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Withdrawing from your favourite show after it has ended has to be one of the most challenging ‘tasks’ for a drama addict. So..yeah, I’m one of the recent victims of the infamous withdrawal symptoms and spent my days moping around after Kill Me, Heal Me ended few weeks ago. Hogu’s Love also aired its finale this week, and I’m left with more emptiness. What to watch, what to watch now? There’s no better remedy for drama withdrawal symptom other than watching new shows! I’m enjoying my time binging dramas one after another,, abandoning this blog for a while.

I was a complete mess after Kill Me, Heal Me ended: at first, the tears didn’t come out that much when I was watching the last episode but once it ended, the truth hit me so hard: it had ended…IT ENDED! I cried, cried, and cried…and I couldn’t even explain why I was crying so hard at that time. Hehehehe. The following days were spent with efforts to distract myself from thinking about the show, but I couldn’t stop myself from going to DC every night before I went to sleep, and/or rewatching my favourite scenes before crying myself to sleep. Heh, it was that bad, and I got teary at the sight of Ji Sung and Hwang Jung-eum’s photos alone. I couldn’t believe that I started sobbing when I translated the interview of Ji Sung, but that happened. Oh my, this has to be one of the most difficult cases of saying goodbye to my dramas!

Hyde Jekyll Me E05.avi_20150402_185421.589

That got me thinking that I should start another drama in order to distract myself from all the crying and the sobbing mess, so I picked up Hyde, Jekyll, and Me out of curiosity. Yeah, I marathoned the first 16 episodes of the series and found myself enjoying the first part of the drama. It did have some questionable moments but I think that the show had its own charms. I was a bit disappointed with the second part when it chose to explore the conflict from Robin’s point of view, after teasing us with the potential in Seo-jin’s development in the first past of the series. Maybe I didn’t have the credibility to judge it since I watched it in such a short duration of time, but I did wish that the kidnapping of Dr Kang was kept short, or pushed to the middle of the story. Anyway, I did enjoy the continuous banter between Robin and Seo-jin in the first part and I wished that they were identical twins in the first place.

I also watched The Whistle Blower (or The Informant) on a whim and enjoyed the movie immensely. Although I did read some reviews which stated that the movie was boring, I couldn’t stop watching because it made me angry, but I couldn’t really point out whom my anger should be directed at in the movie.


Maybe the scientist (Lee Kyung-young, the director in Misaeng) should be blamed for generating false hope among the public and lying shamelessly in front of the patients who looked at him with hope in their eyes. PD Yoon (Park Hae-il) showed how difficult it was to shed light on the truth and fought his way against the popular opinion of the public, and I loved his courage, together with his supportive colleagues. Lots of familiar faces here (including the cute Song Ha-yoon/Kim Byul, whose character blew off her top and cursed at a rude caller in one scene, much to my satisfaction) and I thought that Yoo Yeon-seok was like an angel here. I’m not kidding!

Well, if you’re looking for a chilling thriller over the weekend, then try Sea Fog. I still have the chills after a few days, and it got me questioning the humanity of the characters featured in the movie. As expected from a director like Bong Joon-ho, and I could see why the movie received several awards.


The opening scene reminded of something I witnessed in the past when I went rowing: we passed by a huge ship and the worker got his leg stuck in the rope roller (like the fishnet roller which almost ate Dong-sik’s leg in the movie) because he was distracted by the sight of us rowing a small boat. We didn’t get to see what happened to the unfortunate worker, but I guessed he wasn’t as lucky as Dong-sik because everything happened so fast, and the last thing we saw from afar was some workers holding onto him and another one holding a saw. I..still hope that they were going to chop off the rope.

Anyway, prepare yourself for the movie should you decide to watch it, and it’s pretty difficult to wash off the image of Dong-sik in my mind from now on. Congratulations on that, Chunnie! I promise to check out your new drama soon!

I made the decision to watch the last four episodes of Hogu’s Love in one go, and boy, I was glad I decided to watch the series and stick with it until the end! It took misunderstanding to another level (or four?) because the plot relied heavily on misunderstandings from the past. It started off bubbly and fun but hinted about the heavy issues underneath all the cute and fluff early into the story. The issues were handled pretty decently with less sugarcoating, and I was left with warm fuzzies after the final episode ended. There were lots of laughter but also lots of things to be learned from the characters.

[tvN] Hogu's.Love.E14.150324.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_002310666

I have to admit that I went in for Choi Woo-shik and UEE but ended up loving Byun Kang-chul (Im Seulong) to bits. He was thought to be the arrogant second lead but I was sure he’s stealing hearts left and right because of the clueless and dorky boy underneath his image as the star attorney. Ho-kyung and him could have a spin-off with their story! His parents injected the humour into the story and probably criticized the society through their so-called perfect upbringing of their child, especially when the mother cursed at her research and theses she completed after realizing that she failed in applying what she learned in her own family. They’re stark contrast to Ho-gu’s parents, whose only wish was for their children to live a simple life, instead of aiming for the best in everything. Love, love, love the siblings love, the friendship, and the cuteness!

[OCN] Missing Noir M.E01.150328.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_20150402_190513.587

With a bunch of dramas ending, the new batch of dramas are coming and I have only tried out Missing Noir M so far. TEN definitely spoiled me back then with its wonderful (and gritty) first episode, because M‘s pilot felt so short to me! The case was presented quickly in the short span of 64 minutes, and I wished I could see more of the case. Oh Dae-young (Park Hee-soon) is my favourite character so far, but Kang Ha-neul’s cameo is the scene stealer. He can do the crazy grin well, and to think that he’s the adorable Ddong-joo in Angel Eyes…ah, you’re going places, boy. Looking forward to the upcoming episodes, especially with the cameo of my favourite Chief Chun from Misaeng, Park Hae-joon ❤ Hehehe!

Oh, I finally have the chance to catch up with Heard It Through the Grapevine (finally!!) since my watchlist has been cleared up a bit and boy, I’m loving it so much! I binge-watched the first six episodes yesterday and had to stop myself from clicking the next video so that I can extend the watching period, at least until the next episode comes out. It’s a total parody of the so-called royal family and it’s fun witnessing the perfection of the parents slowly crumbling down because of their unexpected new, underage daughter-in-law. I pity the characters but at the same time, I can’t stop laughing at their crazy effort (especially the Han couple) to keep their dignified facade for others to see. I’m rooting for the Baby Couple In-sang and Bommie to fight against the so-called tradition of the family and not to lose themselves in the process. But then…they resemble the Han couple a bit, and the parents are like the future version of the children.

As for the blog…hmmm…I’m working on several posts but the writing mood is being difficult on me nowadays. Everything feels so wrong and I end up deleting the drafts when it’s not up to my liking. Forcing myself to write isn’t going to do any good and I’m hoping that the mood will return soon. Come back, I need you~!

8 thoughts on “Back to Binge-Watching!

  1. The withdrawal symptoms hit me hard too. I’ve been spending weeks watching variety shows instead and a little bit of ‘Angry Mom’. ‘Hyde, Jekyll, and Me’ was visually engaging, yet painfully boring, I found myself mostly distracted and I couldn’t even finish a whole episode properly. I’ve read the first recap of ‘Missing Noir M’ and it seems like a great thriller, I loved ‘TEN’ so this one is definitely on my watch list. It’d be great if we can regroup all ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’ drama fans into another drama, I miss you guys.

    1. Tell me about it. The drama itself and the fans are amazing, and it would be hard to encounter such a lovely group of people! I heard good things about Angry Mom but I don’t think I can deal with a heavy drama yet…I am not ready! Hohohoho~

  2. I have too many dramas to marathon too but until now I cant start a new kdrama and I ended up watching variety shows like Abnormal Summit (you should try it guys) and Law of the Jungle rather than start on a new Kdrama. I still watch my fave parts of Kill Me Heal Me before I go to sleep. KMHM left a deep impression on me so much that its hard to watch a new kdrama.

    1. KMHM sure gives an unforgettable experience >.< Dramas will never be the same again and we might have to wait a little longer to find another crack drama! Are you watching Abnormal Summit without subs?

  3. Ooohhh…hope you find your muse soon and start writing again. KMHM has ended and I´m feeling blue, nothing is engaging enough to keep me in my chair for a whole hour.
    I watched the first ep of Falling for Inocence, and is interesting, hoping that does not morph to a brick that can´t swallow. Another one that I picked is The Girl who see smell.
    I think I need a breezy, light drama to keep me going, nothing dark or heavy.
    Read you again soon and don´t cry much, I keep watching my fav part of KMHM.
    Take care. ❤

    1. Hehehe I’m not crying anymore ^^v Tried out The Girl Who Sees Smell too and the OTP is adorable so far. Falling for Innocence is decent too, at least from the first episode I watched 😀
      Let’s keep waiting for the next crack drama to come our way and hopefully, we’ll fall for the same drama again like KMHM!

  4. Oh my, I’m so glad to hear that others are going through this. Whenever I get close to clicking play on a new show, I think, “But it isn’t Kill Me, Heal Me, how can I enjoy it?” And then I rewatch some KMHM. I’m actually surfing around for FMVs I haven’t seen before. I feel like it wasn’t a show, it was a major experience. Every few days, I remember again that it’s over and I feel sad.

    I’m bingeing on some old things with Ji Sung, and that’s helping, because as long as oppa’s there, I can watch. And there are so many good dramas out there, I bet we’ll feel tempted by some new stuff soon.

    But KMHM was special. Take care and don’t apologize for rewatching the good bits over and over!

    1. I see that you’ve watched Secret and I applaud you for that, because I don’t think I have the courage to watch the series yet. I keep searching for traces of the alters in Min-hyuk and I stop watching for now, because I feel like I’m disrespecting Ji Sung for being unable to concentrate on his character. It sounds weird, right?

      I browsed through Kim Soo Ro and found myself drawn towards the character Hwang Ok. What an amazing lady! I have to watch it properly soon. The good feelings we have for KMHM might not go away easily, but I am getting used to it. Hehehe ❤

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