2015 in Retrospect

Well, it’s the last day of February, and it is special because we get one extra day this month thanks to the leap year! I think it’s about time for me to have a proper post to say goodbye to 2015. It’s late (I know, I know), but I can’t seem to sit back and write coherent sentences about the dramas I watched last year. Maybe because I don’t really finish that many dramas? That, and my attention span that is getting even shorter year by year. So, expect lots of rants and ramblings in this post while I reminisce about the dramas that made me experience a roller coaster of emotions over the year of 2015.

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Back to Binge-Watching!

Withdrawing from your favourite show after it has ended has to be one of the most challenging ‘tasks’ for a drama addict. So..yeah, I’m one of the recent victims of the infamous withdrawal symptoms and spent my days moping around after Kill Me, Heal Me ended few weeks ago. Hogu’s Love also aired its finale this week, and I’m left with more emptiness. What to watch, what to watch now? There’s no better remedy for drama withdrawal symptom other than watching new shows! I’m enjoying my time binging dramas one after another, and..er, abandoning this blog for a while.

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