Ji Chang Wook – Allure May 2014

With less than 12 hours until the penultimate episode of Empress Ki, Allure Korea has released Ji Chang-wook’s interview with the magazine for its May issue. I didn’t expect this at all and it’s a nice surprise while waiting for the drama! The interview took place back when episode 45 had yet to be aired. Check out the dapper man in suits~!






source: allure Korea

8 thoughts on “Ji Chang Wook – Allure May 2014

    1. Great! Why even bother comment in the first place if you don’t like him? Spew your venom? I swear, I can’t with some people *sigh*
      Thanks for sharing this wonderful photoshoot btw, JCW is dashing as always 🙂

  1. I like him best with a mane of glory. 🙂 If there is ever a sageuk that requires the hero to disguise himself as a woman (like “The Return of Iljimae”), I hope to see JCW in it, because with long hair he is prettier than a woman.

  2. ji chang wook is an exceptional actor. This guy deserves an award for that stellar performance in Empress ki.

    Kudos ji chang wook. Applause!

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