television for evidence to prove this. We see Prosecutor Tak revealing the results of the investigation. Gyu-man watches all this unravel in his office and is evidently furious; he then receives a call from his father. The judgement is passed and the ruling is against the plaintiff. Smile Light Bulbs bears no responsibility for compensation. Jin-woo and Attorney Song are glad. Even Dong-ho smiles secretly, though he frowns at first.

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Min-soo thanks Jin-woo for his great help, and the lawyer gifts him with a pair of gloves each for him and his dad, citing that the factory was rather cold. Min-soo doesn’t know how to thank him, and all Jin-woo says is for him to take good care of his father and protect him well.

Dong-ho doesn’t seem very affected by his loss, as he still smiles at Sang-ho and says he didn’t know that Jin-woo would bring up the Youngwon Electronics slush fund. Haha really? Suk-gyu is looking for him regarding the Seochon murder case. He wants to know the truth, having heard of a video of the actual criminal confessing. But Dong-ho has nothing to say to the judge and leaves.

Jin-woo and co. are happy of their win in the Smile Light Bulbs case, to which In-ah says that it should hit Il Ho Group quite hard. Jin-woo starts saying they need to pressure Moo-suk to resign, but he already did…so In-ah and Attorney Song are left confused as Manager Yun realises what’s happening. So she helps him and asks him to head in to rest. In-ah asks the office manager about Jin-woo being strange but she just says he must be tired… Poor Jin-woo 😦

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Chairman Nam reprimands Gyu-man for getting beaten by Jin-woo so many times. So he quickly gets on his knees and apologises. The chairman wants his son to deal with him, but Gyu-man finds it a problem because Jin-woo is a little too well-known. They sit with Moo-suk to discuss this issue and the lawyer assures them that he has a solution to this problem already.

Then we see Joo-il alone in Dong-ho’s office, with the CD containing the video of Gyu-man’s confession on the table. He makes a call to someone, telling the person to leave it all on Dong-ho if something happens to him.

Gyu-man asks his dad about what Moo-suk had told him earlier; it’s odd that Dong-ho is investigating his past so he wonders if his father is affiliated with Seogwang Group. The chairman just tells his son to take care of his own matter. Seems like Gyu-man really does not know much about his father’s past deeds.

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Soo-bum answers a call from Suk-gyu, telling him Gyu-man is busy at the moment. But Suk-gyu wants to meet him only. Soo-bum remembers the words he had drunkenly said the other day, and sighs.

So they meet for drinks, and Suk-gyu probes further about the Seochon murder case – did Gyu-man really kill someone? Soo-bum denies it this time, but Suk-gyu firmly tells him that he better not hide it from him if Gyu-man really did it.

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Having lost the trial, Dong-ho reports to Gyu-man who thinks that he is in cahoots with Jin-woo. But he even bought a witness and just did not predict that Jin-woo would bring up the slush fund issue. The chaebol just sees this as an excuse and warns Lawyer Park to watch out for what he has prepared.

Later Dong-ho, Prosecutor Tak and Detective Bae bond over some food and soju. Detective Bae asks Dong-ho about his progress with investigation on Seogwang group, and Dong-ho tells him he would be meeting with the victim of the incident soon.

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Jin-woo gives In-ah a stack of her own name cards and she’s delighted. He asks her to free up some time tomorrow, because he wants to go somewhere with her. And it’s to buy a new bag for her, as a gift for winning her first trial. They smile at memories of their first meeting where they ended up at a police station due to her hand bag. Awww~

Later along the streets he asks her out for dinner the next day, and she wonders why he’s suddenly asking her out. It’s because he wants to remember the times he spends with her. It’s sweet, but you feel a pinch in your heart somehow…

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Prosecutor Tak brings a team of investigators to arrest Joo-il at the company for tax evasion and illegal political funding. Moo-suk sees this unfold, and smiles at the prosecutor who spots him in the distance.

Now that Joo-il is out of the picture, In-ah feels that they should start by bringing down Gyu-man’s aides but Jin-woo disagrees, they don’t have much time left so they have to take care of everything at once.

Dong-ho goes to meet Ha Young-hoon and asks straight if he’s aware of the explosion at Seogwang Group 17 years ago, along with the fact that his father is Park Kyung-soo. President Ha is shocked at this revelation and says this matter has long been over. But Dong-ho says being a company president doesn’t bury the truth and leaves his name card, for President Ha would need to contact him soon. As soon as he leaves, President Ha calls Chairman Nam to tell him someone is investigating the Seogwang Group gas explosion case.

Dong-ho visits Joo-il at the prison and tells him he will take down the Nams though Joo-il says that Chairman Nam would help him to get out soon. However, Dong-ho insists that he will bring the chairman down. So Joo-il tells him that they will go their separate ways.

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Yeo-gyung is greeted by Jin-woo, who tells him how Gyu-man got out of his way with the Youngwon Electronics case, just like four years ago. She can’t believe that he still thinks her brother is the culprit. But he is still the murderer though time may have passed, Jin-woo says. She refuses to believe him, so Jin-woo tells her that she can find out for herself, since it should be easy for her as a prosecutor.

At Il Ho Group, the slush find issue has been taken care of but the company has incurred massive losses, from what Soo-bum has reported to Gyu-man in the office. Keum brings a document of the car accident involving Dong-ho’s father to him.

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We see President Ha running away from people who seem to be chasing him under Chairman Nam’s orders but he manages to hide from them. Now he decides to call Dong-ho for help. He ends up in Dong-ho’s car, where he tells the lawyer that the chairman wants to silence him forever.

In-ah calls Jin-woo to remind him of their dinner appointment, as she chooses the coat to match with her clothing. She finally settles on a white one. Manager Yun and Attorney Song bump into her on her way out, and they wonder where she’s going on a date all dressed up nicely.

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Gyu-man calls Jin-woo, telling him he has a gift for the lawyer which he would be curious to know about and asks him to come to his office. We all know what gift that is.

He receives Jin-woo and invites him for a seat. The lawyer is shocked to find out the truth that Dong-ho also found out recently – Dong-ho’s father was involved in the car accident which killed his family members when he was six. It hits him hard, and he’s at a loss for words.

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Dong-ho passes over documents on the Seogwang Group gas explosion to Prosecutor Tak so that he can help investigate the case further. Apparently, Moo-suk had been assigned to the case when he was still a prosecutor.

In-ah is waiting at the place where they had planned to meet for dinner, excited as she checks her make-up in the mirror. Looking at the time later when other patrons in the restaurant leave, she wonders why Jin-woo is running late.

We see that he’s walking alone in the night, still in a daze. The impact of the truth he had just heard is huge, as memories of the past four years flash through his mind. But it’s chaotic, as we see them in blurred flashbacks. And then it seems like he’s thought of something before starting to run.

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Seeing that Jin-woo is still not there yet, In-ah gives him a call but when he picks up he addresses her as his dad, asking where he is. Oh no. She calls his name and asks of his whereabouts, to which he replies that he’s in front of his house and Dad is not home yet. She quickly flags a taxi to find him and now all the suspicious moments make sense, as she recalls them…she has realised he’s experiencing memory loss.

By the time In-ah finds him really at his old home, tears are brimming in her eyes. Jin-woo spots her and wonders why she’s here. His confused look is sad to see… Face-to-face with him, she breaks down and all she can ask is what he’s doing there. And he innocently tells her he’s waiting for Dad. The moment he realises she’s crying, In-ah quickly pulls him into an embrace.


[End of EPISODE 13]


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In-ah returns to the office, where Manager Yun wonders why Jin-woo didn’t come back with her since they went on a date together. She tells the office manager he’s at his house and asks if he is suffering from the same disease as his father. And she confirms it, so she continues to get the doctor’s contact. She wants to know exactly how his condition is.

Jin-woo awakens at his old home, confused. He only remembers up to the point where Gyu-man told him about the car accident.

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Moo-suk reports to Chairman Nam and Gyu-man about their actions to rebuild the company image. Chairman Nam muses that Il Ho Group should be back on track now. Gyu-man praises the lawyer’s good work and the latter again pledges his loyalty to the Nams.

Jin-woo goes to Dong-ho’s office at Il Ho Law Firm to throw a fist at him. How could he face him after knowing about this truth? Dong-ho gets on his knees and tells him it was an accident; his dad didn’t do it intentionally. Jin-woo vows that he would never forgive him and turns to leave, but Dong-ho says that there are other truths about the incident he doesn’t know about: it happened because of Chairman Nam. He adds that although he knelt down before him today, he will definitely make the chairman and Gyu-man kneel down before them.

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Manager Yun goes to Jin-woo’s doctor with In-ah. The doctor explains his condition and informs them that it’s deteriorating at a faster rate because of his memory ability. In-ah asks if there’s a cure, but no they can only slow the progress down. And he might lose all his memories in 6 months.

In-ah walks along the corridor, pondering over the doctor’s words. Tears stream down her face as she thinks about the severity of Jin-woo’s condition.

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Dong-ho is thinking about Jin-woo when Sang-ho comes to tell him that Gyu-man had called the young lawyer over to his office the day before. It must have been how he found out about the accident.

Barging into Gyu-man’s office, he warns the chaebol to stop prying into his affairs before his warning turns into a threat. Gyu-man threatens him but the lawyers firmly tells him to wait and see.

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In-ah is at home waiting for her parents’ return. When they arrive home she tells her dad about her ‘friend’ whom she’d found out recently that he’s sick. And he encourages her to stay strong, and treat him normally as she usually does.

When she goes back to the office Manager Yun asks her to pretend she’s not aware of Jin-woo’s illness, because he would be heartbroken if he knew that she has found out. Just then, Jin-woo returns and awkwardly asks about the dinner. In-ah puts on a smile and lies that it was very good; the bag suits her very well too. He then quickly dismisses himself into the secret room, as her smile disappears.

Jin-woo only recalls up to the point he had asked her out, but has no memories of having dinner with In-ah. He tries hard to remember, but it’s a blank space. Manager Yun pretends she doesn’t know anything and asks him what’s wrong and he tells her he has no memories of what he did or where he went after meeting with Gyu-man, but not the fact that he found out about the car accident.

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Suk-gyu goes to the National Forensic Service (NFS) and gets files on the murder weapon used in the Seochon murder case. The wine opener was the weapon used but no fingerprints were found.

Moo-suk meets with Joo-il as his lawyer, and he’s not interested to hear anything about the charges on him. The lawyer is also pretty insincere in helping him anyway, though Joo-il reminds him that they both serve Chairman Nam.

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Gyu-man, Suk-gyu and Soo-bum are having a quiet meal together. The chaebol recalls what Moo-suk had told him that Suk-gyu was suspicious about the Seochon murder. They engage in some friendly talk before the judge suggests to have another bottle of wine. As the waiter opens the wine bottle, Suk-gyu casually asks Gyu-man if a wine opener can kill a person. His initial reaction is subtle before calmly telling his friend he doesn’t know because he has never killed before. This time, Gyu-man fires a question back at Suk-gyu: If his friend committed murder would he do what he does as a judge or help him escape? Suk-gyu answers that he would make him pay for his crime as a judge, and all the more he shouldn’t cover up for him as his friend because that’s what a true friend should do. Gyu-man agrees, he’s right.

Jin-woo meets with Detective Gwak at the prison for his cooperation – to introduce someone trustworthy among the drug dealers he had used to manage.

Thanks to the ex-detective’s help, Jin-woo gets to meet with a man who gives him the information he needs: he distributes drugs at a party held for VIPs once every month. Jin-woo also finds out the venue of the upcoming party.

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In-ah asks Prosecutor Tak if he’s made any progress with the suicide case of Jung-ah’s father. Apparently, investigation has come to a halt because Moo-suk had cleared everything before he left the prosecution service. Still, In-ah urges him to keep trying. His phone rings, and it is Chairman Nam on the line.

Moo-suk reports his background check on Jin-woo to Gyu-man. They’ve dug up everything about him, from his past to his lawyer income. Even his so-called law firm is just a small office. Again, Gyu-man sighs that he has to deal with such poor people. He can’t even do anything because he has nothing. Lol at Soo-bum’s irritated face though. Then Moo-suk plants an idea in Gyu-man’s head: In-ah is Jin-woo’s weakness.

Attorney Song runs into the office and excitedly announces that he’s going to court by himself for the first time. Jin-woo, In-ah and Manager Yun are overjoyed. They congratulate him.

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Prosecutor Tak meets with Chairman Nam and Moo-suk. Obviously, the chairman wants him to be on their side since he’s next in line to become the new chief prosecutor and tries to convince him. The prosecutor gets annoyed and rejects the chairman’s offer outright. He pays for his own drink before leaving.

When he’s outside, Dong-ho calls him. They go for a meal and the prosecutor eats heartily lol. He tells Lawyer Park that he met the chairman today. It’s evident that he’s slightly bothered by it, so Dong-ho encourages him. But he also has another thing to ask – would the prosecutor be interested to take down Chairman Nam? Prosecutor Tak has no reason to refuse, and they are now allies!

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Jin-woo is on the phone with Manager Yun who tells him Attorney Song is stalling for time because he’s nervous and worried that his potential stuttering might ruin another person’s life. So Jin-woo rushes there, encouraging him to do what he should do as an attorney.

When we check in at the trial, it’s time for Attorney Song’s closing argument on behalf of his client. Jin-woo, In-ah and Manager Yun are watching him from the audience bench. Attorney Song still stutters, but he manages to complete his statement. In the end the judge rules that the defendant gets a shorter prison sentence and they give Attorney Song a thumbs-up. 🙂

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Gyu-man’s friend, Chul-joo is assured that the party is prepared for. Little does he know that Jin-woo is spying from behind; Jin-woo and co. plan to catch Gyu-man through his friend’s drug party.

Chul-joo goes to Gyu-man’s office, where Soo-bum greets him with a 90 degree bow this time. The two friends talk about business matters, but Chul-joo is here to ask Gyu-man to attend his party. To that, Gyu-man replies that there has been a nuisance that kept him from going all this time (implying Jin-woo).

Jin-woo goes up to Chul-joo when he’s about to get his car. The moment he brings up the confession video, Chul-joo gets uncomfortable and realises who the lawyer is. But he doesn’t reveal anything and drives off.

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Soo-bum hands Gyu-man a document for him to sign, regarding a project Chairman Nam wanted him to look into. Gyu-man dismisses the secretary at first but calls him back to help Chul-joo settle a problem with a lady. Apparently she’s after his money so he wants Soo-bum to take care of it since he’s able to empathise with the poor. Soo-bum tells him he won’t do it, making him get up to grab the secretary’s neck. He also stops him and reiterates that he’s a friend of his and he has pride but just holds himself back.

Later he calls Sang-ho and wonders if he can escape from Gyu-man. Sang-ho suggests that he should consult Dong-ho about it because the lawyer would help with anything regarding Gyu-man.

remembersonswarep14.47  remembersonswarep14.48

Dong-ho gets called to meet Chairman Nam. The chairman breaks the formalities when he tells Dong-ho that the release of Joo-il from jail would depend on the lawyer’s actions.

President Ha gives Dong-ho a voice recording of his conversation with Chairman Nam.

Chairman Nam already has plans to deal with Dong-ho and is looking for President Ha. With Moo-suk he makes sure that the truth of the Seogwang Group gas explosion will not be revealed.

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Yeo-gyung’s assistant gets a tip-off from Jin-woo about the drug party tonight, but she doesn’t know that he’s the one who informed them.

Soo-bum enters Gyu-man’s office when it’s empty and locks the door behind him. He scans his surroundings to make sure no one is looking…and he has actually kept the murder weapon that killed Jung-ah hidden all these years. When his phone rings he quickly keeps it. It’s Gyu-man, who tries to pacify the secretary with money and a sincere (?) apology. Soo-bum accepts the cash reluctantly.

Dong-ho visits Joo-il to tell him he’s already aimed towards Chairman Nam and thanks him for all this time before bowing, as we see flashbacks of their bromance. Joo-il’s attempt to stop him is useless.

remembersonswarep14.57  remembersonswarep14.59

It’s the day of the drug party, which Gyu-man will be attending. Jin-woo and co. are going to exercise their plan to arrest Gyu-man right there. Only one person can enter the party venue and Attorney Song offers his help since his face is the least known. In-ah warns him to be careful.

Yeo-gyung barges into Prosecutor Tak’s office, questioning her superior why she cannot lead the team of investigators to the drug party though the tip came to her. Prosecutor Tak tells her to hand it over to the narcotics team, which she doesn’t dispute but when she’s outside she calls for the currently available investigators to gather.

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Moo-suk makes a visit to Joo-il in the middle of the night, to which the latter wonders if it’s even allowed at the correctional facility. He’s here to tell him that Chairman will let him get out of jail soon, under one condition: to kill Dong-ho. Joo-il thinks it doesn’t make sense, but it’s obvious that Moo-suk wants to use the opportunity to cause further disagreement between the two brothers.

Dong-ho returns to his old office, where he’s kept all the evidence on Il Ho Group. He comes to a decision and changes into a black suit. Sang-ho remarks that he’s never seen his boss in one before.

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Jin-woo and co. are on a stakeout outside the entrance of the party venue. Gyu-man arrives by car, Jin-woo heads to the garage. We check in on Attorney Song, who has infiltrated the party venue. They make contact through earphones, informing of their whereabouts. Attorney Song finds a spot to spy on Chul-joo and Gyu-man and begins to use a camera pen Jin-woo had given him to record their conversation. The two friends are already under drug influence, and Chul-joo tells his friend that Jin-woo had come to find him. Gyu-man gets worked up and breaks a glass, demanding for the music to be turned off. They start arguing and Chul-joo only gets really annoyed when Gyu-man laughs that he’s an illegitimate child. Then they get into a physical fight, just as Manager Yun and In-ah spots Yeo-gyung leading the investigators in. Jin-woo is well-positioned to get Gyu-man if he tries to escape.

All the guests at the party start running when Yeo-gyung orders for everyone here to be arrested. Gyu-man is about to take off when Chul-joo pulls him back – they should leave together. But he couldn’t care less and just shrugs his hand off, before rushing up a flight of stairs with Attorney Song on his tail.

remembersonswarep14.66  remembersonswarep14.68

Yeo-gyung sees her brother, wondering what he’s doing here. He begs for her to help him since she’s a prosecutor. She doesn’t say a word as he’s about to escape, but grabs his arm for a moment before letting him go without doing anything. Attorney Song records the whole process but loses Gyu-man along his escape route.

Dong-ho goes to meet Chairman Nam to pass over his resignation letter. The chairman wants to know the reason, so Dong-ho truthfully tells him he cannot work for the enemy who killed his father anymore. Because he’s the son.

remembersonswarep14.70  remembersonswarep14.71

Gyu-man had called Soo-bum to drive the car over. At the garage, Jin-woo spots Gyu-man going into his car. He quickly calls In-ah to take action now. Several cars block the exit of the car that is just driving off, as Jin-woo runs out of his hiding place to intercept. Jin-woo opens the car door, and something is not quite right because his face changes…

And the person who exits the car is Soo-bum, to everyone’s dismay. On the other hand Gyu-man is off to get another car with a different suit jacket. He drives off just behind where the police cars are, getting out of the chaos with a triumphant smirk.


[End of EPISODE 14]


remembersonswarep15.0  remembersonswarep15.3

Soo-bum has come to Gyu-man’s rescue, and he’s prepared a car for escape. Gyu-man asks him to take off his jacket and they swop clothes before the chaebol asks the secretary to take care of things for him. Then we see the ending in Episode 14.

Gyu-man arrives home to see Dong-ho. He’s clearly not in the right state of mind, but doesn’t forget to ask Dong-ho for help to check that he is not implicated in Soo-bum’s police investigation. The lawyer tells him that he will need to pay for his crimes soon.

remembersonswarep15.5  remembersonswarep15.7

Soo-bum leaves the police station, sighing. In a bad mood he heads to a bar for drinks. Jin-woo approaches him and tells him that Nam Gyu-man is living life without bearing consequences thanks to the secretary’s help and in the future he will be the one to bear the responsibilities for the crimes that his boss has committed.

Jin-woo plans to hand the recording done by Attorney Song to Prosecutor Tak.

Yeo-gyung comes home and slams the door, waking Gyu-man who is lying on the sofa. He gets up to thank his sister. She asks if he killed Oh Jung-ah, which explains why Jin-woo is after him. He calmly replies that he did it despite an initial attempt to avoid the subject. Hearing the truth for the first time, she is shocked.

remembersonswarep15.10  remembersonswarep15.15

As Dong-ho is about to leave Il Ho Law Firm with Sang-ho after packing up, he bumps into Moo-suk and as usual their conversation is filled with indirect insults before it ends with Dong-ho telling Moo-suk that they will meet again soon.

Attorney Song informs Jin-woo about Dong-ho quitting his job, and considers the possibility that he could potentially be on their side.

Soo-bum reports to Gyu-man who comments that he got out fast. He flatly replies that he did nothing wrong and didn’t even take drugs at the party, which makes it sound like it was indirectly meant for his boss. Once again, he wants to give Soo-bum money since he had to go all the way to the police station. Slipping the bills into the secretary’s jacket pocket, he thinks that Soo-bum only stays around being treated like this because he’s rich. Gyu-man tells him to get the car, he wants to meet Chul-joo to keep him quiet and as Soo-bum turns to leaves he looks straight at the horse sculpture containing the wine opener Gyu-man had used for a moment.

remembersonswarep15.16  remembersonswarep15.19

Dong-ho goes to Prosecutor Tak and Detective Bae to pass all the evidence on the Nams he has accumulated. The documents are insufficient, says the prosecutor. They need conclusive evidence as well as a witness, which Dong-ho has gotten all ready. Then we see Sang-ho bringing President Ha somewhere to stay in. But someone is looking at them from outside, which spells trouble…

Gyu-man meets with Chul-joo, who sees through his intention of not wanting to get embroiled into this matter. Gyu-man also threatens his friend that his father’s company would be gone for the moment his own name slips out of his mouth.

remembersonswarep15.20  remembersonswarep15.22

Yeo-gyung is watching the news of the arrest of many chaebols at the drug party the night before on her laptop. She pauses the video when Jin-woo comes into her office. He tells her he set up the arrest by providing the tip as a citizen of South Korea. He holds up the pen containing the recording, which he will hand to his superior.

Prosecutor Tak is being showed the video recording; Jin-woo and In-ah also come forth with the information they have gathered and requests for his help as a prosecutor.

remembersonswarep15.23  remembersonswarep15.24

Chairman Nam tells Yeo-gyung she did the right thing to protect his brother. Gyu-man begins to say that it’s useful to have a prosecutor sister, only for his father to shut him up. The chairman asks his daughter to take care of anything that happens in their family in the future before dismissing her. Gyu-man gets a slap from his father about the trouble he got himself into. He can only afford a soft apology and assures his dad that there will not be any more problems. Later his sister tells him that Jin-woo was the one who planned the arrest at the drug party.

remembersonswarep15.26  remembersonswarep15.28

In-ah is waiting for Jin-woo at the spot where he walked in the wrong direction the other time. When he comes along she cooks up an excuse that she’s out to get some air and muses that they should head indoors. But he goes towards the wrong way again, which he realises this time. In-ah quickly pulls him over for them to walk together. He asks her how long has she found out about his illness but she just smiles and says he doesn’t have to hide it from her.

When they’re indoors, she admits that it’s been a while since she found out. Jin-woo tells her that it was painful for him to recall sad events so vividly since young because of his good memory. He had remembered too much, but now…

In-ah puts her hand on his, encouraging him with the words her dad had told her – being sick is a part of him and he’s a special person. Teary-eyed, she continues that she will help him recall the things he cannot remember. Jin-woo is moved by her words and holds her hand before pulling her into an embrace. They share a quiet moment together.

remembersonswarep15.30  remembersonswarep15.31

Prosecutor Tak is alone in his office, with the camera pen with the recording and files on Chairman Nam on his desk. He thinks about his meeting with the chairman.

And then we see him meeting with Chairman Nam and Moo-suk, passing over the evidence Dong-ho as well as Jin-woo and his team gave him. The word is betrayal. The chairman gives him money but that’s not what he wants; he wants to work for him, betting his own life on the support. And he will return President Suk Joo-il to him soon.

Moo-suk asks the prosecutor what he’s scheming as he is suspicious of Prosecutor Tak who had refused to join their camp initially. The prosecutor tells his previous superior to wait and see how high he can go, now that he has Chairman Nam’s support.

remembersonswarep15.34  remembersonswarep15.35

Attorney Song tells Jin-woo and the rest that the drug party issue was announced, but Gyu-man wasn’t arrested. Manager Yun wonders about the videos that they gave Prosecutor Tak, which is conclusive evidence. Then Attorney Song begins to think that the prosecutor has betrayed them, but In-ah reminds him that he had helped them a lot for the case on the Il Ho Group slush fund.

Dong-ho barges into Prosecutor Tak’s office and angrily shouts at the prosecutor for changing sides. But he gets chased out.

remembersonswarep15.38  remembersonswarep15.39

Jin-woo visits Chul-joo at the prison who has figured out that the lawyer was the one who reported that he was doing drugs. He’s here to fish for information about Gyu-man and the chaebol refuses at first because it’s hard to trust anyone in his situation. So Jin-woo gets up to leave but Chul-joo decides to tell him something useful: it’s about an aspiring actress whose life was ruined by Gyu-man’s actions. This case is similar to Oh Jung-ah’s, and should be able to cover up his drug use right?

In-ah goes to Song Ha-young, the lady Chul-joo had talked about. She wants to know more about her past encounter with Gyu-man but Ha-young doesn’t want to talk and tells her to leave. So In-ah tells her that Gyu-man murdered someone similar to her case and Ha-young’s eyes widen. She leaves her name card for contact purposes in the event Ha-young changes her mind.

Jin-woo and In-ah discuss Song Ha-young’s case in the office. It’s hard to trust both the victim’s and defendant’s testimonies in rape cases. It all depends on the scenario. In-ah looks through the case files: Moo-suk was the prosecutor-in-charge and Dong-ho was the attorney on it. Apparently they had made it seem like Ha-young was after Gyu-man’s money, so he was not indicted in the end.

remembersonswarep15.41  remembersonswarep15.43

Ha-young is entertaining some male client at her workplace, and he’s obviously up to no good. When she tries to avoid him, he slaps her and she’s reminded of a similar time when Gyu-man had done the same thing to her. She gets up to leave the room.

Joo-il is out of the prison and he comes to thank Chairman Nam for keeping his promise, with a bow. He’s told to thank Prosecutor Tak instead, because he was the one who allowed him to be released earlier than expected.

Attorney Song muses that Dong-ho is the one who knows more about Ha-young’s case compared to others. However it is hard for Jin-woo to approach him even if he has left Il Ho Law Firm. Still they cannot take Gyu-man to court without this case.

remembersonswarep15.45  remembersonswarep15.47

Dong-ho calls Prosecutor Chae out to meet at a café. He straightforwardly asks for her help as he tells her his plan to take down Chairman Nam, which will help her on the path to advance her prosecutor career.

Under Joo-il’s instructions, his minions flip Dong-ho’s office upside down searching for documents. When Dong-ho comes, Joo-il wants to know where President Ha is. Of course the lawyer is tight-lipped about it.

remembersonswarep15.48  remembersonswarep15.50

Gyu-man tells Moo-suk of his plans to cancel the strategy he had planned with Chul-joo’s father’s company. He doesn’t want to get involved with them anymore. Joo-il knocks the door and enters, thanking Gyu-man for resolving his matters quickly. The chaebol tells him to deal with Jin-woo who set the trap for him while he was in prison. He adds that there’s one more person to take care of. We know who that is.

Dong-ho goes to Byeonduri Law Firm to look for Jin-woo. He has brought a suitcase of files that he plans to use to charge Chairman Nam for murder, and he knows that this is insufficient so he wants to work together with the young lawyer. He should be of use to Jin-woo, after having worked at Il Ho Law Firm for four years right? Jin-woo agrees, since he wants to ask about Ha-young’s case. Without a doubt, Dong-ho offers his help: he will pass on documents on Ha-young’s case and get a prosecutor to request a warrant for Gyu-man to stand on trial.

remembersonswarep15.51  remembersonswarep15.53

Sang-ho leaves to buy instant noodles seeing that there’s no more in the place where President Ha is staying in. After he leaves, a masked figure enters the home… When Sang-ho returns he’s shocked to find President Ha gone, with the place messed up. And Dong-ho is not picking up his phone.

Joo-il’s congratulatory party with his men is crashed by Dong-ho, who asks him where President Ha is. Joo-il tells him he has got nothing to say, while Dong-ho says it will be difficult for him to call him hyungnim in the future. We see the last part of the conversation Joo-il had with Gyu-man: he wants President Suk to kill Lawyer Park personally.

remembersonswarep15.57  remembersonswarep15.58

Dong-ho barges his way through to see Chairman Nam, bypassing the chairman’s bodyguards who are told to move aside. He demands to know where President Ha is, or if he killed him. And that’s when Detective Bae appears behind him. It’s so hard to trust the people in Remember…

Later Detective Bae is grabbed on the collar, with Dong-ho angrily questioning him. He chose money and betrayed Dong-ho as well as President Ha, who has been sent abroad. Dong-ho had thought that the detective wanted to discover the truth like him, but now he says he regrets losing his police badge for investigating the accident involving the lawyer’s father.

remembersonswarep15.59  remembersonswarep15.63

Ha-young makes her way to Byeonduri Law Firm. In-ah thanks her for coming, and explains her purpose to know more about the case: to make sure Gyu-man gets punished by the law. Ha-young recounts her personal encounter with Gyu-man and begins to cry as she recalls the unhappy experience. She gives In-ah the name card of her ex-manager at the entertainment company she was in. In-ah assures and promises to bring Gyu-man to justice.

Dong-ho goes to meet Prosecutor Chae, telling her of Jin-woo’s plan to get Gyu-man for sure. Because Chairman Nam will also falter if his son goes down.

Jin-woo and In-ah meet Kim Chan, Ha-young’s ex-manager. He tells them the made up story that Ha-young was out to look for an expensive sponsor etc… but they don’t get much out of him because he leaves when his phone vibrates.

Later Jin-woo goes to Detective Gwak, asking if he knows Kim Chan. And he does.

remembersonswarep15.65  remembersonswarep15.68

Soo-bum seems to be in a dilemma as he thinks about how Gyu-man trampled on his pride alone in his boss’s office. Then he looks up at the horse ornament containing the wine opener. He’s made his decision.

He goes to Suk-gyu’s office, and the judge wonders why he’s here late into the night. First he apologises to his friend before giving him the murder weapon wrapped in plastic. Upon Suk-gyu’s question, he tells him that the weapon used in the trial which had caused Dad to get the death sentence was a fake and the whole process of how it ended up this way. This is the real weapon which Gyu-man used to kill Jung-ah. Suk-gyu tells him he will get a reduced sentence though he cannot escape punishment, since he did everything under coercion.


Prosecutor Chae and Dong-ho meet Jin-woo and In-ah at their law firm. They pass on the documented evidence of Ha-young’s case as well as the drug party, which will be the stepping stone to uncover all of Gyu-man’s crimes.

remembersonswarep15.73  remembersonswarep15.74

Moo-suk tells Gyu-man that it has been quiet with Jin-woo these days. Prosecutor Chae leads a team of investigators to arrest Gyu-man, showing the arrest warrant. There are many eyes in the company, so he should cooperate. And he’s handcuffed despite some resistance from the chaebol. The difference between Moo-suk’s and Soo-bum’s facial expressions though lol

Gyu-man continues to smile at the company lobby, despite being in handcuffs and held by the investigators. That’s when Jin-woo and In-ah walk towards him. Lawyer Seo tells the chaebol that all his crimes will come back to him, one by one.


[End of EPISODE 15]


remembersonswarep16.2  remembersonswarep16.5

Gyu-man was arrested, as shown previously.

Dong-ho goes to Chairman Nam, giving him the tape containing the voice recording of his conversation with President Ha. He doesn’t need it anymore, because the witness has been taken away by the chairman. Moo-suk enters but only informs the chairman that the prosecutors have arrested Gyu-man after Dong-ho leaves.

Moo-suk has blocked media coverage of the Group President’s arrest temporarily because it depends on the trial progress. He tells Chairman Nam that he’ll try to get Gyu-man out.

remembersonswarep16.6  remembersonswarep16.8

Jin-woo predicts correctly that Il Ho Group’s side will try to invalidate Gyu-man’s arrest. Attorney Song is in disbelief that no articles regarding the chaebol’s arrest are out. In-ah says it was already common in her days as a prosecutor, where they use money to stop the media. Jin-woo thinks they must blow up the case further, such that they won’t be able to remain silent anymore.

Gyu-man is in a prisoner’s uniform where Moo-suk comes to meet him. He starts saying that the place is shabby but stops when he sees his father enter. Getting an earful from the chairman, he can only apologise for the trouble he has caused once again.

Outside, the chairman orders for Moo-suk to get Gyu-man out of there as the place is not for people. He asks about the prosecutor-in-charge, and asks Moo-suk to settle the issue with Prosecutor Chae as well.

remembersonswarep16.10  remembersonswarep16.12

Jin-woo shares his findings with Dong-ho, who tells him to check on Kim Chan further; there’ll be more evidence. The young lawyer also reminds Dong-ho that this doesn’t mean that he has gained his trust. Dong-ho takes out the 50000 won bill where they had signed their names on as a contract, but have never carried it out. The thing is, Jin-woo has forgotten about it and Dong-ho begins to get suspicious…

Soo-bum meets with Kim Chan to keep him quiet because Jin-woo might contact him for Gyu-man’s trial. The manager agrees since his company has expanded with Gyu-man’s help, along with more money.

remembersonswarep16.13  remembersonswarep16.15

Prosecutor Chae is in her office when Moo-suk comes looking for her, to reconsider about Ha-young’s case. He says it in a nice way but the prosecutor knows that he just wants her to cover it up. But she will act based on her convictions.

Gyu-man goes to the prison doctor, wanting an IV drip. The doctor refers to him with his prisoner number and asks him to get up, and it’s evident he doesn’t care who exactly he is.

remembersonswarep16.17  remembersonswarep16.18

Dong-ho goes to Byeonduri Law Firm, asking In-ah if there’s anything wrong with Jin-woo’s memory. He adds that he survived in the legal industry with his intuition, so she shouldn’t try hiding it from it. But she denies it, saying that there’s nothing wrong with the young lawyer’s memory.

Later he asks Sang-ho to check if Jin-woo has been visiting any doctor, which prompts his subordinate to ask if there is something wrong with Jin-woo. Dong-ho says he’s uncertain, but hopes that there aren’t any problems.

Jin-woo tells In-ah they need to gather more evidence as Gyu-man might be released before the trial. She agrees and tells him that Dong-ho came by to ask if there was a problem with his memory. He replies that she mustn’t tell him until everything is over. She nods.

remembersonswarep16.20  remembersonswarep16.21

He visits Chul-joo who is getting anxious because Gyu-man’s name has not appeared on any newspaper. In contrast, Jin-woo is not worried at all since he will blow matters up further; in order to do that he needs more information. And there he has it – drugs are supplied to Kim Chan to run his company and it’s the same man who provided the drugs for Chul-joo’s party.

So Jin-woo goes to the man to get more details on how Kim Chan’s company operates. From the drugs to the women and how it’s exclusively for conglomerate heirs, just as a young lady arrives at the company in a car, followed by a chaebol in another. The young women who go there get scammed into thinking they will become celebrities.

remembersonswarep16.23  remembersonswarep16.26

Suk-gyu is at the National Forensic Service (NFS), he had brought the murder weapon which Soo-bum handed to him for testing and the results are out: it has Oh Jung-ah’s blood on it and the fingerprints matches with Gyu-man’s.

He goes to meet Gyu-man, telling him that he now knows everything. But the chaebol is not one bit remorseful, claiming that it’s pointless to bring the case up now that it’s long been over. Suk-gyu is disappointed in his friend and says he came to relay his final concern as a true friend but he maintains his stance, he won’t sit back and do nothing now that he has found out the truth.

remembersonswarep16.28  remembersonswarep16.31

Moo-suk tells Chairman Nam that it will be difficult for Gyu-man to be released due to his involvement in both Ha-young’s case and the drug party. So the chairman along with Moo-suk and Prosecutor Tak goes to meet with the higher management of the prosecution service. It’s all friendly talk but he just wants to request help for his son.

Moo-suk is still suspicious of Prosecutor Tak’s motives and goes to ask his colleagues. The prosecutor will likely become the next chief prosecutor.

Ha-young talks to In-ah about her dreams for the future and In-ah encourages her.

remembersonswarep16.32  remembersonswarep16.37

The prosecution holds a discussion pertaining to Gyu-man’s detention in the presence of Suk-gyu and Moo-suk. The judge says that it’s right to detain him because of the discovery of new evidence, but the Chief of Justice who has been approached by Chairman Nam tells him that Gyu-man has no prior convictions and thus coming to the trial on release should not be a problem.

And the chaebol gets out, passing the prison doctor on his way out. He doesn’t forget to put the doctor down, after what he got at the medical room the other time.

Later he asks Soo-bum why he didn’t visit often and the chief secretary replies that he has been busy, before adding that the chairman bowed to many people to get him out. Gyu-man says he’s a burden to his dad which, yeah glad you know. He tells the secretary to take care of Ha-young’s matter since Kim Chan couldn’t settle it. And they go to find Jin-woo.

remembersonswarep16.38  remembersonswarep16.40

Gyu-man’s appearance at Byeonduri Law Firm does not surprise Jin-woo at all since the chaebol would do anything to come out. They declare war, and both sides will go all out for the trial and everything that has to come. No matter what, one of them has to go.

Kim Chan follows Ha-young to the lift lobby of her home to stop her from standing witness at the upcoming trial. He threatens to release a video of her from before online if she testifies in court. Someone is keeping watch from outside.

remembersonswarep16.42  remembersonswarep16.45

Chairman Nam gifts Joo-il with alcohol (plus money) and tells him that he has to increase the number of men under him because he’ll have to accomplish something big soon.

Later Joo-il is sitting on Dong-ho’s seat in the lawyer’s old office, looking at a photograph of young Dong-ho and his father. He says he’s come too far, and it’s evident he’s conflicted with the Nams wanting Dong-ho’s life.

Dong-ho returns and Joo-il asks if he could give up the trial he’s preparing for with Jin-woo. Of course not, and President Suk calls the lawyer by name but Dong-ho asks him to stop saying his name. In all honesty, Joo-il tells the lawyer that he had pulled him into Il Ho Group as he was afraid of losing him, like his friend Kyung-soo, aka Dong-ho’s father.

remembersonswarep16.46  remembersonswarep16.47

In a rush, Ha-young flags a taxi and heads for the Express Bus Terminal. And the person who has been watching her is Attorney Song. He hires another taxi to follow hers.

Prosecutor Chae speaks to her superior regarding Gyu-man’s case, who does not believe in being lenient on him just because he is the president of a large corporation. And the whole nation is very focused on the trial. She tells her boss she will prepare well for it.

Along the way out, she meets Prosecutor Tak in the hallway. Here to play a game of chess with the prosecutor general, he also asks about her preparation for Gyu-man’s trial along the way.

remembersonswarep16.49  remembersonswarep16.53

Joo-il and his minions break into Byeonduri Law Firm. They are here to search for documents regarding Il Ho Group and Gyu-man. Working in the secret room, In-ah gets up when she hears glass shattering. Joo-il is about to discover the secret room as he stands at the door (where In-ah is just behind it) when one of his men tells him that they cannot find anything. So they leave to go and catch Kim Chan. At the same time, In-ah calls Jin-woo to inform him that they have uninvited guests at his office. He replies that he will go there now.

Soo-bum and Suk-gyu meet; the chief secretary wonders what his friend will do with the wine opener now that Gyu-man is out to attend trial on release. Suk-gyu replies that he will have to be careful with this issue as Chairman Nam’s influence is huge. He’ll give this conclusive piece of evidence to the person who needs it the most.

remembersonswarep16.52  remembersonswarep16.58

The moment Jin-woo returns to his office, he checks on In-ah to check if she is alright. She tells him that the men were going to look for Kim Chan. So Jin-woo calls him to tell him beforehand, but he doesn’t believe it. There’s no time to waste, so it’s fine if he doesn’t trust the lawyer.

Joo-il arrives with his men at the company, and we see that Kim Chan is hiding in his car. Then the manager calls someone.

remembersonswarep16.60  remembersonswarep16.64

Gyu-man is meditating in his office, with Soo-bum by his side. Prosecutor Tak comes in to greet the chaebol, who wonders if he can replace the prosecutor for his trial. The prosecutor replies that he doesn’t have that much authority yet, and assures him that Moo-suk isn’t someone who would lose a case too.

To repay him for saving his life, Kim Chan gives Jin-woo a USB containing videos that would incriminate Gyu-man for Ha-young’s case. The lawyer adds that he’ll have to pay for his crimes too. And if he has that bit of conscience left, he should let Ha-young go.

remembersonswarep16.69  remembersonswarep16.71

Jin-woo calls Gyu-man for him to look forward to his videos being released. The chaebol plays dumb but Jin-woo hangs up before he can talk further. Gyu-man flares up, scaring the wits out of Soo-bum. He breaks a glass in the process.

In-ah cannot get through to Ha-young’s phone, but Attorney Song isn’t worried at all because Jin-woo had told him to look out for her as he already expected that she would be threatened.

remembersonswarep16.72  remembersonswarep16.74

It’s the day of Gyu-man’s trial, and In-ah is on her way to look for Ha-young with Attorney Song. On Jin-woo’s end, he’s at the court building with Dong-ho. They meet Gyu-man and Moo-suk outside; the chaebol is still gloating despite Jin-woo having succeeded in bringing him to court, he’s not worried because he has Lawyer Hong by his side.

Ha-young is having second thoughts about testifying at the trial, and she tells In-ah she wants to give it up as she’s worried that Kim Chan would release the video and her dream of becoming an actress would be gone. In-ah tries to talk to Ha-young again, to have faith in her and also tells her that her video has been seized. They will do everything to make sure it is never leaked; Gyu-man and Kim Chan will also pay for their crimes.

remembersonswarep16.79  remembersonswarep16.77

Soo-bum, Dong-ho and Jin-woo (and his team) are seated as audience. Prosecutor Chae is up against Moo-suk, who of course denies all charges by the prosecution. In-ah enters the courtroom with Ha-young, who is then summoned as witness. She recounts her first meeting with Gyu-man and the happenings following that. Thanks to Jin-woo and Attorney Song, Prosecutor Chae is able to get evidence of Ha-young being forcibly moved to the secret room captured on the company’s CCTV. She also submits a medical examination report as evidence of assault and rape.

remembersonswarep16.85  remembersonswarep16.83

Moo-suk tries to argue that both sides were willing to commit to the relationship but it gets shot down by the prosecution with evidence of Kim Chan’s company’s under-the-table dealings with Il Ho Group. And the truth behind what the company is for is exposed, but a search and seizure was needed to support this fact. So it was done on the same morning of the trial day. Prosecutor Chae gets called forward, and she wants to enter the USB into the evidence pool. Moo-suk insists that the evidence must be invalidated, but the judge accepts it when the prosecutor tells him that it was obtained during the search and seizure.

The trial is ended here for the judge to review the evidence before the next trial. Ha-young sheds tears of relief outside and In-ah holds her hand.


Back at Byeonduri Law Firm, Jin-woo comes out of the secret room to refill his cup and sees In-ah fallen asleep on the sofa. He pulls the blanket to cover her and smiles before praising her for the good work done. Later he records a video of himself, leaving a message for In-ah but we don’t hear what it is yet.

remembersonswarep16.92  remembersonswarep16.91

Chairman Nam had instructed Joo-il to personally handle all the people directly involved in Gyu-man’s trial, and that included Dong-ho. He calls the lawyer to meet up in his car and he quickly hides a knife beneath his jacket when he sees Dong-ho approaching. He tries to stop Dong-ho from getting at Chairman Nam again, but Lawyer Park doesn’t want to talk about that. He also says that he will stop serving the chairman now, but Dong-ho doesn’t believe it. So he changes the subject, asking Dong-ho if he’s dating. He wants him to get married and have kids, adding that his dream is to fill his father’s place at the lawyer’s wedding. Finally he requests Dong-ho to call him hyungnim again. Dong-ho replies that he doesn’t want to and sighs when Joo-il urges him to do it. He smiles and lets Dong-ho leave, but someone is watching them from one corner.

After the lawyer exits the scene, the masked person enters the car and stabs Joo-il in the gut using the knife. And he leaves, as Joo-il falls unconscious…

remembersonswarep16.94  remembersonswarep16.96

The next moment Dong-ho and Sang-ho are running along the hospital’s corridor towards Joo-il’s ward. Dong-ho dashes in, but is unable to say anything for a moment before telling his hyungnim he’s sorry.

Dong-ho returns to his office and Jin-woo is already there waiting for him. He also received the news of Joo-il getting stabbed and guesses that Chairman Nam is behind it. However, Detective Bae brings a team of policemen to the office before they can even discuss anything further. He has come with an arrest warrant to handcuff Dong-ho for the attempted murder of President Suk Joo-il. Another trap.


[End of EPISODE 16]


These four episodes felt like a build-up to the climax of the story, as everyone begins to turn their backs against the Nams. The minor characters like Detective Gwak, Chul-joo who were once on their side. Even as they serve their time in prison, it’s nice to see them contribute towards Jin-woo’s cause. They’re the best candidates for it because they’ve seen Gyu-man’s true self. I especially like Soo-bum’s decision to tell Suk-gyu the truth. I’m sure it took a lot of courage on his part, and I admire him for that. It says a lot about Soo-bum: he treats Gyu-man as a true friend back from their high school days and stays by his side despite knowing Gyu-man’s temperament. Even though Gyu-man didn’t really treat him well…


This time, Jin-woo was the one who could anticipate all of Il Ho Group’s moves. Since he was able to bring Gyu-man to court as the defendant, he cannot let the chaebol off so easily right? Furthermore, Gyu-man has gone too far for anyone to just leave him be. I also see why Jin-woo can predict their moves; the Nams’ methods have become predictable. Dong-ho getting framed was something that had happened to Jin-woo before as well. Buying off witnesses and dismissing court evidence are also things we’ve seen before in this drama. Still, I’m glad that we see hints of victory for Jin-woo and co. as we approach the end.

It’s also nice to see bits of the romance between In-ah and Jin-woo, which is not the main thing in Remember but the small, sweet moments continue to remind us that their world is not just full of betrayal, manipulation and bribes. There is still love and humanity around though it may just be one simple embrace, or a few words of encouragement.


Joo-il is still a great hyungnim to Dong-ho; their paths might have diverged but he made a final decision not to follow the chairman’s orders. It showed that he treasured their brotherhood more than anything else, just like Dong-ho does. They might have had their disagreements and conflicts but we see that this relationship continues to be strong and can overcome the doubts within them. When Joo-il smiled in the car, and when Dong-ho sneaked a smile as he turned back after leaving. It speaks volumes for this bromance.


Yeo-gyung finally heard the truth, straight from her brother. And the way Gyu-man blatantly admitted to being the murderer was… I can’t find the words to describe it. Again, well done to actor Namgoong Min for being really awesome as the villain.

Read more of my thoughts in the next (and probably final) post about the drama! 

3 thoughts on “Remember: Son’s War – Episodes 13 to 16

  1. Hey Jas! I’ve been out of the blogosphere for months but i’m back in Kdramaland, since I have a little more time now.

    Nam Goong-Min is too terrific for words. Very scary, shady and evil. He plays it even a bit “too” well. HAHAHA! I feel bad for his sister. It seems that the men in the family don’t care that much for her. I do love Soo-Bum for having a conscience. I agree that was very very brave of him.

    1. Hey there Blue 🙂 Welcome back, glad to see you around here again.
      Yeah! He is indeed a great actor. HAHAHA there are no limits in acting right? 😉 Nam Gyu-man will be an unforgettable character in kdramaland ^^ I should have found Namgoong Min’s talent earlier haaa. Yes, poor Yeo-gyung… generally I think the chairman doesn’t really care about his children’s welfare. All he has in his eyes is his company. I know right! It’s about time for Soo-bum to live his own life, making his own decisions.

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