Kill Me, Heal Me – Parodies Galore

Because the time will come for us to deal with the post-drama depression and these might come in handy.

*This post will be updated regularly!



The infamous Yo-na’s Etude House parody CF

Believe it or not, this parody is so famous that Etude House has made use of the drama and Yo-na’s popularity in promoting the lip gloss featured in this parody.

HERA’s parody CF (feat. Yo-na)

The original CF will never be the same again after you watch this one. This is the lipstick brand which Yo-na used in episodes 8 and 13, and she made it so popular that it has been sold out.

Kill Me, Heal Me in Gangnam Style?

Just. Watch. It.

The Tale of Two Buddies: movie parody

Two buddies and a kidnapping. The suffering is only starting now…for the poor Ahn Guk.

Thriller movie parody: Red

The editing is awesome.

Kill Me, Wolf: movie parody

When Ji Sung becomes a werewolf boy…

Secret Doctor: movie parody

My favourite. RAWR.

Temptation of Se-gi (Temptation of Wife’s parody)

Have you ever wondered how it will turn out if Kill Me, Heal Me is a makjang daily drama?

Today’s Love movie parody

Are we in a love triangle? (feat. Ri-jin, Se-gi, and Do-hyun)

Ri-jin (A Muse’s movie parody)

Who’s shipping Ferry and Ri-jin?

Strange: movie parody

A stranger?

Boys Over Flowers (Kill Me, Heal Me ver.)

So sweet I think I’m having cavities right now.

You’re A Pet movie parody

Ri-jin and her new pet named Do-hyun.

Temperature of Love: movie parody

Hot or cold?

Credit card CF parody

One card to rule them all.

Who Are You? (Fanmade MV)

LOVE the song. And Se-gi is love.

Do-hyun × Ri-on (Fanmade MV)

In an alternate universe, where Ri-on and Do-hyun are long-lost brothers…or more than that?

Ferry Addiction (Obsessed movie parody)

Ri-jin and Ferry? Why not?

Blank Space (Fanmade MV)

Beautiful and lovely. Thanks moonsori for sharing this one!

2015 Drama Awards: Popularity Award

And the winner goes to…(thanks illjing for sharing this one!)

Fifty Shades of Grey movie parody

Fifty Shades of Se-gi? Why not? (thanks zk!)

24 Hours (Fanmade MV)

Because 24 hours a day are not enough for them. (thanks zk for sharing!)

Summer Love (Fanmade MV)

Lovely and sweet. Heee! (thanks again zk :D)

Kill Me, Heal Me Snack Song

Do not watch with an empty stomach!

Kill Me, Heal Me: Manga version

This reminds me of Crayon Shin Chan 🙂

Seven Shades of Cha Do-hyun

The title is pretty self-explanatory…right? RAWR.


Waiting for Yo-na × Ri-on’s MV to be made! Do you have any favourite MVs/CFs/ parodies of this drama? Do share with me! (…and we can slowly overcome the withdrawal symptom together. Yeah, I’m preparing myself earlier than usual, because I know it won’t be easy.)


73 thoughts on “Kill Me, Heal Me – Parodies Galore

  1. Happy Wednesday! It looks like we are in for a doozy of an episode this evening. I’m planning on enjoying these during my lunch break.

    I think this one must be quite humorous if you can read Korean.
    Theater Etiquette according to Kill Me, Heal Me

    Well @mimi, if you got a chance to watch this one, did it strike your funny bone?

    If Shin Se-gi were really a stalker. …This gives me the chills and makes me think I’d like to see Ji Sung take on a true villian’s role. He hasn’t done one yet, right?

    Pray MV -I really like this one. Wish it were a bit longer 🙂 –

    영멍 adjusted the quality on their 24 Hours and Summer Love MVs. Here are the final versions, content-wise there seems to be no change.

    They also released a new one to the tune of the Korean version “If You’re Happy and You Know It” song.

    1. HAHAHA The theater etiquette one was good! But the stalker Se-gi one…/goosebumps/
      Maybe Ji Sung can become a villain in his next project. Min-hyuk in Secret was pretty stalker-ish but he’s still a chaebol, so…not a true villain?

  2. How about some romance to start off the last week?

    The User Manual to Shin Se-gi Trailer

    From what I can tell, if CDH and ORJ got married with the alters being CDH’s siblings…?

    KMHM Humor in a nutshell

    The KMHM alters

    =Serious MVs=

    =Light-hearted MVs=
    Love Dea Bak (Fanmade MV)

    Longer version of Mr. Chu, feat. Yo-na

    Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight (Fanmade MV)

    1. Thumbs up to @zk for all the video!!!(imitate segi thumbs up like the gift below) we only have this week before KMHM end? sad!!!this is my first time being active in forum discussing about korean drama like this…i have no courage to watch the drama that still not end yet after this coz the waiting for every new episode is killing me..hahaha..but the best thing in here is i got to know person that crazy as me to wait the new episode in every week together..really talking with you guys make me feel like talking with my own family members!thx @mimi for create this site ❤ I’m not ready to say farewell to KMHM yet!ottoke??? TT TT

      1. @somebodytolove ^_^)b
        It’s sad that the wonderful journey is ending, isn’t it? I feel like I often declare that I won’t watch anymore dramas as they are live airing but I always find myself doing it anyway. XD
        It’s been great to hang out with everyone here, and it’s wonderful to have this collection of fanvids to help with the coping once KMHM finishes. 🙂
        Really a brilliant idea, @mimi.
        I bet new fanvids will be made as well during the few weeks after the last episode airs, so there might still be new material to enjoy for awhile. 🙂

  3. It’s now been a full week since KMHM finished. I’m missing this drama a lot, so “Hooray for more fanvids!” This drama is so loved by so many creative people making these videos. 😀

    I haven’t come across much in the way of trailers and parodies but here are a last few.
    The Only Man, feat. Shin Se-gi (Fanmade trailer)

    So, if Ri-on called Do-hyun or Ferry Park to come save him from Yo-na… Poor Oh Ri-on~ We love you Oh Ri-on!
    Cha Do-hyun x Ahn Yo-na x Oh Ri-on x Ferry Park

    Lots of kisses smooch

    What people have been making lately has mostly been homage MVs to the series as a whole. Here are some of the ones I rather liked. 🙂
    Get Up (Fanmade MV)

    I Want Us to See Together a Better World (Fanmade MV)

    A Dream Within a Dream (Fanmade MV)

    Unconditionally (Fanmade MV)

    Leave Home (Fanmade MV) (Feat. Ri-on, Park Seo Joon)

    Love Me Like You Do (Fanmade MV)

    Where Is My Mind? (Fanmade MV)

    Anyone know the title to this song? (Fanmade MV)

    Saturn (Fanmade MV)

    Gravity (Fanmade MV)

    Only You Can Save Me Now (Fanmade MV)

    Ellen (Fanmade MV) (Feat. Ri-jin x Se-gi)

    I Still Love You (Fanmade MV)

  4. The KMHM love continues. ❤ 😀

    (Fanmade movie trailer) -@mimi do you perhaps know what the title means? Is it a play-on-words of Se-gi’s name?-

    =Individual character teasers=
    Shin Se-gi

    Bad Boys parody (feat. Ahn Yo-sub)

    Bad Boys parody (feat. Shin Se-gi)

    Bad Boys parody (feat. Ahn Yo-na)

    Lollypop (Fanmade MV) (feat. Oh Ri-on)

    Spring Blossoms and Yo-na -I think this is drawing from 5 Centimeters Per Second, right?-

    Let’s Meet Again! Fanmade MV/KMHM tribute

    1. The first one is actually a parody of the movie New World, but the parody movie is titled KMHM’s World 😀

      Love those parody of Bad Guys! Yo-sub as the genius psychopath? He’s too innocent for that but it’s interesting :3

      1. Thank you, mimi! Yet another movie title to add to my list of things I want to try watching thanks to all KMHM parodies being made. XD

        What a pity Pamdans_KH deleted those parodies. I’ll keep an eye out for if they reupload them and share them here if they do.

  5. seriously,
    this page should last forever, weather it is connected to KMHM or not
    the goodnight, gwiyomi and calp your hands is my everyday crack

    1. Hee, hee 😀 I love the Goodnight and all the other funny and cute ones too! The Goodnight one makes me go to sleep with a smile on my face. ❤

  6. More utterly cute brilliance from 미 미!!
    KMHM Manga version – Come To See Me In the Hospital For Love (Fanmade MV)

    These next two are different versions of the same MV, one with carefully edited dialogue and one with music only. I liked them so much I couldn’t pick which one to share here, so here are both. 🙂
    (With dialogue) A Thousand Years (Fanmade MV) (Feat. Shin Se-gi and Oh Ri-jin)

    (Music only) A Thousand Years (Fanmade MV) (Feat. Shin Se-gi and Oh Ri-jin)

    With You (Fanmade MV)

    The Sun Is Rising (Fanmade MV)

    Mickey! (Fanmade MV) -This one must have been fun to make.-

    And a few MVs that were released last month, but I only recently stumbled upon.
    Worth Fighting For (Fanmade MV)

    Thumping Heart Fanmade MV)

    Clarity & Find You Remix (Fanmade MV)

  7. Scratches head How did I miss this when it came out two weeks ago? This is perfect for KMHM fans! XD

    KMHM Manhwa version: I Like You

  8. The amount of fanvids being made is truly slowing down, so this may or may not be the last time I find something to share here. Just in case it is, I want to say once again that it has be so fun to enjoy this drama with everyone here and the creative community making these videos is amazing. Thank you again, mimi. A toast to your health and I wish you and everyone else many more dramas to love! ❤

    Breathe Again (Fanmade MV) (Feat. Cha Do-hyun and Oh Ri-jin)

    Ahn Yo-na Fanvid (Music: Little Secrets)

    Tak Bylo (Fanmade MV)

    A.I.N.Y. (Fanmade MV)

    Holding Out for a Hero (Fanmade MV) (Feat. Shin Se-gi)

    You, Remaining As Beautiful Memories (Fanmade MV)

    One Piece Parody

    Random talk: Thanks to commenting this post I learned the word “fantod”. XD Every time I would try to write “fanvids” my automatic spellchecker would try to change it to “fantods”. The New Oxford American Dictionary describes it as “a state or attack of uneasiness or unreasonableness: the mumbo-jumbo gave me the fantods.” Such an odd word, but a rather useful one, huh?

  9. The Kill Me, Heal Me inspiration train continues!

    KMHM & Healer crossover (feat. Ahn Yo-na and Healer Jung-hoo)/Troublemaker (Fanmade MV)

    Flowers Bloom (Fanmade MV)

    Ahn Yo-sub & Cha Do-hyun Billion Game (Part 1) parody

    (Fanmade MV)

    Taken Parody -I’ve got chills now.-

    Thanatos Parody

    Blue Night (Fanmade MV)

    On the Eighth Day, Before the Rain Stops. (Fanmade MV)

    Monster (Fanmade MV) -This one is my favorite out of these today. 🙂

    _ _
    Crazy Party KMHM Parody -Be warned. This may leave you feeling bonkers too.-

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