Remember: Son’s War – Episodes 7 to 10

The story development in Episodes 7 & 8 was not out of my expectation but Remember still managed to deliver two hours of certain intensity, tugging at the heartstrings at times. Jin-woo falls further behind in his quest to save Dad but as they say, “You win some, you lose some.” And the people around him begin to get more involved after becoming more aware of the battle he’s really facing.

As for the latest week, it’s when I feel really sad for the protagonist and those on his side. Though some intentions are made clearer, there’s so much heartbreak ㅠㅠ It’s also the two episodes where it’s hard to tell what will happen next and I think that this is certainly a good thing plot wise. It’s no fun without the thrill or suspense, right?


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After Jin-woo wins the Vice President’s trial, Chairman Nam hears the new being broadcast over the local television. When the he switches it off, Joo-il kneels down for forgiveness but the chairman just wants to make sure Gyu-man is not affected. Joo-il assures him that the issue ends in the hands of him and Dong-ho.

We return to the ending scene of last week, where Jin-woo meets Gyu-man for the first time after four years. Later Gyu-man is in the car with Dong-ho, and he swears to kill Jin-woo. Lawyer Park tries to dissuade him, saying that trouble may come back at him in the process of doing that and tells him that Chairman Nam was the one who created the opportunity for him to face-off with Jin-woo. Gyu-man is stunned since he didn’t think his father would do that for he favoured the vice president a lot. Dong-ho advises him to stay calm and take precautions with everything now, even if it was for his dad. The lawyer then receives a call from Joo-il wanting to meet for a drink.

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Jin-woo returns to his office quietly and tells Manager Yun he met Gyu-man by coincidence today. He has been looking forward to this day, but breaks down the moment he mentions his father who cannot remember him. The office manager gives him a pat on the back, comforting him that he is surely in Dad’s heart because that’s where memory remains and not in the brain.

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Dong-ho and Joo-il are having ramen in the lawyer’s office. He tells his old buddy that Jin-woo took Gyu-man head on and he had barely managed to stop the chaebol from killing the young lawyer. Joo-il thinks that the problem won’t be solved if they don’t stop Jin-woo, but it’s hard to stop someone who’s going all out for his father. He also reminds Dong-ho that an enemy of the Nam family is also their enemy.

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Gyu-man is at the breakfast table with his father as he recalls Dong-ho’s words in the car that day. He begins to ask his dad about it but is cut off – the chairman has accepted the vice president’s resignation and tells his son to consider it a hurdle overcome.


Later Gyu-man sends Chairman Nam off to work with Yeo-gyung and the household’s security guards. They bow until the chairman’s car drives off. Gyu-man tells his sister not to get too close to Jin-woo and she just laughs it off wondering why since her oppa never took an interest in her. He just gives an excuse that he’s a lawyer with a rude way of speaking but Yeo-gyung says she can tell with her own eyes: Jin-woo is a capable person. And she reminds him of their father’s words not to lose one’s calm, ever.

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VP Kang and Jin-woo meet and the former passes Jin-woo a thumbdrive containing Il Ho Group’s slush fund records he promised to give instead of paying the lawyer’s fees. Jin-woo asks about the VP’s future plans and he replies that he should leave the country and start focusing on being a better family man. An old man calls Jin-woo as witness on the day of the crime.


Jin-woo rushes to meet him at a convenience store. Apparently, the man had seen Dad wandering around in the neighbourhood on that day and still remembers it because Dad seemed to be a bit out of his mind. It turns out that he was just after the reward money after seeing it on a banner.

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In front of numerous reporters and representatives of each side, Gyu-man signs a cooperation agreement with a foreign company. After the event, he calls out to Secretary Ahn as he is sending the guests off, telling him he rushed the contract to show his father he can lead the company well without the VP and even invited major news outlets. He just needs to boast about it to someone lol.

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At the office, Attorney Song asks Manager Yun when she got to know Jin-woo. It was when he was studying for the bar examination and she jokes that Jin-woo was rude back then. Attorney Song laughs and muses that he is still rude now, only to get a death stare haaa.

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In-ah comes in with a bouquet of flowers, looking for Jin-woo. When he comes back she asks afterDad and Jin-woo tells her that he’s going to request a retrial and proveDad’s innocence this time. He experiences a bout of memory loss when he mentions the noona who died unjustly…oh no is this the start of the symptoms? In-ah asks if he’s referring to Jung-ah and he just says he still has work to do and will talk to her next time.

Jin-woo hides the thumbdrive in a book back at his secret room. Manager Yun tells him that In-ah was very worried about her and asks why he didn’t tell her everything. And yeah, he doesn’t want the only person who believed in him and Dad to get hurt.

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The next day, Jin-woo submits a document for the retrial request at the central district court. He happens to cross paths with Prosecutor Hong who wonders if the retrial will happen though it’s great the request has been accepted.

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In-ah takes the lift and runs into Yeo-gyung. They aren’t too happy to see each other as usual. In-ah asks Yeo-gyung how she knows Jin-woo. She muses that everyone seems really interested in Jin-woo and takes a jab at In-ah for her loss to Jin-woo at the VP’s trial. Smoke is practically emerging from In-ah’s ears after Yeo-gyung walks out.

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Gyu-man is having a drink and calls Dong-ho to join him. He has been thinking and something is bothering him: Jin-woo. He asks the attorney to do a background check on Jin-woo and Dong-ho says he’s only a rookie lawyer and the case was over since four years ago. Then he tells Dong-ho to keep an eye on him since he really means to live quietly now. Oh really?


The document for the retrial reaches Suk-gyu’s table and he ponders over it in his office, recalling his first impression of Jin-woo outside the court.

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He gets a call to meet Gyu-man and Secretary Ahn; he’s also introduced to Dong-ho and tells the lawyer that the attorney on the case he received a retrial request for is him. Gyu-man asks what the case is about, since there have been many cases which have gone through Lawyer Park. And look at that change of his facial expression when the judge says it’s Jung-ah’s murder case. Suk-gyu muses that it must weigh heavily in Dong-ho’s heart since he lost that case. Dong-ho says he doesn’t have lingering feelings for past events.


On his way back, Gyu-man tells his secretary to gather some people and keep checking on Jin-woo. He’s enraged that the young lawyer requested a retrial.

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In-ah goes to the prison to meet Dad and is shocked to find out the severity of his Alzheimer’s condition after introducing herself. He tells her he doesn’t have a son. Later she barges into the chief physician’s office, questioning how the inmates’ health conditions are taken care of especially Daddy Seo. She warns him that this is a case of negligence and she will not leave the matter to rest.

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Along the corridor, she bumps into Jin-woo who is walking in. He suspects that she came here for Dad, but she doesn’t tell him the truth and just says she’s here for some research. She quickly changes the subject to whether he filled up the retrial form correctly and remarks that Dad must feel very confident in him as his attorney before quickly taking her leave.


He receives a text message from Manager Yun to say she found a location. He is already driving his car and is on the line with the manager. It’s the witness who had worked with Dad at the villa and testified against him in court. She had returned from China to do back surgery and is now living at her daughter’s place.

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He sees the mother and daughter pair in the distance and recalls the trial four years ago. When her daughter leaves her to buy something Jin-woo goes up to her. She doesn’t entertain him even when he tries to convince her to admit to perjury and tell the truth now. So he passes her daughter his name card and asks her to tell her mother to contact him anytime, in the event she changes her mind. And Secretary Ahn sees all of this happening, in another car.

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On a snowy night, Gyu-man meets with Chief Prosecutor Hong and Detective Gwak who handled the case back then. Dong-ho comes in late and his eyes meet with Prosecutor Hong’s. The detective rattles on, trying very hard to get into Gyu-man’s good books by assuring the chaebol that he would take care of any issues ahead. The chief prosecutor also agrees to render his help anytime, whereas Dong-ho just watches the conversation unfold.


Outside, Dong-ho tells Gyu-man not to worry as there is only a slim chance of getting a retrial but the chaebol says Suk-gyu is a very righteous man and it’s nothing for him to step over his sunbae. After Gyu-man leaves with Secretary Ahn, and as Chief Prosecutor Hong is leaving Dong-ho remarks that they’re now both under President Nam. They talk about how enemies can become friends and vice versa. The prosecutor says he doesn’t know when they might become enemies again but they are currently working on the same side, and live by the grace of Il Ho Group.

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Dong-ho then tells Manager Pyun to take him to see Jin-woo. On the way his subordinate wonders what’s on his mind. Lol no one knows what Dong-ho is thinking, really. The lawyer says beating Jin-woo up was the only way to save him, but it’s of no use since Jin-woo appeared before Gyu-man on his own.

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Jin-woo is greeted casually by Dong-ho at his office and Lawyer Park warns him about how strong his opponents are- he cannot imagine what they’re capable of. And the trial back then couldn’t be won since the whole setting was rigged from the start. Jin-woo retorts that Dong-ho must think Dad’s life is not worth anything compared to the money and power he got from the losing the trial.

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At the Nam household, Chairman Nam is not around and Secretary Ahn reports to Gyu-man that Jin-woo had found the lady witness they bought off. Gyu-man is worried that a retrial may be approved because of this and orders for the witness to be killed. Secretary Ahn honestly tells his boss he can’t do it. Anything else is fine, but not killing someone. Gyu-man loses his temper and hits him hard despite the secretary trying to convince him not to kill.

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In-ah gets called into Chief Prosecutor Hong’s office. She is chided sternly for confronting the chief physician at the prison and is instructed to review all cold cases from previous years, while her current cases will be handed to Prosecutor Tak.


At In-ah’s desk, Prosecutor Tak tries to defend her as she has to review a case with no evidence and an overdue statute of limitations but she says that its fine, those cases still have to be solved by someone. They sit down for a cup of coffee and In-ah asks her superior what kind of person the chief prosecutor is. He tells her that he’s found success by putting Daddy Seo on the death row at the case four years ago, and even the judge who announced the verdict is now at the Supreme Court. In-ah tells him that she wants to re-investigate the case.

Jin-woo goes to the daughter of the witness to persuade her mother to testify in court and consider admitting to making a false statement.

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Joo-il enters Gyu-man’s office, only to see him riding his authority over the older staff of Il Ho Group. After they are told to leave, Gyu-man tells Joo-il to help him take care of something. When Joo-il tries to take it as he didn’t hear it, Gyu-man uses his care for Dong-ho to make him agree. He hesitates when the chaebol tells him he would go to Dong-ho if he doesn’t extend a helping hand.

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Secretary Ahn goes looking for Manager Pyun, bruised and complains about his boss, saying he has a behavioural disorder. (LOL but I agree) Manager Pyun wants to help him get back at Gyu-man but is stopped. So he cheers him on and gives him a coffee card.

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Joo-il walks through an alley with his minion and looks around before entering a watch shop. Using a watch repair as cover, he passes over a thick envelope of money and photographs of the lady witness.

Secretary Ahn goes to the witness’ doorstep and warns her against helping Jin-woo.

Jin-woo is looking at the case files of the Dad’s case while In-ah is looking through files of cold cases. As Jin-woo is resting on the sofa at his office, he recalls a time when he helped Dad pull out his white hair and clutches the ring necklace tightly.

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The next day Jin-woo goes to the prison with good food and gives an envelope to the prison guard he is friendly with. It is only now that he’s told about In-ah’s confrontation with the chief physician. He brings the packed food to Dad who cannot recognise him. Dad gulps down the food heartily, seeing that Jin-woo brought along all his favourite food. Then Dad asks Jin-woo what kind of person he was because he’s only being treated as a prisoner here. The lawyer tells him there’s one thing for sure, he’s the best father in the world. Dad asks if he has a son and tells Jin-woo to convey the message that he misses his son everyday. heartbreak

Witness Kim is on the phone with her daughter who tells her she’ll be home late due to work. The man with the scorpion tattoo breaks into her home and pulls out the string from his watch…

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In-ah meets Dong-ho along the corridor. They talk about the retrial and In-ah says the truth will be out soon. They debate over what the truth is and Dong-ho tells her that instead of talking to reveal the truth they should gain power first before leaving. Jin-woo overhears their conversation.

He has come looking for In-ah to thank her for meeting with Dad. She suggests for him to get Dad’s sentence suspended but Jin-woo says he has tried everything but to no avail. A retrial to get a ‘not guilty’ verdict is the only way. Then Jin-woo receives a text message from the witness for him to go to her daughter’s home. He leaves hastily.

remembersonswarep7.78  remembersonswarep7.81

He rushes over, only to see that the door is unlocked. He enters the house and sees the witness lying on the floor, still. Then he spots a line of strangulation on her neck and checks for her breathing. Only then it all hits him- it’s a trap. But it’s too late, and Detective Gwak has brought along his team to arrest Jin-woo. He takes a few steps back and out the window he goes. Ha, isn’t this scene familiar?

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When Jin-woo lands, he runs frantically for his life with the detectives after him. But they lose him after he hides by a car. Manager Pyun is having a meal with Dong-ho and they watch the news reporting Jin-woo’s escape. Yeo-gyung and In-ah also find out through the television and the latter goes looking for him after her call cannot get through.


Detective Gwak knocks on the locked door of Jin-woo’s office, with Manager Yun and Attorney Song inside. They cannot reach him as well. So the police shatter the glass of the door and barge in. The detective orders to bring them in for investigation. Attorney Song doesn’t want to and argues with the policeman. They also start searching the place and when Manager Yun notices that Jin-woo’s secret room might be uncovered she quickly agrees to follow them to the station. She pushes Attorney Song out even with his resistance.

remembersonswarep7.86  remembersonswarep7.88

After the police leave, Jin-woo appears from his hiding place and goes to the office to pack some things from his secret room. In-ah enters; there’s no one outside but she hears shuffling of papers from the room. She finds him inside and realises what he’s been doing all this time. When she asks about the news, Jin-woo tells her he has fallen into a trap set by Gyu-man. At the same time, Dong-ho is coming up the stairs.

remembersonswarep7.89  remembersonswarep7.90

In-ah hears footsteps and quickly runs out, closing the bookshelf-disguised door behind her. She nervously turns to face Dong-ho, who asks where Jin-woo is.

[End of EPISODE 7]


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Jin-woo packs the book with Il Ho Group’s slush fund evidence, as well as some money just as Dong-ho is speaking with In-ah outside. Dong-ho reminds In-ah that she shouldn’t forget what her job is, no matter how much she cares about Jin-woo. And she’s not the only one- he had signed a contract with Jin-woo and has never forgotten about it. However, In-ah doesn’t believe what he says anymore.

remembersonswarep8.3  remembersonswarep8.2

At his office, Gyu-man has taken Detective Gwak to task: Was Jin-woo’s escape part of the plan too? The policeman has no words with regards to that, but he will catch him no matter what it takes. The chaebol wants Jin-woo to be brought right in front of him. Just as the detective leaves, Dong-ho enters. He asks about Jin-woo’s matter but Gyu-man says it’s not him; Dong-ho explains that he needs to know as his lawyer so he can be prepared if anything goes wrong. This is when the lawyer finds out his buddy’s involvement in this issue.

remembersonswarep8.4  remembersonswarep8.6

As Joo-il leaves the company to get his car, Dong-ho is waiting for him. On the road, he finally tells Dong-ho about how he helped Gyu-man. Dong-ho asks why his buddy is getting more deeply involved in Nams’ business, and muses that they never hit rock bottom like this even when they lived as gangsters. But Joo-il points out that Gyu-man’s bottom line is far beyond the limits of a human being.

remembersonswarep8.7  remembersonswarep8.8

Jin-woo walks along the street and happens to see the news of his incident. There is also mention of the case four years ago. He passes a shoe shop and spots a pair of black leather shoes; he’s reminded of a time when he and Dad bought each other shoes and Dad was happily polishing the black shoes. Just as he turns there are two policemen on patrol. He turns around to walk the opposite direction but there are also other policemen questioning passers-by. Instantly, Jin-woo makes a run for it, with the police chasing behind; he manages to divert their path when he uses a cardboard trolley as cover.


Jin-woo ends up at a motel and requests for a room in the corner without any windows. When he enters the empty room he uses his memory to reconstruct the information pasted on the wall of his secret room and imagines himself at work.

remembersonswarep8.11  remembersonswarep8.12

Yeo-gyung is listening to some music to calm her nerves when Gyu-man switches it off. He rubs it in for his sister who is troubled over Jin-woo. She is in no mood to talk to him so he just ends it with asking her to listen to her oppa from now on.

remembersonswarep8.13  remembersonswarep8.14

Manager Yun finds Jin-woo on the rooftop of the motel he’s staying at. She knows why he chose a room without windows and recalls the days when she was working there. Ah, so Jin-woo helped her to leave her abusive husband with his advice before:

Jin-woo: “If I give up on myself, the world also gives up on me.”


Suk-gyu watches the news of Jin-woo’s incident and gives a stamp of rejection for the retrial as the judge.

remembersonswarep8.19  remembersonswarep8.17

The chief prosecutor informs Gyu-man that the retrial has been rejected. Of course, he is happy to hear the news. Upon hanging up, he asks Secretary Ahn to turn the car around. He wants to go and meet the person who’s anticipating this news.

remembersonswarep8.21  remembersonswarep8.22

Suk-gyu and In-ah chat over the rejection of the retrial. In-ah tries to change the judge’s mind but it has been decided. He also explains his difficulties- the one representing the defendant is now a murder suspect while In-ah tells him she became a prosecutor because of the trial four years ago.

remembersonswarep8.23 (2)  remembersonswarep8.24

The person whom Gyu-man goes to meet is Dad. He tells Dad it’s not enough to reflect and repent in prison after committing murder, and lets him know about Jin-woo. Dad is unable to remember his son, but is left scared and confused after hearing the chaebol’s words.

remembersonswarep8.25  remembersonswarep8.26

Outside, Secretary Ahn helps to ensure that no one would know Gyu-man was here. After looking around, Gyu-man muses that the prison is not for people to live in. The secretary agrees and says that people shouldn’t commit crimes, only to get stared at by his boss.

remembersonswarep8.27  remembersonswarep8.28

In-ah returns home to good food cooked by her father. But as soon as she sits down, her mother tells her to stop hanging around with Jin-woo and worries about how other people will view her as a prosecutor. She gets angry and storms off. Later her dad brings her some pizza to munch on, thinking she must be hungry. She understands that her mum is just worried about her, but sometimes she overeacts. So her father advises her to follow her heart before listening to what the world says. Jin-woo calls her by a public phone.


She goes looking for him, and he pulls her behind a wall. He tells her about how he fell into the trap and says that he has to clear his name in order to save Dad with a retrial. It will be more dangerous if Dad stays in prison longer. In-ah tells him to go to the police, but he can’t. The Nams will create fake evidence to convict him – so he has to find the murderer on his own.

remembersonswarep8.30  remembersonswarep8.31

Manager Yun and Attorney Song return to the office. The manager wants to bring some items to Jin-woo, and finally tells the attorney the truth about Jin-woo’s hidden four years. At first he thinks it’s a joke that their enemy is Il Ho Group, but it’s not.

remembersonswarep8.32  remembersonswarep8.33

In-ah exits the National Forensic Service and makes Detective Gwak get off his car. He’s been following her around since she left the Prosecutor’s office. She calls him out for following a prosecutor around in broad daylight instead of catching criminals, and tells him she’ll bring the people who framed Jin-woo to justice, including him.

remembersonswarep8.34  remembersonswarep8.35

After she leaves the detective calls Chief Prosecutor Hong to tell him In-ah has been digging around the murder case of the lady witness. The chief prosecutor then says that she must not get anything on them, and asks him to report to him if anything happens.

In-ah calls for the investigators to look through all murder cases and pass the files to her if the cause of death is strangulation by a fishing line.

remembersonswarep8.36  remembersonswarep8.37

When Jin-woo meets Manager Yun on the rooftop, he asks if there was anyone following. There is one, and he’s Attorney Song. And he hugs Jin-woo twice, asking after him. Awww ❤ Later they gather in his room, they’ve gotten a handphone and car ready for him. Jin-woo asks them to find a reporter who would die for exclusive news. He plans to broadcast Il Ho Group’s slush fund information on air.

Jin-woo leaves the motel and calls the reporter so that they will provide him a channel to show the information live.

remembersonswarep8.39  remembersonswarep8.40

Suk-gyu has a meal with Gyu-man and his secretary. The judge can tell he’s in a good mood and when he asks Gyu-man says he got to meet someone he was happy to see. Secretary Ahn just gives an awkward look. Gyu-man’s face changes when Jin-woo calls him. And he’s just in the next room beside the one Gyu-man is in. The chaebol walks to the washroom to continue his conversation.

Jin-woo tells him to make the real murderer turn himself in the next day, or else details of his company’s slush fund will be released to the public. It’s only now Gyu-man realises, or why would Jin-woo take up the VP’s trial?

remembersonswarep8.42  remembersonswarep8.43

Gyu-man barges into Dong-ho’s office and asks what the slush fund is about, to which Dong-ho feigns ignorance. Secretary Ahn gestures for Manager Pyun to leave the room with him. Dong-ho then asks the president for his call records so he can track Jin-woo’s location. In anger, the chaebol tells Lawyer Park to bring Jin-woo to him.


Manager Pyun and Dong-ho go to someone and asks him to track the highlighted number based on the call records.

remembersonswarep8.45  remembersonswarep8.46

Gyu-man tells his father about the company’s matters and the chairman praises him for his good work since he was worried that the VP’s trial might affect them adversely. Just then it is reported that an anonymous informant will reveal Il Ho Group’s slush fund. Chairman Nam asks Gyu-man if he can solve this issue well, and he assures his dad.

In-ah is watching the news at the same time and calls Jin-woo. Manager Yun had given her his contact. She is worried but he hangs up because this is the only way for him, he tells her.

remembersonswarep8.48  remembersonswarep8.49

Chief Prosecutor Hong calls a news Bureau Chief and asks who the reporter that was contacted for the exclusive news is. He says it cannot be revealed as per the President’s orders but the chief prosecutor uses a case he had helped the man close to make him relent. He calls Detective Gwak into his office and asks him to locate the SBC reporter Jang Hyun-soo.

The reporters are getting ready for the broadcast of the news scoop, while Jin-woo arrives at a motel. Dong-ho has found Jin-woo, and they’re on their way to get him. His minion cannot believe that Jin-woo took Nam Gyu-man head on, saying he’s young with no fear. And this is the answer he gets from his boss:

Dong-ho: “In a fight, the one who has everything doesn’t win. The one who has nothing to lose wins.”

remembersonswarep8.50  remembersonswarep8.52

The police have also found their way and are going up. But they enter a room only with reporters. It’s a cover set by Jin-woo who’s recording himself speaking in another room. He starts speaking; with Gyu-man, In-ah as well as Manager Yun and Attorney Song watching. But Dong-ho and his minions find his actual location and he’s cut off by them. He’s taken away.

remembersonswarep8.54  remembersonswarep8.55

When In-ah calls Jin-woo, Dong-ho throws the mobile phone on the road. And Detective Gwak calls Gyu-man to tell him someone took him before he did. Dong-ho tells Jin-woo he doesn’t need to go to Gyu-man. Instead they’re going to a farm one of his good friends for him to stay there quietly until this blows over.

But Dong-ho knows he’s in hot soup the moment Gyu-man calls him to bring Jin-woo to a place. And he reminds Jin-woo that the slush fund file is the price of his life and pleads for him to submit to Gyu-man this time.

remembersonswarep8.56  remembersonswarep8.57

And the place is the warehouse where they threatened Dad in four years back. Gyu-man arrives with his secretary. Dong-ho passes the USB to him. After his secretary checks that there are no copies made, he throws it into the fire, along with the hard copy. He gives Jin-woo some hard blows till he loses consciousness.

Dad suddenly remembers that Jin-woo is his son, along with memories from the past. He writes a letter to his son as he breaks down in tears.

remembersonswarep8.59  remembersonswarep8.60

When Jin-woo awakens, Gyu-man continues to taunt him with the fact that he went to visit Dad yesterday. Jin-woo is upset but is gagged so he cannot say anything. Dong-ho asks if he’s going to hand Jin-woo over to the police, but Gyu-man says it’s insufficient and tells Detective Gwak to handle it from here before leaving.

But the detective unties the rope and tells him to leave. Dong-ho gestures for him to go as well. He doesn’t believe it but gets up to leave. Detective Gwak then poises his gun at him with Jin-woo turning around…

Back in his car, Gyu-man asks Secretary Ahn to take care of the aftermath of the issue. He doesn’t get it until they hear a gunshot. Then they leave.


Dong-ho stops Detective Gwak, asking him to lower his gun. They get into a scuffle and Dong-ho shouts for Jin-woo to escape so he runs off. Dong-ho reminds the detective that although he gets money from Gyu-man he shouldn’t forget the fact that he’s still a detective. He won’t be able to handle what come after killing Jin-woo.

remembersonswarep8.62  remembersonswarep8.64

That night, In-ah finds Jin-woo outside her family’s pizza store. She tells him about her findings regarding the case. Based on the evidence from the victim’s fingernails, Jin-woo uses his super memory to recall the people who walked past him that day. And he finds the killer. Looking at all the case files In-ah brought, he realises that they are the same person just that he puts on different disguises and changes his address.

remembersonswarep8.66  remembersonswarep8.67

At dinner, Chairman Nam praises Gyu-man for handling the slush fund matter well. Dong-ho comes in, apologising for the interruption. He would like to have a few minutes with Gyu-man. Later when they’re alone, Dong-ho kindly tells the chaebol he shouldn’t do anything out of line and be glad that Jin-woo managed to escape. Obviously, Gyu-man pays no heed to the advice.

remembersonswarep8.68  remembersonswarep8.69

In-ah continues to talk about the case but realises that Jin-woo has fallen asleep when she turns to face him. She covers him with a blanket.

The next morning, her parents find her at the pizza store. She awakes and sees that Jin-woo is already gone. He has left a post-it note which says that he borrowed her phone. She asks her dad to lend her his mobile phone and calls her workplace to bring investigators to Saerim-dong before rushing off.

remembersonswarep8.71  remembersonswarep8.72

Jin-woo is already looking around for the killer, while In-ah’s calls go through without an answer. She also arrives at the scene with her team.

Dong-ho is on the way to stop Jin-woo before he does anything more. In-ah goes to a convenience store to ask the shop assistant for information, just as the person they’re looking for pays at the cashier when she notices the scorpion tattoo on his right hand.


Following him, she calls Jin-woo quietly to tell him her location but loses the man around the bend. He strikes her with a brick from behind and she collapses to the ground. Jin-woo knows something is wrong when she doesn’t answer, just as Dong-ho arrives.

[End of EPISODE 8]


remembersonswarep9.0  remembersonswarep9.1

With his super memory, Jin-woo recalls every single detail of the places he has been to and the day when he walked past the man. He figures out that In-ah would be at the watch shop. Then he runs towards one alley, while Dong-ho walks on the other alley.

In-ah is held hostage in the watch shop. As she awakens, she nervously asks the man who hired him. In the same way, he pulls out a line from his watch to strangle her. She struggles as Jin-woo calls her dad’s number to no avail. Dong-ho finds the watch shop first, and uses a fire extinguisher to break the glass door when he realises that the place is locked.

remembersonswarep9.3  remembersonswarep9.4

The man lets go as he hears glass shattering, with Jin-woo running faster. Dong-ho tells the man to let In-ah go because she has nothing to do with it. They get into a fight and Dong-ho manages to pin him down on the table. Jin-woo comes running in, trying to wake In-ah. Thankfully, she regains consciousness.

remembersonswarep9.6  remembersonswarep9.8

Now the man is in the jail at the police station, and Joo-il secretly tells him he will try to get him out if he keeps quiet. Detective Gwak asks him to take care of the issue quickly.

All is okay now, and Jin-woo leaves the station with In-ah, Attorney Song and Manager Yun. Secretary Ahn who is watching outside calls Gyu-man to report that Jin-woo has been released. This time Gyu-man is on the road, driving a car by himself.


He throws his earphone as the secretary is explaining when another car cuts in front of him on the lane. He quickly overtakes and stops his car in front of it. The female driver is new and she gets afraid when Gyu-man puts on his gloves and takes out a golf club from his car boot. He vents his anger by hitting the car’s windscreen hard. After that he just calls Dong-ho to ask him come take care of it and just leaves. Responsibly.

remembersonswarep9.14  remembersonswarep9.15

Joo-il gets into an argument with Dong-ho about the arrested murderer. The lawyer doesn’t want his hyungnim to do dirty jobs for other people, but Joo-il says he’s never regretted the decisions he has made once the path has been decided. He asks Dong-ho to make a choice – whether he wants to get caught up in Jin-woo’s business or live a grand life with him under the Nams. He adds that he would like to walk the path with him, no matter what.

remembersonswarep9.17  remembersonswarep9.16

Jin-woo asks In-ah why she is so fearless, going around to catch a hired hitman. She says that she had to clear his name, and agrees not to do that again. The witness’ daughter comes looking for them. Inside she gives them a phone containing a video clip her mother told her to release if something happened. She apologises on her mom’s behalf, and sincerely hopes that Dad would be released.

remembersonswarep9.18  remembersonswarep9.20

Dong-ho arrives on scene and passes money to the lady for compensation if she makes sure what happened doesn’t get on Social Networking Sites (SNS). As he sends her off, he sighs wondering what he’s doing here.

Jin-woo and In-ah watch the video recorded on the mobile phone, we see that witness Kim admits to giving a false testimony and apologises for her actions. Then Suk-gyu is watching it in his office too, and this time he approves the retrial.


News is broadcast that the retrial has been decided and Gyu-man watches Jin-woo’s interview with his father. He pleads with the chairman and tells him he will win the trial for sure. Chairman Nam sternly tells Gyu-man he will not be forgiven if the company name appears on any media. Gyu-man is also warned that he had better finish the retrial properly if he doesn’t want to end up like his mother. Hmmm…

remembersonswarep9.23  remembersonswarep9.24

In-ah is looking through the case files and quickly covers them when Chief Prosecutor barges into the office, questioning why she sent investigators to Saerim-dong. She replies that there was a connection between a cold case and the murder, but the chief prosecutor says this is a top-down organisation and there should be uniformity. This time it ends with a report but he won’t let it off the next round.

remembersonswarep9.25  remembersonswarep9.26

In-ah’s office manager calls to tell her that the murder case will be resolved quickly, after the detective-in-charge writes a report and wraps up the case.

Chairman Nam calls the chief prosecutor for him to introduce a ‘player’. Chief Prosecutor Hong is already prepared and has picked one from Il Ho Group’s scholarship recipient list.

remembersonswarep9.28  remembersonswarep9.29

Jin-woo goes to the correctional facility with Attorney Song, just as an old man faking a disease gets to leave on a suspended sentence. Jin-woo has come to tell Dad about the retrial confirmation. When Dad doesn’t want to go through with it because “that man” said he killed Jung-ah, Jin-woo fiercely tells him that the man who said that was the one who killed her. Then he assures his father not to worry and just attend the trial. Dad thanks him and that’s when Jin-woo notices he is having severe abdominal pains.


Jin-woo confronts the chief physician about this, but he couldn’t care less and says Jin-woo is asking for special treatment. We know that he’s making a fair request as Seo Jae-hyuk’s lawyer though. He’s boiling inside, but manages to hold it in.

remembersonswarep9.31  remembersonswarep9.32

In-ah goes to Detective Gwak, asking why he wants to close the witness murder case so urgently. He tells her he’s following the instructions of the chief prosecutor, so if she has any objections she should go and ask her boss.

At his secret room, Jin-woo gives In-ah records of Chief Prosecutor Hong’s dealings with Il Ho Group.

Dad begs the chief physician to treat him for the sharp pain he’s feeling in his stomach but he just asks Dad to stop faking his illness. Dad’s repeated desperate pleas remain unheard of and the doctor just sends him off with a dosage of two painkillers.

remembersonswarep9.35  remembersonswarep9.37

Secretary Ahn reports to Gyu-man from a call that Dad has to take medicine to delay the progress of his Alzheimer’s, but the chief physician is blocking it. Gyu-man is relieved that Dad cannot remember anything, unlike his son who can remember everything. He even gloats that being poor is a wrongdoing.

Back at Il Ho’s office, he praises Dong-ho for a good job with the car incident but wonders why he didn’t handle the witness’ murder case properly and bothered him so much. He also warns the lawyer to do his job properly.

remembersonswarep9.41  remembersonswarep9.42

Prosecutor Tak and a hometown friend coincidentally meet Dong-ho at some food place. They drink some soju with their meal and the prosecutor’s friend starts talking about how he got demoted to the countryside from being a successful detective in Seoul because he wanted to investigate further into a car accident back then. Dong-ho is reminded of his young self, telling a detective then that his father was not drunk driving but the police closed the case quickly.


Chairman Nam and Gyu-man visit the courts and they are received by the chief prosecutor and another female prosecutor, Chae Jin-gyung. In-ah sees them from a distance. Later the chairman and chief prosecutor leave for drinks while Prosecutor Chae goes for dinner with Gyu-man. Dong-ho joins them as well. Gyu-man introduces them but they already know each other – the two were classmates at the Judicial Training Centre. Gyu-man asks Dong-ho to help her with the retrial since he was the lawyer for the original trial, though he says he won’t be of much help.

remembersonswarep9.48  remembersonswarep9.49

After sending Gyu-man off, Dong-ho says that the world changes people seeing that a top student like Prosecutor Chae ends up helping the Nams as well. She puts him down, saying she’s not at his level yet. Oh wow.

Jin-woo goes knocking on the doors of a man, Park Dae-soo. It’s the one he had met at the convenience store. A neighbour passes by and tells him they moved out in a rush the day before. Then we see the old man taking money from Secretary Ahn, for him to leave a quiet life. Another one bought off…

remembersonswarep9.51  remembersonswarep9.53

Dong-ho goes to the police station to find the detective he met the other day and asks about the car accident he had investigated, if it had happened in Yongin. And yes, it did. Dong-ho kindly asks for the case file.

Jin-woo discusses the retrial with Attorney Song and Manager Yun. Their only witness who can testify for Dad’s alibi has disappeared so Jin-woo asks the attorney to continue searching for him. And for Manager Yun to check up on the prosecutor’s side, while he goes and look for another witness.

remembersonswarep9.54  remembersonswarep9.55

In-ah gets called to the chief prosecutor’s office. He asks her to take on Dad’s retrial with Prosecutor Chae, and that they have to win it no matter what since he was the prosecutor for the original trial. The two female prosecutors introduce themselves with a handshake.

remembersonswarep9.57  remembersonswarep9.58

The witness Jin-woo goes to is the doctor who gave a false testimony regarding Dad’s illness before. He’s now a Vice Director at Il Ho Hospital. He knows that the doctor turned normal people into mental patients and hospitalised them. With his perfect memory, he recites all the details about these patients, one of whom died while trying to escape. He’ll hide all these for him if he confesses at the retrial for perjury.

Manager Pyun comes into Dong-ho’s office to pass him the case files for the motor accident he requested. He sees a familiar name: Seo Jae-hyuk, so he flips through the document and spots Jin-woo’s name too. It dawns upon him that his dad’s accident caused the death of Jin-woo’s mother and brother; hence their memorial date is the same. That’s why the truth hurts.


Prosecutor Chae chats with In-ah over the retrial. She understands how she must feel, but orders from the boss have to be followed. The trial will determine whether the chief prosecutor will make it to become the Director, so she asks for her support.

remembersonswarep9.61  remembersonswarep9.62

Dong-ho visits Dad at the prison and introduces himself as the lawyer who defended him four years ago. Dad empathises with him, saying he must feel bad since his client became a prisoner on death row and thanks him for fighting for him. He even apologises for not remembering him that way. Dong-ho is guilt-stricken and unable to say a word.

Later he meets with the chief physician, who refers to Dad with his prisoner number. He asks the lawyer to send his regards to Gyu-man. Grabbing his collar, Dong-ho tells him never to refer to a person using a number in front of him.

remembersonswarep9.63  remembersonswarep9.65

Jin-woo runs into Chief Prosecutor Hong, who informs him that he’s going up against In-ah at the retrial just as In-ah walks over. Later she tries to explain things to Jin-woo but he knows that her boss made her do it. With tears brimming in her eyes, she tells him she’s regretting becoming a prosecutor for the first time. He knows it wouldn’t be easy even if the retrial was granted and tells her not to feel sorry to him, because he’ll win the trial.

remembersonswarep9.67  remembersonswarep9.69

Dong-ho goes to a safety deposit box to get a copy of the evidence he has kept back then. The video where Gyu-man admitted to killing Jung-ah.

In-ah’s mother is entertaining some friends at the pizza store and when In-ah returns home. Her mum asks her to put in some good words for her friends about their rent problem, so that the authorities will not come for them. In-ah doesn’t want to help them, this is not why she became a prosecutor.


Dong-ho is on the road and recalls Dad’s words from his visit. He is interrupted by a call from Gyu-man to come over. The chaebol wants to see how he’ll act in front of Jin-woo.

remembersonswarep9.72  remembersonswarep9.73

The next thing we see Gyu-man has stepped into Jin-woo’s office, wondering if it’s a coincidence he’s able to see his company from outside. He offers money and a position to appease Jin-woo who just sees it as him bargaining for the price of his crime. When Dong-ho comes he asks him to convince Jin-woo so he tells him the results will remain the same even though time has passed. It’s only after Gyu-man leaves he sincerely tells Jin-woo he hopes he can finish what he couldn’t finish back then.

remembersonswarep9.76  remembersonswarep9.77

Prosecutor Chae introduces herself to Jin-woo when they meet along the corridor. She’s heard a lot about him from the media, and hopes he wins the trial for his father is very ill.

The trial is about to start. Jin-woo enters, worried about In-ah when he sees the empty seat on the prosecution side. He also sees Dong-ho enter and sit at the back. In-ah finally comes in, after thinking about what the chief prosecutor told her. She stops at the gantry and makes her decision – she takes a seat in the audience on the defendant’s side. Prosecutor Chae calls another prosecutor to come down.

remembersonswarep9.78  remembersonswarep9.79

The video of witness Kim confessing to give false testimony is played. Jin-woo provides his point, but Prosecutor Chae says that the video cannot be used as evidence because it was taken under threat and coercion. She requests a witness to validate her claim.

The witness works in the parking lot as an employee of a grocery store. He says that Jin-woo was threatening the lady outside the mart, because he had heard her saying she’ll call the police if he keeps doing this. She presents the voice analysis of the deceased lady, saying she had above average mental pressure. Thus there is a possibility she was threatened.

The spy calls Secretary Ahn to tell him the prosecutor is doing a great job. Gyu-man delights at the news.


Jin-woo requests the lady’s daughter as witness to verify whether the confession was made under coercion. She confirms that it was not the case, and tells everyone how the video was filmed not known to Jin-woo. The court is recessed.

Jin-woo and In-ah go to the rooftop for their break. In-ah says she’s probably the first prosecutor to sit on the audience bench with her robe on. Jin-woo questions the reason of her choice but she wants to talk about it later, he should focus on the trial for now.

remembersonswarep9.82  remembersonswarep9.84

The witness who takes the stand is the doctor who was a witness at the original trial. Just as Jin-woo begins his argument he stops short, unable to remember what to say. He fumbles over his words and apologises to the judge. Dong-ho and everyone else wonder what is going on. Memories of the past flash through his mind before he collapses to the floor, unconscious.

[End of EPISODE 9]


remembersonswarep10.0  remembersonswarep10.1

After the court is adjourned, Prosecutor Chae stops for a chat with Dong-ho along the corridor. She’s confident that the trial will be smooth-sailing for her; he just says Jin-woo must have been too stressed over his father’s trial. She tells Dong-ho to make clear which side he’s on before walking off.

remembersonswarep10.2  remembersonswarep10.4

Jin-woo wakes up in the hospital and says he can continue the trial immediately. In-ah and co. ask after him but he runs off. Manager Yun follows him as he rushes to court when Dong-ho stops him to remind him to take care of himself although the trial is important. Jin-woo gets annoyed and ask what exactly he wants.

Dong-ho: “There’s only one thing I want – for your father to be found innocent.”

remembersonswarep10.6  remembersonswarep10.10

We’re back to the doctor who was summoned as witness. He retracts his testimony from four years ago but does not reveal the big hand behind him. He claims he committed perjury on his free will.

Gyu-man heads to Il Ho Hospital to meet the doctor in his office. Locking the door behind him, he scares the doctor who immediately goes down on his knees to beg for forgiveness. Afterwards he calls Prosecutor Chae and angrily tells her to find a way to ensure Dad’s guilty verdict.


In his secret room, Jin-woo recalls the times where Dong-ho had helped him. Manager Yun asks if his condition is worsening, to which he says no one must know about it yet. He also asks her what she thought of Dong-ho’s words: did he mean it? She is uncertain, and they’ll have to observe first.

remembersonswarep10.17  remembersonswarep10.16

Jin-woo visits Dad, and this time his father recognises him. Jin-woo is overjoyed. Dad remembers many things from the past, the good times they had spent together. Just reminiscing these memories make the both of them smile widely and laugh heartily.

remembersonswarep10.19  remembersonswarep10.18

Chief Prosecutor Hong enters In-ah’s room and sarcastically asks how her background check of himself is coming along. She now knows of all the cases he cleaned up for Il Ho Group, but he came to tell her she’s being transferred to a prosecutor’s office in another district.

remembersonswarep10.22  remembersonswarep10.23

Chairman Nam has made arrangements regarding the court trial for Prosecutor Chae. She thanks him on the line. Then he tells Gyu-man to just focus on the company; he’ll be the only one who can inherit his company. Gyu-man is in glee.

Secretary Ahn is told to take care of Detective Gwak before Jin-woo gets him. Gyu-man quotes the secretary’s words of being “unable to do it anymore” to which he says he’ll try.

remembersonswarep10.26  remembersonswarep10.27

Jin-woo and co. hold their discussion in the office. The prosecution will try to invalidate their evidence so they need something to overturn the case. Jin-woo has his eyes on Detective Gwak. He knows the Nams will make their move as well so he asks Attorney Song to keep a lookout, especially on Secretary Ahn.

Now Detective Gwak is busy directing traffic along the roads. Jin-woo goes to him, saying he will be given a chance to tell the truth.

remembersonswarep10.28  remembersonswarep10.34

In-ah submits her resignation letter and informs the chief prosecutor that she will be leaving the service. But she will make sure that he’ll pay for his crimes. Carrying a box of items downstairs she runs into Prosecutor Chae, who says there’s no easy organisation in this world when In-ah says she doesn’t want to stay in a corrupted prosecutor’s office.

In-ah returns home, and her parents wonder why she’s holding a box of items. She breaks the news of her resignation to them and explains that she felt helpless she couldn’t do anything as a prosecutor. Her mother flares up and demands that she get her job back. She breaks into tears – it wasn’t an easy decision for her and she also wanted to become a prosecutor they can be proud of.

Upset, she storms into her room. Then she receives a call from Jin-woo but before she can pick up her mother chases her out of the house. She leaves in a huff.

remembersonswarep10.36  remembersonswarep10.39

Gyu-man makes some ladies at the bar guess what Dong-ho’s and Joo-il’s occupations are. If they give a wrong answer they have to drink. Dong-ho is not in the mood to entertain his nonsense while Joo-il just pretends to play along. Then he leaves, saying the party is no fun.


When Dong-ho and Joo-il are alone, the lawyer tells his boss his father’s accident killed Jin-woo’s family and asks if he knew why his dad had acted that way. But Joo-il doesn’t know; then he asks if Dong-ho has made a decision on his path yet. He has, and that is to repay the debt he owes Jin-woo.

remembersonswarep10.103  remembersonswarep10.46

Jin-woo confirms with In-ah that she quit her job. He feels sorry but she says it’s not because of him she quit. Then she asks if he has an empty room at his law firm.

They end up drinking at Jin-woo’s office. Jin-woo wants to stop drinking already but In-ah replies that she just got started. When Jin-woo asks her if she will make a mistake like on last Christmas night she quickly covers his mouth. Haaa. Awkwardness ensues. They continue their conversation, where Jin-woo says it’s a waste as she worked so hard to finally become a prosecutor. She tells him she realised the hard work doesn’t always pay off. Jin-woo makes the bed for In-ah and they rest for the night.

In the prison, Dad is in pain but the guards cannot be bothered about him and leave him crying for help.

remembersonswarep10.50  remembersonswarep10.53

The next morning, Attorney Song and Manager Yun rush into the office to find Jin-woo waking on the sofa, having slept there the night before. In-ah comes running down from upstairs and Attorney Song teases them. lol.

Jin-woo and co. begin their case discussion and In-ah wants to join in, as a lawyer now. They warmly welcome her and Attorney Song offers to take a picture to commemorate this moment. And they take a group selfie. Cute~

Jin-woo rushes to the hospital upon receiving a call. Dad has been admitted into a ward.


At a sauna, Joo-il tells Secretary Ahn that everything has been put in place for Detective Gwak. The secretary reminds him to proceed cautiously. They leak details of their plan to settle the issue at a junkyard at 9pm today, which Attorney Song happens to overhear. He creeps out stealthily to make a call.

remembersonswarep10.57  remembersonswarep10.58

In-ah is working at Jin-woo’s office and her drink runs out. When she turns around her father has come to see her. In-ah asks about her mother, and her dad says she just keeps working to suppress the hurt. He admits that it hurts him too, not to mention her mother. In-ah apologises; her dad continues to give his advice and encouragement. He trusts her daughter to make decisions for herself.

remembersonswarep10.59  remembersonswarep10.63

At the junkyard, we see an old car being destroyed. And Detective Gwak is held onto another car, about to face the same fate. Joo-il arrives and orders his minions to get rid of him. After he leaves Jin-woo interrupts their great plan and rescues the detective. They manage to get away.

Dong-ho visits Dad in the hospital, saying his well wishes. The doctor comes to tell him Dad’s condition was neglected in prison, so it worsened. Dong-ho quickly pushes some money to him and requests for him to save Dad.

remembersonswarep10.64  remembersonswarep10.69

When he comes out he meets Jin-woo along the way. He tells the young lawyer he has no right to be upset, but he will pay him back in the courtroom the next day. Then we see Dong-ho pondering over the CD containing the undeniable evidence and Jin-woo guarding over Dad.

Dong-ho gets stopped by Manager Pyun on his way out of the office. His subordinate is worried for him, because Gyu-man will not let him off once that video gets out. But Dong-ho refuses to relent and leaves. Manager Pyun then fishes out his phone to contact someone…

Outside the courtroom, Detective Gwak solemnly apologises to Jin-woo but his handshake is refused. Everyone gathers at the courtroom. They rise for the judge’s entrance, but Jin-woo and co. are shocked to see that the judge presiding over the retrial has been changed.

remembersonswarep10.74  remembersonswarep10.76

Suk-gyu storms into his superior’s office, demanding to know the reason he was swopped out of the trial. His boss just dismisses him with some excuses.

In-ah wants to start speaking but the judge wants to inform them on a few pointers regarding the trial. The video evidence containing witness Kim’s confession is now ruled to be unreliable. In-ah tries to object but to no avail.


Dong-ho arrives at the court building’s carpark ready to help Jin-woo, but gets surrounded by Joo-il’s minions and then beat up. He tries to fight back but is outnumbered. Joo-il comes over and confiscates the CD before leaving.

remembersonswarep10.80  remembersonswarep10.82

Detective Gwak is cross-examined and it seems like he was going to help Jin-woo…but he changes his statement. He never threatened Dad or forced him to write a confession. We see in a flashback that Gyu-man made him become Jin-woo’s “bait” so that Dad’s guilty verdict will be reaffirmed. Look at Jin-woo’s hopeful eyes D;

Dong-ho is seen limping into the courtroom, bruised. Prosecutor Chae gives her concluding statement, followed by Jin-woo. However as he makes his statement he gets a call from Manager Yun and she’s crying. Dad has just passed away. Jin-woo is unable to speak for a moment and In-ah offers to speak for him but he wants to do it. Struggling to hold back tears, he tells the judge and everyone else present the news.

Jin-woo: “People with power come and go as they please. People without power cannot get proper treatment or receive support even when they are sick. This reality led the defendant to his death. Even if a “not guilty” verdict comes out from this trial, the defendant can never come back. Only the truth can provide comfort to his death.”

remembersonswarep10.85  remembersonswarep10.87

And the obvious verdict of the retrial is announced: the death sentence does not change. Jin-woo runs out of the courtroom to make a dash for the hospital. He only sees Dad on his death bed, and it is only now he lets all his tears flow 😥

remembersonswarep10.89  remembersonswarep10.92

Gyu-man watches the news about the retrial, and rushes Secretary Ahn to be faster since Prosecutor Chae must be waiting.

Chairman Nam holds a company event at a ballroom and makes a speech about the merger. To everyone’s applause, he acknowledges Gyu-man for his contribution and says he has an important announcement to make. He appoints his son as the President of Il Ho Group from one of Il Ho Life, but Gyu-man isn’t too happy about that.

Joo-il calls Manager Pyun, asking about Dong-ho’s whereabouts. He is at the funeral of Jin-woo’s father, and tells the manager not to worry as he can take care of himself. After he hangs up, Gyu-man comes over and asks him why he is absent on an important day like this. Joo-il replies that he’s on the way over now and that he had some things to take care of. But he’s left speechless when Gyu-man says Dong-ho didn’t have much to do with the retrial.

remembersonswarep10.95  remembersonswarep10.99

Dong-ho says sorry to Jin-woo when the latter grabs him tight. If he hadn’t changed his mind, the state of things wouldn’t have been like this.

Chairman Nam, Gyu-man, Chief Prosecutor Hong and Prosecutor make a congratulatory toast for Gyu-man’s new appointment as the President of the Group.


Jin-woo goes back to his old home and looks through Dad’s items from the prison. He reads the letter Dad wrote the other day when he suddenly remembered everything, with tears falling in the dark.

[End of EPISODE 10]

Jin-woo faced problems one after another and was able to overcome them but the latest episode was when his motivation – what he has been fighting for is lost. It hurts to lose a loved one, and even if Dad’s name is cleared he would never be able to live happily with Jin-woo anymore. His four years of hard work have gone down the drain, just like that. He had looked forward to the retrial, and to receive news about his father’s death on the same day is painful. Furthermore he had to give a concluding statement in that state; watching that part of the episode was T.T


He has cried in almost every episode since Remember aired and there were times which might not have been necessary but the last part really hit me as a viewer. Usually I don’t tear when a character is crying a lot. It’s only when you consider his circumstances that you begin to feel for him and typically these moments are subtle, or only when there is a build-up of emotions that you can’t help but shed tears. We know what situation Jin-woo is in so personally I feel that he doesn’t need to cry excessively in some scenes. Thankfully we see from photographs that the mood is happy behind the cameras.

It is also heartbreaking every time Jin-woo recalls good times with his father back then and when he visits Dad at the prison. The show does so well in depicting the stark contrast between the past and present that it evokes an additional tinge of sorrow when we see these scenes.

We also saw hints of Jin-woo’s Alzheimer’s setting in, and he knows about it along with Manager Yun but does not want to let others know yet. We know that is why he fainted in court, and it’s definitely not due to overworking or tiring himself out…


We finally see Dong-ho’s true intention: I’ve thought he has always been on Jin-woo’s side but that decision was only emphasised this week. He has been stepping on the thin line between justice and power but the moment he opened the safe containing evidence of Gyu-man’s confession, he was ready to bring it to court. I think what really tipped the iceberg was finding out about his father’s traffic accident back then when the truth that his dad had caused the deaths of Jin-woo’s mother and hyung hit him. During the scene when he looked through the file of his father’s case in the office you could see it felt like his heart had been ripped apart; Dong-ho must have felt pangs of guilt and regret, with lots of thoughts running through his mind.


I wonder what will happen when Jin-woo finds out. Just when he starts to question if Dong-ho is being real, it would be another fall-out if he knows about this. Still, I believe that one’s sincerity can be felt. When the instances of Dong-ho helping him flashed through his mind, he wondered if Dong-ho was being true so Jin-woo was not unmoved. Maybe the issue Dong-ho’s father faced back then had to do with Il Ho Group. For him to make such a choice to cause the accident deliberately it must not have been a small matter. And if that’s the case, he and Jin-woo have a common enemy and I want to see them work together in bringing down the Nams.

Dong-ho is now unsafe in Il Ho Group since Gyu-man has started to suspect him and recently he has been doing things that oppose the Nams. And his brotherhood with Joo-il is also facing some cracks, now that their mindsets have changed. His older buddy has chosen to help the Nams wholeheartedly, yet he still cares about Dong-ho and wants to walk the same path as him. Both of them have made their choice; I think Joo-il will still try to help him, but Gyu-man may not want to keep him. I’m sure Dong-ho is not someone who wants to continue being used, but he has to be careful. The Nams wouldn’t let him off since he knows about their dirty deeds.


Namgoong Min has continued to earn praises for his acting as villain Gyu-man. When Gyu-man smiles, you’d believe it’s real if you didn’t know he was a baddie. He smiles so much as an antagonist, that even Secretary Ahn gets the chills working under him. And he can be scary, yet not hateful. We also see why his actions are this extreme, especially in the way he behaves before his father. I think the chairman instils fear and the reason for their twisted connection might be due to Gyu-man’s mother. This is my guess from the scene where Chairman Nam mentioned his wife. Gyu-man might have experienced some form of childhood trauma, as seen from his violent and temperamental ways. The actor has posted lots of pictures and behind-the-scenes footage of the drama’s filming on his Instagram. Totally different from what we see when the camera is rolling, ha. Take a look for some laughs!


Secretary Ahn and Manager Pyun have a nice relationship. It’s sweet to see them together and I’m glad Secretary Ahn has someone to complain to about his crazy superior. It may not help things but will make him feel better inside. Through them we also see how their bosses are different. Dong-ho may not always do things in rightful ways but he treats those who work for him well, unlike Gyu-man who just pushes his subordinates around.


I liked that In-ah saw clearly the reality of being a prosecutor. The situation may not always be ideal since she is still bound by restrictions of the legal system. I admire her decision to resign when she realised that certain things she had to do as a prosecutor clashed with her ideals. And the choice she made by sitting on the defendant’s side when she walked into the courtroom in a prosecutor’s robe. Now that she’s no longer a prosecutor, she will be able to help Jin-woo more freely. And their romance will blossom. We saw hints of it when she spent the night at his office after being chased out by her mother ❤ I’m sure more is to come, now that Jin-woo losing his memory is imminent.

There have been predictions that Daddy Seo might not have died because Dong-ho might have bought off the doctor to take care of Dad and make his death a believable one to everyone first. This theory might be possible since the drama likes to backtrack after an episode’s ending. If that is true, Dong-ho might have done this for Gyu-man to stop coming after Jin-woo. Seeing how Jin-woo fell into the trap easily, he must have been led by his emotions at that time as he was worried his father couldn’t wait. I believe Rational Jin-woo would not have trusted the text message to make him go to the witness’ daughter’s home. However, from what we’ve seen so far Dad’s passing on is most probably real. There’s a higher chance of it being true, but since this is dramaland and the show has become a bit unpredictable we can’t tell for sure. Things will be clearer next week! I’m curious as to how Dong-ho will plan his next step from this point on, having made his stand clear.

Part 2 of Remember’s OST Can You Hear Me? was released. Have a listen below 🙂

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