I have a confession to make: I actually have several confessions.


Shark left me with answers to the questions it gave me since throughout the run, but I still found the ending unsatisfactory to me. The ending was an open ending and until this day, I still feel that it hasn’t really ended. However, I wasn’t that attached to the drama though I managed to catch up with the episodes quite well. I know, it’s weird for me not to feel attached with the drama I’m watching but it must be because of the limited time I’m spending with the dramas and my mind keeps wandering off to the workload waiting for me. Anyhow, I’m still not satisfied with the ending but don’t worry, I’ve moved on already. It’s all thanks to another KBS2’s drama.

I started watching Mandate of Heaven right after I finished Shark and I was so slow in watching the episodes at first. I used to be able to finish several episodes in a day for a drama marathon but at that time, even 30 minutes would be so precious to be spent for watching drama. Then, the story picked up the pace and I gave in to my curiosity. It ended and I couldn’t believe that I finished watching the drama. Mandate of Heaven suffered low ratings during its run (I assume because of the low interest from audience for Wed-Thu dramas back then) but to me, it’s one enjoyable ride for a 20-episode sageuk. It reminded me of The Princess’ Man, probably because of the similar colour palette used throughout the drama and the presence of Song Jong-ho but I never compare it with The Princess’ Man, because Mandate of Heaven had its own strength, that is the decent writing. The conflicts were somehow believable and I enjoyed it although I actually read the recaps before. But watching the drama myself made it better.

Mandate of Heaven E12.avi_003636636

The weak points were probably the main leads, Lee Dong-wook and Song Ji-hyo. Choi Won was supposed to be a man in his thirties but Lee Dong-wook’s playful attitude that he’s supposed to suppress under Won’s character sometimes surfaced and it looked awkward in a sageuk piece. Don’t get me wrong: I love the man, but maybe he’s not suitable for serious sageuk like this. Please make a modern drama comeback! Ji-hyo sometimes looked uncomfortable in her portrayal as Hong Da-in at first but she soon settled in. However, I loved (and still loving) the main couple because of their sweet chemistry. Add in the cute Rang (Kim Yoo-bin) and they’re one happy family.

Song Jong-ho and Kang Byul had the unexpected, decent chemistry. I assume it’s because of his character’s charisma and her character’s bumbling personality that made them a great pairing in the drama, sometimes overshadowing the main couple. I read the recaps and went all ‘Awwww’ing when it came to their scenes and it’s the same for watching their scenes, except that it’s hundred times better. Jung-hwan and Woo-young ended up together in the drama but in real life, they’re 14 years apart. Unbelievable.

I have to give a round of applause to Seulong because he showed improvement throughout the run of Mandate of Heaven. I adore him but I was sceptical of him acting in a sageuk. In fact, I had a hard time adjusting to his kingly (or crown princely) attitude at first because the last time I saw him acting was in Personal Taste as Lee Min-ho’s whiny assistant/junior. Sageuk is not an easy genre with the pronunciation and tone, so my worry had its ground. But I found myself and him adjusting to his Lee Ho and he did improve by the end, although not perfect. Another worth the mention is the Queen. Park Ji-young carried the aura of the ruthless queen without the need to scream all the time. She’s the villain I loved to hate!

Mandate of Heaven E12.avi_002188488

And we come to my second confession, that is…I still miss So-baek. I vividly recall her way of speaking, even a month after finishing the drama. Not sure it’s because of Yoon Jin-yi or the character itself, but So-baek was like a loyal, innocent (and sometimes annoying) girl that you can’t help but to love her. Argh, I really, really like her and to be honest, I was sad when they made her lost the memory about Won and Rang. Too bad because I love her relationship with Rang and I was bummed to see her being so unaffected with Rang’s presence and Rang being unhappy with her missing memory. Anyway, she would find her closure with the adorable Kkeok-jeong (i.e. the guy with the worm hair) and they really suited each other.


Last but not least….I love Kim Jae-wook! Yes, I love him! I realize it now that the main reason I’m watching Who Are You is because of him. Lee Hyung-joon, why you’re doomed to die so early? WHY? sniff Because of him (and his sad face when he’s looking at Shi-on/reminiscing about their past), I want to see Shi-on die and leave with him to the afterlife. I am a ghost couple shipper!!

Wait, I have another one…I’m sad that Joong-ki is enlisting today, but I’m still in denial about it. Yes, I’m going to assume that he went into hiatus for almost two years (21 months to be exact) and he will come back with a drama then. Yeay.



11 thoughts on “Confession

  1. Yes, totally agree about Mandate of Heaven as I was the only one watching it, faithfully when it aired and I loved it. Not so much for the main couple but for all of the other characters especially Rang and the little Prince, how could you forget him?!! Who didn’t watch and ship those two as a future couple? Jung-hwan and Woo-young along with Rang stole the show. Had it not been for them, it would not have been 1/2 as interesting. You are right about WRU, I truly am watching only for KJW and wish that they had switched the roles and Taec was the dead ghost bf; terrible casting and a drama that I’m barely making through.

    Can you tell I just don’t want to talk about Shark? Joong Ki? He will be missed but I think it is a good thing as he will be back while a whole lot of others will be gone. Will miss my little sweetie.

    1. Nope, I never forget about the ‘rude young master’…I shipped the little couple so much but found out that they didn’t end up together in real life…I was hoping to see that his future Queen’s family name to be Choi but my hope was crushed, and I settled down with looking at them as best friends </3

      Ha….Shark. My end of year review might be the last time I'd mention it, and I'll try to forget everything about it altogether. I'm sad about Joong-ki but thank God I have accepted the fact that they have to enlist. I was in worse state when Hyun Bin enlisted…

  2. Hey Mimi,

    Hope the work-related sleepless nights end soon!

    And Mr Wookity Wook needs to come back in a modern drama, I agree. I still haven’t finished Shark. Was the ending that bad?! Hmm.

    Anyway, dramaland will wait for you. Till then! 🙂

    1. Thank God it has stopped temporarily because of Final Exam but it will resume in September when the new semester starts…

      Well, the drama is decent but the ending is not that great. For me, the ending determines how the drama will be remembered and in Shark’s case…it’s not that memorable. I’m sad because I liked the drama but the ending pretty much ruin the experience. Hmmm

      But then, Kim Nam-gil (and the others too!) is such a treat for the eyes, especially if you can stand his ‘stache 😉

  3. Shark was middling at best, even though I followed it live. Only my love for KNG and his interactions with the sister made me stay…and the creepy grandad made a good villain.

    So glad you find MoH good too. I liked it a lot too, even though LDW need to tone down his expressions. I love Ji-hyo but her character not so much. I wanted her to kick ass but she became more subdued as the drama went on. SJH and KB were more interesting and received the most attention, deservedly.

    Also sad JoongKi is enlisting but two years is not too bad and I’m curious what the army will do to the perennial babyfaced jongki 🙂

    1. Luckily Evil Grandpa got his deserved punishment at the end. I’m satisfied with that one, though I’d be more than willing to see him dead, especially after looking at his picture standing among the dead bodies. Urgh, so revolting and ruthless.

      Looking back at this post, I realize how much I love MoH. It’s underrated and I’m glad I gave it a try!

      I think he’d come back with minimum changes, except that he’ll have more defined jawline and probably better body. But I have no complaint, I actually like them without too much meat. Hehehe

  4. I’m actually enjoying WAY so far and KJW is a big part of the reason. Taec isn’t bad but I feel no romantic chemistry between him and the female lead. My confession: I’ve never seen Joong-ki act so i guess i have two years to watch something of his.

    1. Taecyeon does cute quite well this time but yeah, he’s more like a little brother to Si-on rather than her romantic partner. Hyung-joon is (was?) the man for her because she looks super happy and bubbly beside him in the flashbacks!

      Joong-ki doesn’t have that long of a resume but I’m sure you’ll find something among his works that will make you like him, even a bit. I fell for him when I watched Sungkyunkwan Scandal and I’ve never looked back since 😉

  5. The weird thing is that Taecyeon and So E-Hyun are closer in age than Lee Jong-Suk and Lee Bo-Young in I Hear your Voice, but the age gap seems more apparent in WAY. The OTP in IHYV fit together much better. Hopefully they will gel more as the drama progresses so I can stop shipping Shi-on with a dead guy! I’ve heard a lot of good things about SS so maybe I’ll take the Saguek plunge.

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