Remember: Son’s War – Episodes 11 & 12

After so much injustice, we gain some satisfaction in Jin-woo’s quest to make sure justice is served for Dad. However, the Big Bad still remains as powerful as ever with no hint of falling as of yet. It’s still a race against time as the lawyer faces his personal obstacle, unbeknownst to others.



Jin-woo thinks about all the times he has spent with Dad prior to his passing on and after the flashbacks, we see that he is standing at Dad’s memorial. He tells Dad he hasn’t given up yet, and will prove his innocence no matter what it takes. Finally he tells Dad to watch over him.

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One month later.

Jin-woo visits Dad’s doctor in the prison, who’s being jailed for two years for committing perjury in court four years ago. He tells the doctor that the man who made him testify shortly will join him soon. Doctor tells him to give up because attorneys like him would never be able to bring down Gyu-man. But Jin-woo had come to tell him that he would probably need to spend the next thirty years in prison since all of his illegal acts are now under investigation. Doctor gets worked up and demands to know what Jin-woo has done, only to get held back as Jin-woo leaves.

In his secret room, he strikes a red X across the doctor’s photograph.

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The next to get arrested is the chief physician at the prison. He sees Jin-woo and flares up at him, knowing that the young lawyer reported him. Jin-woo had been on a stakeout with Attorney Song to capture evidence of the physician’s corruption and passed on the proof to Suk-gyu, to thank him for being willing to take up Dad’s retrial.

Another red X is drawn, as Jin-woo looks through some call records before he looks up at the picture of his next target: Detective Gwak. Later the detective meets with someone late in the night, and Jin-woo is watching from his car.

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We’re at a trial, and Chief Prosecutor Hong is going against Dong-ho. They are arguing in the courtroom in front of the judge, and stop only after being given a warning.

Later they meet in the carpark and we find out their argument was for show as a handshake signifies their working relationship. They’ve teamed up now, for mutual benefit.

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Gyu-man is doing a corporate interview, busy giving politically correct answers to the questions from the reporter. Secretary Ahn looks up when his boss quotes Chairman Nam’s words that they’re all one family. The chaebol continues, not only are the users who purchase their products, their subsidiaries also part of the Il Ho family. Without them, Il Ho Group would not exist. Haaa really?

Once the reporter and camera crew are sent off, Gyu-man asks Secretary Ahn about the earlier trial we saw between Dong-ho and Chief Prosecutor Hong. They’re a dream team, he replies. He’s also asked to tell Suk-gyu that Gyu-man wants to have a drink together soon.

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Dong-ho arrives at the company building, to see people protesting outside. He goes to Gyu-man’s office to report to him about the trial. Gyu-man tests him with a “Do you still see Seo Jin-woo nowadays?” Dong-ho basically just tells him about how busy the company’s legal team has been, before he is sent out. Secretary Ahn remarks that Dong-ho has changed in the last month. But Gyu-man still cannot let his guard down and tells the secretary to keep an eye on him. He doesn’t listen to his subordinate’s suggestion to let it go since it was all for him.

Gyu-man: “I don’t even trust myself. You can never trust people. Got it?”


At the pizza store, we find out that In-ah has left home for a month now and her mother still refuses to speak to her.

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Gyu-man arrives at the company to see the workers still in protest. His father arrives just after him, and one of the workers run in front of them, spilling a carton of light bulbs on the ground. He tells them the explosion was not due to these light bulbs, since they were made with care. Now their company had to close because of the lawsuit, and he kneels down to beg them to withdraw the lawsuit. Gyu-man tells him they’ll assess the party responsible in court and they walk in while he’s being dragged away by security.

Once they’re inside, Chairman Nam demands to know how the issue got this far. Gyu-man assures him that it will be settled in court, so he need not worry.

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In-ah’s mother drops by Jin-woo’s law firm. She passes him some packed food to give to In-ah. Jin-woo says he’s sorry, and he’ll tell her to go home soon.

That night, Jin-woo cooks some ramen for In-ah, together with the kimchi her mum had packed. She eats heartily and stops when she realises the kimchi tastes like her mum’s. In-ah asks if her mum came by, and he tells her she is very worried so she should go home already. In-ah agrees, but she wants to proudly stand before her mother as a lawyer.

Everyone at Il Ho is leaving the company, but a young man is still protesting at the same spot. Dong-ho sees him and passes him a name card – it’s Jin-woo’s. He’s the only attorney who will take up this case.

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Prosecutor Tak gets called to Chief Prosecutor Hong’s office. The latter tells the prosecutor to suspend the indictment for a case he’s in charge of, when he has gotten hold of the evidence and eyewitness for the case. To that, he directly asks his superior if he’s acting as a shield for Il Ho Group again. The chief prosecutor uses his authority over him, saying he should not make himself end up like In-ah.

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Dong-ho goes to meet Detective Bae (remember Prosecutor Tak’s friend?) who wanted to meet him as he’s bothered by the fact that he works at Il Ho Law Firm. Apparently before the accident, his father had talked to him about Chairman Nam who tried to cover up the case in a hurry.

The young man who was protesting outside Il Ho the other day comes to the law firm, looking for Jin-woo. Manager Yun tells him that the lawyer is not in and he’s really busy, but the youngster says firmly it has to be Jin-woo.


Jin-woo goes looking for Detective Gwak to give him a ‘tip’: he should know that he can get betrayed too. The detective just smirks, telling Jin-woo he can never step on Gyu-man. So Jin-woo just leaves him with, “There’ll be good news soon.” And the detective goes to meet his appointment in the private dining room, unaware that there is a hidden camera in the fortune cat.

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Prosecutor Tak goes to look for In-ah. He has looked into cases related to Prosecutor Hong Moo-suk and found that he was also in charge of the suicide case of Jung-ah’s father. Next, In-ah is at a police station requesting for the investigation report and evidence materials related to the case from her sunbae’s favour.

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Detective Gwak is giving an overall report of a case in front of his superiors and fellow police officers when Jin-woo enters the conference room saying he has something in the thumbdrive to show the police chief. The chief stops the guards from pulling him out and asks for his identity. When he hears that he’s a lawyer, he allows Jin-woo to show it to him and there, we have evidence of Detective Gwak receiving bribes from the accused. And he also talked about his new sponsor, Gyu-man who is a “rich loser with anger management problems”. LOL

An order comes down for an investigation to take place and a report to be written, before the higher-ups leave angrily. Then the detective gets a call that the internal investigation team is at his office now.


In-ah visits the memorial of Jung-ah’s father and spots a handwritten piece placed at his altar. She heads to the Document Authentication Centre for a handwriting analysis. The results are out, and the writings do not match. The will that Jung-ah’s dad had supposedly written was forged.

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Detective Gwak barges into Gyu-man’s office, requesting for help which he’ll repay the company president for the rest of his life. Gyu-man quotes the detective’s words (“loser with anger management problems”), showing him the video played at the earlier conference. Jin-woo had sent one to the chaebol as well. Immediately, Detective Gwak kneels down and apologises but Gyu-man just tells him to know his place and even threatens that he might kill him.

Jin-woo wonders if Detective Gwak would be more shocked to be abandoned by the police or Gyu-man. He’s at the secret room with In-ah, and she says the detective brought it upon himself. She informs him about the forged will, and the process of her investigation on Chief Prosecutor Hong. With the data from Jin-woo and Prosecutor Tak, she should be able to get something on the chief prosecutor.

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Suk-gyu asks Chief Prosecutor Hong out for a meal for he has some doubts about the investigation of the Seochon murder case since he had to give up the trial. He doesn’t understand why Gyu-man’s villa wasn’t included in the first investigation. The chief prosecutor cuts him off, saying the case is now over and the suspect has passed on. But Suk-gyu thinks otherwise; there might be another suspect.

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Manager Yun hands Jin-woo a document with a case acceptance contract signed by Smile Light Bulbs. But Jin-woo says he has no time to spare now, so the office manager relents although she tells him the client specifically requested for him.

Jin-woo is about to leave the office when the young man representing Smile Light Bulbs comes in. He’s Min-soo, and he grabs Jin-woo’s hand and sincerely asks for help. Jin-woo replies that he’s taking some time off as a lawyer and is sorry. Min-soo requests for Jin-woo to save his innocent dad once again, because he’s the only one who can do it. Still, Jin-woo walks out.

On the road, Jin-woo ponders over the Min-soo’s words and calls Attorney Song for him to look into the case.

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Gyu-man asks Chief Prosecutor Hong to seize Smile Light Bulbs’ property before the matter blows up, and Joo-il to get some of his men to scare them. The chief prosecutor suggests to get Detective Gwak to do it, but Gyu-man says he cut him off. He also tells Joo-il to send him someone else to replace the detective.


Min-soo is outside Il Ho Group, giving out flyers. A passer-by takes one from him but throws it to the ground. Jin-woo picks it up, and tells him he’ll take on this case. At a café, he meets with Min-soo and his father who tells him that lawyers who were interested in the beginning refused to represent them in the end because they are going up against Il Ho Group. But Jin-woo says he’ll become the truth that wins.

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Gyu-man has received news that the opposing attorney is Jin-woo so he goes to Dong-ho, telling him to prove his loyalty that he’s been questioning with this trial. Dong-ho assures him.

Later he meets Keum, the man sent by Joo-il out the company’s glass doors. Gyu-man’s first assignment for him is to keep a close eye on Dong-ho, wherever he goes and whatever he does.

Min-soo brings Jin-woo and Attorney Song around the Smile Light Bulbs factory. Apparently, the small company had sold light bulbs to Il Ho Electronics for more than a decade but the conglomerate suddenly faulted them for an explosion.

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Jin-woo is on his way back to the office and In-ah sees him. He walks ahead of her and turns towards another direction. In-ah finds it strange since the office is straight ahead. Jin-woo just laughs it off, telling her he must have been distracted.

When Jin-woo is alone in the secret room, he takes 2 pills for his worsening condition and eyes Chairman Nam’s photo intently at the top of the information web.

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Dong-ho is looking through documents in preparation for the case, with Manager Pyun who muses that Smile Light Bulbs is ruined because of one faulty light bulb. But Dong-ho thinks that other components in the microwave oven might have caused the explosion too and asks Sang-ho (Manager Pyun) to look into other companies besides Il Ho Electronics.

Min-soo and his father are shocked to see that the authorities are at work, seizing the factory’s property. The officers tells Min-soo they are just following instructions.


On Gyu-man’s orders, Joo-il sends his men down to the factory just to scare them, since the court has already sent orders down. And he also knows that Keum is spying on Dong-ho, who hasn’t been doing anything special. So he tells him that if Dong-ho is doing anything suspicious, he should report it to him first.

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Jin-woo tells the father-and-son pair they cannot do anything about their seized assets due to the taxes they owe. The only way is to prove that Smile Light Bulbs is not responsible at the trial and collect damages from Il Ho Group. He also tells them to eat first; they need to be healthy in order to win the battle.

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Suk-gyu is having a meal with Gyu-man and Soo-bum (Secretary Ahn). They’re complaining about the number of lawsuits they have to handle with the number of people who complain about injustice in front of the Il Ho building. Suk-gyu advises Gyu-man that he should look into how his large company can co-exist with the smaller subsidiaries but obviously he doesn’t listen. They look like they are about to get into an argument but Soo-bum stops them; only to get told by Gyu-man to stay out of it. Suk-gyu tells him not to do that next time, because it looks bad. And they’re friends, after all. Gyu-man doesn’t dispute that.

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Joo-il’s men are lined up outside the factory under Keum’s lead, while In-ah and Attorney Song investigate the case with In-ah. Min-soo protects his father from getting beaten up as his dad tries to stop them.

Jin-woo is on the road when he receives a call from Min-soo – his father has gone to the rooftop of the building wanting to commit suicide. When he arrives on scene he tells Keum and gang to get lost because they have no right to repossess a property; and he has called the police.

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Min-soo calls desperately for his dad to look at and listen to him. His father is in a daze as he turns around. He tells his son he cannot handle this, and is sorry for showing his useless side. This time, Jin-woo tries to persuade him. He can’t leave his son who is trying so hard to save him. Jin-woo succeeds in convincing him to live on no matter what, and promises to prove the company’s innocence.

Min-soo’s dad is taken to the hospital from collapsing at the rooftop due to lack of breath. Seeing Min-soo looking over his dad at his bedside, Jin-woo is reminded of the time when his father passed away. He assures Min-soo that his dad will be fine, who thanks him for saving his father. Min-soo is thinking of dropping the case – he didn’t know the law was that cruel to the powerless. Jin-woo tells him that he lost his father to that cruel law and tells Min-soo he has to become tougher if he wants to protect the person he loves.

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As Jin-woo leaves he runs into Dong-ho, who knew that they would face off in court one day. He tells him that they should do it by the law, as lawyers in the courtroom.

Jin-woo: “You know how badly flawed the law is. It is endlessly cruel to the powerless like me and my client. But it is nothing to your master, Nam Gyu-man.”

Dong-ho: “I understand why you don’t believe in the law, but it is also the only thing which you can lean on.”


And it’s the day of the trial. Jin-woo and In-ah run into Gyu-man and Dong-ho outside the courtroom. Gyu-man tells Jin-woo he’s really seeing him in court, as he had once said. But Jin-woo says it’ll only be the real deal when he stands trial as the defendant. Then he wonders why In-ah chose to live a difficult life after quitting her prosecutor job. She’s all, don’t mind me and try to live your life right. Haaa.

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The trial starts and the first witness is Kim Hyung-shik, who was in charge of the investigation for the case of the microwave oven’s explosion. Dong-ho uses the case report for his argument and submits it as evidence. On the other side, In-ah exposes the fact that the witness’ repair business is located on Il Ho Electronics’ building; he’s a subcontractor. The current practice in South Korea is that the company itself investigates the problem whenever there is an accident involving electronic appliances. Therefore the investigation might have been a dishonest one, so the witness’ testimony is not credible.

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Dong-ho tries to argue that the current practice is the law and can’t be argued but Jin-woo says that’s where the problem lies. The witness cannot help but side with Il Ho Group because he is a subcontractor. Looking at Gyu-man straight in the eyes, he says that Il Ho Electronics did not provide any explanation for the accident and put all the blame on the subcontractors. As a result, a factory running for 3 decades had to close its doors and its employees lost their jobs. He quotes Gyu-man that their subsidiaries are all part of the Il Ho family. (He said that during the corporate interview near the episode’s beginning)

Jin-woo: “As the trial progresses, you will soon find out who Il Ho Group’s real family is. It’s only the Nam family themselves.” Ouch. Burnnnnnn.

Dong-ho sneaks a sly smile while Jin-woo continues staring at Gyu-man, who is boiling inside.

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When they exit the courtroom, Gyu-man gives Dong-ho one tight slap. Soo-bum, Sang-ho, as well as Jin-woo and In-ah are all shocked. Lawyer Park is speechless, but looks back at Gyu-man. He says he’s sorry and that he didn’t mean it but his hand made a move first. Wow really. He continues, telling Dong-ho not to take it the hard way. Why, is he upset?

[End of EPISODE 11]


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Gyu-man tells Dong-ho to jolly well do a better job; if this happens again it will not end with just a slap. It is only after Gyu-man goes off that Dong-ho realises Jin-woo and In-ah has been looking at them. He leaves without a word.

Back at Il Ho Law Firm, Sang-ho asks his boss if he’s fine. He smiles and says he’s alright. Plus, karma will get back to Gyu-man as time passes.

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Min-soo and his father thank Jin-woo for his great help. Min-soo says that every morning he’s thankful to be able to share another day with his dad, and Jin-woo says he’s envious of him as he thinks of his own father. Min-soo asks him why the opposing attorney recommended him to them and that’s when Jin-woo finds out that Dong-ho gave Min-soo his business card.

Sang-ho hands Dong-ho documents about Chairman Nam and the microwave oven explosion incident. He tells his boss the case is very fishy and Dong-ho replies, since when were the cases normal. Lol

Dong-ho calls Detective Bae regarding a factory explosion which killed the President of Seo Gwang Group just when it was about to launch a huge project. The company was Il Ho’s rival back then, and Prosecutor Hong was in charge of the case. Dong-ho’s father had refused to follow and decided to flee; that’s when the car accident happened. The detective also got fired for trying to investigate further. Keum watches their whole conversation.

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Jin-woo and co. celebrate having the advantage at the opening trial. Attorney Song is already half-drunk and Manager Yun decides to leave with him so that Jin-woo and In-ah can spend alone time together. Jin-woo talks to her informally at first, but she makes him call her noona and they’re all smiles~ Awwww

Keum goes to meet Joo-il at some underground carpark to report Dong-ho’s recent moves. Joo-il tells him that this news must never reach Gyu-man’s ears; and Joo-il seems worried.

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Dong-ho promises Chairman Nam that he will not lose the remaining trials; he considers it as a token of appreciation for taking him and Joo-il in. Later Joo-il wants the lawyer to make some time for him and he refuses but Joo-il insists that it must be today. So they go for soju. Joo-il tells Dong-ho that he knows he’s been checking on Chairman Nam’s past deeds; and he didn’t know that the chairman was involved in his father’s accident (which I believe is true). Dong-ho tells him that he was like a father to him, but Joo-il says he’s not his dad. He goes on saying that they’d go separate ways from now on, and adds that he’ll kill the person following him if he sees him.

Dong-ho returns to his old office with Sang-ho, who is very happy upon coming back because it feels like his own home. Sitting at his desk, Dong-ho muses that many things have happened and this was also where he first met Jin-woo. He’s patiently waiting for the chance to strike and go against the Nams.

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Min-soo says his dad has become enthusiastic again as he goes to clean up the factory with his son. Jin-woo comes along to get the list of Smile Light Bulbs’ employees from Min-soo. Back at the office, In-ah wonders why he needs that list.

Jin-woo: “Trivial things are the most important.”

And it reminds In-ah of the first time they had met, where he said the same thing. But he cannot remember, and stones for a moment. Oh no. In-ah offers her help as he might be working too hard recently. He takes some time to react before quickly changing the subject to the investigation on Prosecutor Hong. She tells him that she’s gathering evidence with Prosecutor Tak; but she’s suspicious…


Detective Gwak requests help from Prosecutor Hong to put in a good word for him in front of Gyu-man. But the chief prosecutor has no plans to provide any form of assistance and dismisses him.

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In his office, Suk-gyu thinks about In-ah’s words regarding the Seochon murder case and goes to look for Yeo-gyung to ask for her opinion regarding the same case, since she was a juror for it back then. She thinks that Dad is guilty, of course.

The chief prosecutor goes to Gyu-man’s office to tell him about Detective Gwak, but the more important thing is to inform the chaebol that Suk-gyu doesn’t seem convinced by the verdict of the case.

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Suk-gyu goes to Jin-woo’s office as he has something to ask him. Jin-woo thanks the judge for handling the case involving the prison doctor. He wants to ask about the Seochon murder case because it doesn’t seem to be that simple. There was the confession video from witness Kim, the investigation report showed many flaws and it’s also fishy they changed judges for the retrial. In-ah tells him she still believes that Dad was innocent even until now because she saw the video of the actual criminal confessing to his crime. Jin-woo says he saw it too, with his own eyes. When Suk-gyu asks if he know who the person is, Jin-woo says without a doubt that it’s Nam Gyu-man, the President of Il Ho Group.


Dong-ho stares at an old photograph of him and his father in his office. Sang-ho comes in to report that the person who has been on his tail is the new guy sent by Joo-il. Dong-ho says he’ll have to win over Jin-woo in this trial, because Gyu-man is suspicious of him.

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In-ah’s dad delivers pizza to Jin-woo’s office to share with them. This time, In-ah’s mother came with him too. While they eat the pizza, she is helping In-ah tidy up her things. Later she sits down to have a chat with In-ah, saying she came because her father wanted to come. In-ah is moved to tears by her mother’s encouraging words, and they are on friendly terms again.

Sang-ho has been checking on the factory manager as per Dong-ho’s request, and apparently the man has a sick daughter so he’s been going around borrowing money.


Dong-ho meets with the said factory manager and promises him free medical treatment for his daughter at Il Ho Hospital if he is willing to testify in court; while Jin-woo continues his preparation for the trial.

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Gyu-man has a meal with Joo-il and a representative of Youngwon Electronics to advise them to expand their business. As they toast with wine, Detective Gwak forces his way in to confront Gyu-man but gets dragged out by Joo-il’s men.

Detective Gwak is tied up at the same warehouse where they held Jin-woo captive. Gyu-man wants his life. And they’re all unaware of a hidden camera in their surroundings.

In-ah goes to Jung-ah’s home, wanting to bring her friend’s belongings back to take a look. She flips through Jung-ah’s diary and sees her note for a singing gig on the day of her death. Soo-bum’s name card drops out from the within the diary as well.

remembersonswarep12.49  remembersonswarep12.52

Soo-bum and Sang-ho are spending time together talking about female celebrities and that’s when Soo-bum finds out Sang-ho’s true age; he can’t believe his eyes when he sees his identity card. Later In-ah spots him and asks him whether he had called Jung-ah to Gyu-man’s villa back then. He feigns ignorance and walks off, but Gyu-man sees him talking to her from afar.

On the car, Gyu-man asks Soo-bum what In-ah had talked about and he lies that she wanted to sound him out for information regarding the Smile Light Bulbs case.

It’s late at night, and Jin-woo is in his office when Detective Gwak comes knocking on the door. His face is all bruised.

remembersonswarep12.54  remembersonswarep12.56

In-ah goes to Prosecutor Tak to report her findings about the forged will. He is angered and cannot tolerate the chief prosecutor’s underhand doings anymore. In-ah worries if her senior will be okay, but he quotes a line from the prosecutors’ oath: ‘I am a brave prosecutor who sheds lights on injustice.’

Later as she leaves she crosses paths with Chief Prosecutor Hong. He knows that she must be planning something with Prosecutor Tak and says she might cause him to lose his job after her. But In-ah begs to differ; they still don’t know who will be the next one to quit as a prosecutor after her. It may be her ex-superior.

remembersonswarep12.58  remembersonswarep12.59

Jin-woo is on the road with Attorney Song, and the latter worries that they would not be able to meet the victims of the microwave oven explosion incident. And indeed, they get chased out of one of the hospital wards where one of the family members is reprimanding them. Dong-ho sees this happening from a short distance. When Jin-woo spots him, he asks him why he gave his client his business card. Dong-ho tells him that he has to beat him first before he can get to Gyu-man; he’ll make sure to win him this time. Jin-woo will also go all out for the trial.


As they leave the hospital, Jin-woo sees the factory manager looking after his ill daughter. He meets with him at a café. Jin-woo knows that he had met Dong-ho, who asked him to deliver a false testimony. By doing so, he would be denying all the years he spent with Smile Light Bulbs, as well as the owner Mr Seol who was like family.

remembersonswarep12.64  remembersonswarep12.65

Gyu-man’s good friend Chul-joo comes to his office for a chat. When Soo-bum enters he gives a slight bow, but Chul-joo just wants to make things difficult for him and says he didn’t do a proper greeting. Soo-bum does it again, but Gyu-man pushes his head down saying he should bow 90 degrees. And Chul-joo tells Gyu-man this is why he shouldn’t hang out with people who are on a lower level.

Gyu-man: “No, but Soo-bum knows his place. He has no pride.” Gosh, really…

Soo-bum doesn’t say a word, but he clenches his fist tightly.

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Suk-gyu and Soo-bum meet for drinks. It’s clear that Soo-bum is drunk and he’s unhappy. In his drunken stupor, he says that Gyu-man is done for the moment he opens his mouth. But the chaebol doesn’t realise he’s holding his lifeline. Suk-gyu recalls Jin-woo’s words from the other day – that Gyu-man is the real murderer.

In-ah, Attorney Song and Manager Yun share roasted sweet potatoes together in the office when Jin-woo comes back. He has found another subsidiary who shared the same fate as Smile Light Bulbs and asks In-ah to look into it. Attorney Song offers to meet the other company’s rep with her.

remembersonswarep12.69  remembersonswarep12.72

In front of the media, Gyu-man and Soo-bum are distributing food to old folks at some facility. Obviously it’s for show again. Just then, Gyu-man receives a video of the time when he held Detective Gwak in the warehouse. His temper is slowly rising already, and he receives a call from an unknown number. It’s Jin-woo and the chaebol shouts over the phone in rage, flipping a table of food over.

That day when Detective Gwak came looking for Jin-woo, it was to hand him the USB containing a video recording of what happened in the warehouse.

remembersonswarep12.73  remembersonswarep12.74

In-ah and Attorney Song find out that the cause of Il Ho Electronics’ refrigerator incident was another company, Youngwon Electronics who used faulty wires. The rep had reported the matter but no one cared and ultimately, Il Ho sued their company and put all the blame on them.

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Officers confiscate all of the files in Chief Prosecutor Hong’s office under the lead of Prosecutor Tak. When the chief prosecutor comes in, Prosecutor Tak tells him that he’s under internal investigation for corruption. The district prosecutor has approved this and Internal Affairs will be the one to prove whether he is doing the right thing.

Attorney Song and In-ah are unable to get any information out of the Youngwon Electronics president as he does not want to speak to them.

Chief Prosecutor Hong calls Gyu-man regarding his own internal investigation, and tells him In-ah was the main source of this. The chaebol is furious, since he’s already on his way to take care of the video issue earlier. He tells the chief prosecutor to wait for his call.

remembersonswarep12.78  remembersonswarep12.79

Dong-ho gets on his car and Keum is still following him in another car around the carpark. Soon he’s surrounded, because Sang-ho is in another car behind his. Lawyer Park delivers a few strong blows to him and warns him for the last time not to tail him anymore, before leaving.


Jin-woo visits his doctor who tells him he’s been missing out on regular check-ups and advises him to rest before he burns out. His memory capability may be genius to others, but it’s actually a handicap. Oh dear… He asks about the severity of his condition, and the amount of time he has left. The more he uses his memory, the faster it’ll worsen. The most he has is a year and six months is the worst case scenario. During that time, he will slowly lose his memory little by little.

The news is a big blow to him, as he tries to vent his frustrations on his way back. Poor Jin-woo 😥

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In-ah is alone in the office and she enters the secret room, leaving the door ajar. Gyu-man walks in with Soo-bum, and he follows the sound of the paper shuffling to the hidden door. When In-ah hears footsteps she thinks that it’s Jin-woo at first, and she is shocked to see Gyu-man discover this room. He sees all the information pasted on the wall and tells her that she must know him better than he does, all of them. At the same time, Jin-woo arrives at the office door.

[End of EPISODE 12]


At this point, Jin-woo cannot waste a single moment of the time he’s left with now that every second is precious. I really wish he emerges victorious in this war, along with the other sons in the drama. I like how the story constantly reminds us about the show’s title, Son’s War. Both Jin-woo and Dong-ho want to stand up for their fathers, whereas Gyu-man wants his father to notice him. Even Min-soo who is featured in the Smile Light Bulbs case this time round, is in a battle with his father.

The two lawyers want to use what they’re good at to get justice served – the law. Though they do not always use the right ways, their purpose is justified. They’re sure of what they want, just that they’re going along different paths to take down the Nams.


As for Gyu-man, his behaviour is extreme and his actions are unforgivable but if you really think about it, all he really wants is that token of favour from his father. And to think that his dad has been showering him love the wrong way all this time; in this aspect, I can understand his heart slightly. I wonder what will happen when he realises what he has really been doing. His dad isn’t the type of man who would treat him well out of goodwill; it’s sad but I don’t think it’ll make a difference. I hate his guts and how he always obstructs Jin-woo’s path, but the way Namgoong Min plays him is just amazing I can’t bring myself to hate him totally. The character Nam Gyu-man is written well, and the acting makes him such a charismatic villain. Impressive!


I’ve always thought that Soo-bum never wanted to harm others; the things he does are against his own will and it’s all because he’s under Gyu-man. Anyone can see that Gyu-man doesn’t really treat him as his friend though they were from the same high school. He even gets hurt physically, along with his own pride. From the office scene it seems like Soo-bum might just break anytime, because he’s human too. Gyu-man will certainly not let him off, but I hope there will come a day he goes against his boss.


The story about Min-soo and his father gives us a further insight to what Jin-woo might have went through from 4 years ago. The complicated emotions, and the same heart of wanting to save their fathers makes Jin-woo able to relate to him. I’m sure that Jin-woo saw his younger self in his interactions with the two of them, as seen from the flashbacks where he recalled the times with Dad.


Dong-ho has always struck me as an interesting character; it was my first time seeing him keeping silent after being given such a slap. He’s definitely not the type to take it lying down, so I’m glad he’s controlling himself for the greater good. I kinda knew that his bromance with Joo-il wouldn’t last, but it’s still sad that such a nice relationship is falling apart because of their differing ideals. Nevertheless, I hope that it will end well for them.

My favourite scene from these 2 episodes was the one in the courtroom (the end of Episode 11) – when In-ah and Jin-woo made their statements. It was so satisfying to see them winning the argument XD That’s why I had to put Gyu-man’s face while hearing those words as the featured image kkk~


Will it be possible for a happy ending?

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