Lee Je Hoon – Esquire November 2014

I initially thought that this pictorial was one of Lee Je-hoon’s older feature in the magazine but I was wrong. Blame this man for his never-changing youthful face! Other actors would have have their matured post-army look but he seems more like his younger self. Is he aging backwards? We have something to thank the army for and he got his wish to flaunt them off, unlike his initial expectation that he’s only going to show his neck in the drama. Hehe! While Yi Sun is getting older and doing some beard-growing in the drama, I’m gonna enjoy the clean and young look of Lee Je-hoon in the November edition of Esquire Korea.











Note: This is a joint pictorial between Esquire and LACOSTE 🙂

Credit to: Esquire x LACOSTE



4 thoughts on “Lee Je Hoon – Esquire November 2014

  1. He’s giving major Lee Sun-kyun/Uhm Tae-woong vibe. Kind of like if those two had a baby somehow, it would look like Lee Je-hoon. And did someone say facial hair? I need to get back on Secret Door to witness the abs and the stache first hand.

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