Kill Me, Heal Me – Parodies Galore

Because the time will come for us to deal with the post-drama depression and these might come in handy.

*This post will be updated regularly!



The infamous Yo-na’s Etude House parody CF

Believe it or not, this parody is so famous that Etude House has made use of the drama and Yo-na’s popularity in promoting the lip gloss featured in this parody.

HERA’s parody CF (feat. Yo-na)

The original CF will never be the same again after you watch this one. This is the lipstick brand which Yo-na used in episodes 8 and 13, and she made it so popular that it has been sold out.

Kill Me, Heal Me in Gangnam Style?

Just. Watch. It.

The Tale of Two Buddies: movie parody

Two buddies and a kidnapping. The suffering is only starting now…for the poor Ahn Guk.

Thriller movie parody: Red

The editing is awesome.

Kill Me, Wolf: movie parody

When Ji Sung becomes a werewolf boy…

Secret Doctor: movie parody

My favourite. RAWR.

Temptation of Se-gi (Temptation of Wife’s parody)

Have you ever wondered how it will turn out if Kill Me, Heal Me is a makjang daily drama?

Today’s Love movie parody

Are we in a love triangle? (feat. Ri-jin, Se-gi, and Do-hyun)

Ri-jin (A Muse’s movie parody)

Who’s shipping Ferry and Ri-jin?

Strange: movie parody

A stranger?

Boys Over Flowers (Kill Me, Heal Me ver.)

So sweet I think I’m having cavities right now.

You’re A Pet movie parody

Ri-jin and her new pet named Do-hyun.

Temperature of Love: movie parody

Hot or cold?

Credit card CF parody

One card to rule them all.

Who Are You? (Fanmade MV)

LOVE the song. And Se-gi is love.

Do-hyun × Ri-on (Fanmade MV)

In an alternate universe, where Ri-on and Do-hyun are long-lost brothers…or more than that?

Ferry Addiction (Obsessed movie parody)

Ri-jin and Ferry? Why not?

Blank Space (Fanmade MV)

Beautiful and lovely. Thanks moonsori for sharing this one!

2015 Drama Awards: Popularity Award

And the winner goes to…(thanks illjing for sharing this one!)

Fifty Shades of Grey movie parody

Fifty Shades of Se-gi? Why not? (thanks zk!)

24 Hours (Fanmade MV)

Because 24 hours a day are not enough for them. (thanks zk for sharing!)

Summer Love (Fanmade MV)

Lovely and sweet. Heee! (thanks again zk :D)

Kill Me, Heal Me Snack Song

Do not watch with an empty stomach!

Kill Me, Heal Me: Manga version

This reminds me of Crayon Shin Chan 🙂

Seven Shades of Cha Do-hyun

The title is pretty self-explanatory…right? RAWR.


Waiting for Yo-na × Ri-on’s MV to be made! Do you have any favourite MVs/CFs/ parodies of this drama? Do share with me! (…and we can slowly overcome the withdrawal symptom together. Yeah, I’m preparing myself earlier than usual, because I know it won’t be easy.)


73 thoughts on “Kill Me, Heal Me – Parodies Galore

  1. Wow! Just when I thought I have watched so many kmhm parodies and enjoyed them so much, I have come to know there are more! Thank you for these! I love them all 🙂

  2. As I said earlier Mimi… First you kill me with your recaps and now you heal me these parody vids! Nice way to take me down lah….!!!! I think my tummy just exploded from laughing too hard!!!

  3. Thank you for collating these parodies! My favourite is gangnam style. The editing is perfect! Is it normal for a drama to have so many parodies, or is KMHM reeeally popular in Korea?

    Another one to add to the list: the Ji Sung popularity award 😀

    1. OMG this makes me wish that our dream to see Ji Sung gets a Daesang will come true! The drama is really popular among the 20s and 30s, so that can be one of the reasons why there are so many parodies made for this drama. The love is strong!

  4. NO, I’m not ready, I’m not ready. How will life go on without Do Hyun, Se Gi and Yo Na on my screen?

    I really like this one too:

    I find that cover of Blank Space really pretty too.

  5. Aww, ‘Kill Me, Wolf’ used a voice excerpt of Hwang Jung Eum from the drama ‘Secret’. I missed that drama and their painful love in it.

      1. I watched ‘Secret’ when it first aired on KBS World, it was a few weeks late from Korean broadcast so I caught up to it a bit late. The only reason I was watching, again, was because of my mother. I wasn’t hooked from the start because revenge drama isn’t my cup of tea, but I was honestly intrigued by the premise. ‘Secret’ delivered a strong punchline right from the start, but the storyline was pretty straightforward, the lives of the four leads collided when an accident happened, misunderstanding and revenge ensued as the female lead took the fall and set the story in motion. As I was watching, Ji Sung’s character strucked me as a psycho, he was so engulfed in pain that he resorted to violence toward the woman he thought killed his fiancee, I thought he was playing the antagonist role! I wanted to stop watching when Hwang Jung Eum went to jail for her fiancee (I can’t stand stupidity like this, and Bae Soo Bin played his role so well, I was happy to hate him), alas, my mom insisted on following it and I had no other option but to watch with her. And it got better, if not interesting. I won’t spoil more for you, but this drama went melo despite the revenge premise, it’s not for anyone with low melo tolerence. I enjoyed it nonetheless. The saving grace of the drama, for me, really is the pairing of Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum. Their chemistry was intense, sadly the romance only take place late into the story, and I was left unsatisfied. That’s why I was so happy when they took “Kill Me, Heal Me”, they topped my most favorite on screen couple. I kept going back to watch ‘Secret’ in between the time waiting for new ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’ episodes. I probably watched it like 10 times already! Lol.

  6. This drama really killing us rite..i love this site because by reading all the comment here can kill the time and i love to know all the thought from the readers here..btw today is monday!!!yeay!!!tomorrow is tuesday and the day after tomorrow is WEDNESDAY!!!never feeling happy for monday like this..hahaha

    1. Yup, killing us in a good way! Wait, did you just remind me that today’s only Monday?! Ohhhh we have another two days until Wednesday~~

      (I’m gonna sit here and wait patiently. Nope, I’m not looking at the clock….)

  7. This post is awesome!! Thank you for collecting and sharing all of these. 🙂

    Here’re a few I liked.

    The many hairstyles of Cha Do-hyun et al.ters

    Here’s the original CF

    And, a collection of MVs 😀

    =More serious ones=

    Love the editing. I wish this one could have been longer…


    =Lighter hearted ones=

    For Ji Sung fans. I knew this one was going to make me laugh as soon as I clicked on it.

    A collection of great moments

    Two people meeting and falling in love in a different take on the story

    1. You were looking forward to Yo-na and Ri-on MVs, right? I’m having trouble choosing which I like better of these two. 🙂

    2. Oops, given another viewing with more attention to the lyrics the “I’m sexy and I know it” song is even more risqué than I thought. Sorry, maybe I shouldn’t have shared that one. =^^;= Be forewarned.

  8. For the love of rap.

    And that’s a “wrap” to my recommendations this evening. Sorry to be commenting so much. ^^; The wait till Wednesday seems extra tough this week!

    Oh, wait. Just one more!

    If Se-gi were a doppelganger.

    1. this drama really phenomena…i’ve never seen many parodies or fanmade video for certain drama like the rap and all other parodies…i’m dying from laughing too much..this is your fault @zk for showing us the parodies..hahahaha
      *the rap is killing..hahaha

    2. Ahahaha! The first one is really wonderfully made! I hope their air these in the drama awards, like how SBS did with parody of ‘You Who Come From The Star’ and ‘It’s Ok, It’s Love’.

      1. Wahahaha~! @sombodytolove, by the end of this drama we might all be in shape from laughing till our stomachs hurt. Otherwise, I will gladly join you on the floor being slain by the rap battle. 😉

        “The first one is really wonderfully made!” @maryxiah you mean the hairstyle CF? I like the Kill Me, Heal Me version better than the original too! Or, if you meant the rap battle, I whole-heartedly agree. 😀

        @muchadoaboutlove Thank you for providing this place to help us get through the wait!! 🙂

      1. Aw! Yay that you like the design!! 😀 Sorry to hear about your paypal issues.. On the upside, there’s still time to figure it out. The sale ends on 28 Feb, but since this shirt just joined the collection, it’ll be available for a total of 3 weeks counting from today 🙂

    1. Yeap..the design is very beautiful!!! but i’m wearing scarf so the design might can’t be seen since my purpose of wearing that shirt is to spread the KMHM love..hahaha

  9. Hooray! Tomorrow is finally Wednesday!! 😀 Here are a few more I watched to help tide me over.

    Ahn Yo-na~na~na~na 𝅘𝅥𝅮

    Has anyone else made a Beauty and the Beast video?

    Great Expressions, er, I mean, Cha Dohyun Hard Carry, by I NG.

    So cute!!!

    Simple, elegant black and white but I love the flow of scenes in this one, and now that Do-hyun remembers Ri-jin’s past the lyrics are very fitting.

    Another slow one. This is made by the same person behind the Magical Girl Yo-na – Ri-on (킬미 힐미 마법소녀 요나리온) video, which I posted previously but got blocked.

  10. Oemgee…I LOVE all these beautiful made videos!!!

    I need time, I need time to look into all of these videos and cherish them. yay! Yo Na!!

  11. Urgh, after episode 15, it seems we are in for a tear-wringer week. These are some funny parodies and lighter MVs that I’m going to be nursing my heart with this weekend. I thought maybe others would enjoy them as well at this point.

    Team R is blasting off again~! Including three-way battle capability

    This may or may not make everyone laugh, but try not to drink or eat while watching this one just in case. 😉

    Given this drama’s time motif I’ve been wanting to see a watch CF parody, but this MV is also well done.

    Just a pure collection of fun moments with fun typography 🙂

    The gestures are really well timed with the music in this one.

    zzarabbabba-!-! This brings out the weird in this series. 😉

    Kill Me, Heal Me as a pure rom-com. Makes me want to watch Protect the Boss again.

    And last, a more serious one, but this MV makes me think I can’t wait until our protagonists are ready to fight again.

  12. Ah, they have a couple more parodies they made, as well.

    Sullie Films [수니필름] parodies posted to the iMBC news website

    Parody on Ri-on and Yo-na
    [수니필름] 한 남자의 치명적 실수들이 불러온 비극! <리온별로>

    Parody on Yo-na and Se-gi
    [수니필름] 신세기♥안요나, 인격을 초월한 치명적 사랑이야기 <요나중독>

    Continuing the love parodies

    Here are two fanmade ones

    Fifty Shades of Grey parody

    And, the Ferry x Ri-jin ship continues in the land of parodies. I wonder what they are saying in the subtitles. It seems like a whole mini story.

  13. dd kim has made a new remix of the their Hera CF parody that’s dedicated not to Yona but “For all audiences” in what seems to be an ode to all the personalities of Cha Do-hyun(JS) as we have loved them up until now.

    And, viewers minds and hearts continue to melt with the revelation of episode 16. These are the outcries I’ve seen so far on youtube.

    Liar Game

    “I’m Yo-na! How many times do I have to tell you!”
    I think poor Ri-jin would need headache medicine after this

    =MVs= Warning: You’ll need tissues.
    Without You (fan MV)
    This one is Beautiful and guaranteed to make you cry.

    The train date. I wish I were titanium right now.

    A bit of Shin Se-gi at his best to perk us up again.

    1. Ah, never mind. After looking at dd kim’s older uploads it seems that the first one I just posted is not a remix, after all, but a reupload of their first version of the HERA parody which was made in hopes that KMHM will be released on Blu-Ray as far as I can tell. Sorry, about that. ^^;

      1. Heee. 🙂 Thank you as well! ((hugs)) It’s great to be sharing the enjoyment with others and I’m glad if you like some of them. 🙂 I find it amazing that people keep making these. My hat’s off to them! ❤

        Mustang CF

        Mr. X

        A homage MV

        sigh I’m going to go watch AYOSHIARI’s rap battle I shared earlier again to perk myself up. I hope that one day Puppy and Ri-jin can be whole and so at ease with each other that they can forget themselves in playing sometimes like Ri-jin and Se-gi would. 🙂

  14. I’ve been collecting these fanvids into playlists. Thought I’d share them in case someone else finds it handy. 🙂

    Playlist of all the videos that are featured in the post section:

    Playlist of all the videos from both the post and comments section in the order they were shared in:

  15. Hooray! It’s Monday! Only two more days till the next episode.
    How about some danger to tide us over?
    Basement Kidnapping movie trailer parody

    Take Control MV

    bonfies MV

    Okay, my eyes are dizzy now. Here is to hoping that this week we will see Ri-jin fighting back.
    Made New MV

    Heee! 😀

    1. Yeayyyy!!!!it’s monday!!!!two days more for our date with dohyun and rijin..wooott wooootttt~~~thank you @zk for sharing all the video here and @mimi for always update this kind both of you to make us still on the KMHM hype till wednesday come.. ❤

      1. @mimi thank you =^^=
        @somebodytolove ^^v It’s nice to take a break and be able to enjoy these with you. 🙂

  16. Well, tomorrow begins the end battle for our Puppy Pair. I’m sitting here twiddling my thumbs with mount expectations of how amazing the story is going to be, so I’m thinking of whiling away our second-to-last Tuesday waiting for this drama with a nod to earlier episodes, situations, and ships.

    Elastic Heart MV (feat. Ri-on & Ri-jin)

    Found You MV (feat. Se-gi & Ri-jin)

    What The Makes You Beautiful MV (feat. many of the cast)

    Strange Bird MV -Nostalgia from the depths of his castle-

    And, now here are two MV’s all about Ri-on, which is your pick?
    All About Me MV -The lyrics in this one reminds me we didn’t get to see much of his “Oh Hwi” persona.-

    Mr. Ambiguous MV

    And, our OTP once again, just ’cause it’s cute. 😉
    Love Is an Open Door MV

    1. Must. Resist. The. Temptation. Of. Secret. URGH

      Jo Min-hyuk (Secret) × Cha Do-hyun (Kill Me, Heal Me) – Rival

      Jo Min-hyuk (Secret) × Oh Ri-jin × Shin Se-gi (Kill Me, Heal Me) – Connection

      1. .< I’ve never seen Secret before and have been sitting on my hands to not watch it until KMHM is over but these parodies certainly make waiting even harder!

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