[summary] The Incarnation of Money – Episode 7

A past is shared between a few people but each of them remembers it differently: some think it was just a past that needs to be forgotten but the others are still holding onto the memory of it, although it’s just a bitter one.Isn’t it ironic that the one who wants to forget fails to do so, while the one who wants to remember is destined to lose the memory?




The wardens and Officer Yang watch nervously as Cha-don approaches Madam Park and she willingly handsover the piece of glass to him before allowing him to treat her wound. They smile at each other and she comes to her senses for her to discuss about her parole with Cha-don. She is surprised to see Kang-seok sitting in front of her instead of Cha-don, but it’s just her hallucination. She then asks for his name and pleads to let her out so that she can find her son. However, Madam Park gets furious when Cha-don is implying that Kang-seok is possibly dead and screams out that all people are the same. She vows to kill all of them who made her family like this before being dragged out of the room.


Cha-don is taken aback from the situation but he still wants to come to meet her for the next session. He’s touched with Madam Park’s insistence to find her son. He asks for Officer Yang’s help to try finding Lee Kang-seok and wonders if his mother is still looking for him or not. They receive the info about Mr Lee’s escape and Cha-don knows that Jae-in might be in danger. Mr Lee is still tailing Jae-in, who has gone to a club and enters without any restriction; instead, all eyes are on her.


Mr Lee sees Cha-don, who’s sweeping the clubs to find Jae-in and quickly makes his escape. Cha-don and Officer Yang enter the same club, where Jae-in is dancing with a few men. She realizes that Cha-don is staring at him but chooses to act like she doesn’t know him. He decides to approach her to ask about Jae-in and she’s a little pissed off to see the picture of old her. Jae-in is shocked when he says that she’s the target of a murderer but doesn’t admit anything to him. However, she takes the opportunity to punch Cha-don right on his face. Ji-hoo drops by with the whole team and sees Cha-don flirting with Jae-in and drags him out of the cafe.


Jae-in walks out of the club while dodging several offers to have coffee and jumps straight into a taxi. Unknown to her, the driver is Mr Lee. Cha-don is angry that Ji-hoo interrupted his search earlier. He gets angrier when Jae-in keeps refusing to answer his call. Meanwhile, Jae-in is puzzled that they are taking an unusual route to her destination, but Mr Lee assures that this is an alternative way. She doesn’t pick up Cha-don’s call and listens to his voice mail that warns her about the killer who’s trailing her. He sends her a picture of Mr Lee and she freezes to see that the driver is the same man in the picture. She sees a patrol car and starts struggling with him to stop the taxi but ends up crashing into the patrol car.


Both prosecution team and Jae-in’s family get informed about the accident and Madam Bok, together with Mr Kim arrive at the hospital. They see a patient in bandages all over her body being wheeled out of the ward and think that the person is Jae-in. They start crying although the patient keeps waving, saying that she’s not Jae-in. Jae-in sees the whole thing and decides to approach her mother. Madam Bok thinks she’s someone else but soon realizes that she’s indeed her daughter.


Cha-don arrives at the hospital next and sees the same patient and thinks that she’s Jae-in. Jae-in and her family walk out of the elevator just in time to witness everything as he’s trying to explain about the murderer to the patient. The patient is clearly pissed off with the continuous understanding and grabs Cha-don’s collar. Jae-in takes the opportunity to escape before she’s being discovered by Cha-don. She soon knows that Cha-don is the same person as her ‘Good Looking Fool’.


Ji-hoo goes to pick up Mr Lee herself from the hospital and Se-kwang also drops by to say something to Mr Lee. During the interrogation, Mr Lee keeps saying that he has an alibi, instead of explaining the reason why he’s following Jae-in. Officer Yang thinks that the investigation will be easier if they hadn’t lose Jae-in and gives Cha-don a judging stare. Jae-in still can’t believe the coincidence but soon forgets about it as she’s worrying about her face that looks puffier, causing her to start working out to lose the weight. Cha-don calls her but she can’t hear it.


Attorney Hwanggoes to meet Mr Lee and hands him a pill he got from Mayor Jung. It is to be eaten by Mr Lee to prove that he’s willing to die in order to pay back all the things Mayor Jung have done for him. He takes the pill and Attorney Hwang suddenly smiles, saying that the pill is a vitamin and it won’t kill him. Mayor Jung wants to test his loyalty but doesn’t want to be associated with the murder case, hence Mr Lee will have to say that he committed the murder because of money. Attorney Hwang leaves and we can see that Mr Lee didn’t swallow the pill as he takes it out from his mouth. Se-kwang is waiting outside and tells Attorney Hwang to drop the case, but he won’t budge.


Ji-hoo’s team is still looking at the alibi for Mr Lee and Cha-don is still thinking about what Se-kwang told Mr Lee before. He can’t figure it out and the team still thinks that finding Jae-in will be a good opportunity for them to get the pen back. Jae-in suddenly calls Cha-don and agrees to meet him. She fantasizes about having Cha-don begging for another chance to be in a relationship with her but she refuses to it. He still can’t figure out who she is and she finally tells him the truth. Instead of being amazed with her new beauty, he’s more impressed with the power of plastic surgery.


Jae-in is about to leave but Ji-hoo comes to the rescue, apologizing for their failure in protecting her. She hands over the pen to them but when Ji-hoo asks her to be testify got them, Jae-in refuses to do so before leaving the place. Ji-hoo thinks it’s still dangerous to let her wander alone and tells the reluctant Cha-don to follow Jae-in around as a protective measure. A man in black watches them closely and proceeds to follow Cha-don.


The Chungrok Literary Society is out doing some activity at the women’s prison. Bi-ryung reads her poem that is actually taken from a song’s lyric. Madam Park, who has collected herself is brought into the hall to join the activity and sees Bi-ryung on the stage. She wastes no time to go on the stage and grabs Bi-ryung’s hair while yelling at her. She eventually gets dragged away as the other people, including Attorney Hwang and Reporter Go, are still shocked.


Cha-don follows Jae-in to a hotel and she keeps ignoring everything that he says. He wonders if she’s super rich to be staying at an expensive hotel every day instead of going home and scoffs that her money must be spent for her body. She leaves him on the doorstep while he’s trying to explain the reason he’s trying to protect her. The man in black from before walks along the corridor, now wearing a janitor’s uniform and goes unnoticed by Cha-don.


Back at Madam Bok’s restaurant, Bi-ryung is trying to forget what happened before as Madam Bok is curious about what might have happened between Bi-ryung and the woman in the past. Jae-in suddenly calls her mother, informing her that she wont be able to come home as Cha-don is following her around. Mayor Jung gets a call from Attorney Hwang, informing him about the prosecutors protecting Jae-in.


Ji-hoo hands over the fountain pen to a man and she’s being watched by Prof Kwon. Her move has been read by Se-kwang and he asks for Prof Kwon’s help to settle the problem with the evidence. Bi-ryung wants to meet Se-kwang but he refuses to do so and tells her to stop calling him. She’s currently drinking alone and calls Prof Kwon to tell him about her meeting with Madam Park earlier.


At the hotel, Cha-don is still sitting in front of Jae-in’s door and Officer Yang comes to switch place with him. They talk about Jae-in who has changed into a pretty woman, but Cha-don isn’t that impressed of her. Jae-in, who eavesdrops on their conversation, remembers the insult she received from the young Cha-don and starts thinking about the suitable revenge for him. Cha-don suggests that they stage a kidnap so that Jae-in will feel the urge to be protected by him and Officer Yang agrees. A waiter comes and gives them drinks. Officer Yang thinks that Jae-in ordered those while they’re actually from the fake janitor, who have spiked the drinks before. They practice for the scene and Officer Yang drinks both glasses.


Se-kwang gets to know that Cha-don has taken over Madam Park’s case from Ji-hoo and he’s currently looking for Kang-seok. Prof Kwon tells him to be careful and advises him to personally attends to the case no matter how busy he is to avoid something to happen. Se-kwang plans to meet Madam Bok soon. At the same time, Officer Yang is about to enter Jae-in’s room to kidnap her, but his stomach suddenly acts up and forces him to look for a toilet. The fake janitor comes with a laundry trolley and enters Jae-in’s room. He manages to take her out but Cha-don stops him.


He still thinks that the kidnapper is Officer Yang but the man starts throwing real punches at him, unlike what he practiced with Officer Yang before. He soon realizes that it’s someone else when Officer Yang comes from behind. The man brings out a Taser gun and attacks Officer Yang with it. Luckily, Cha-don manages to take it and the man escapes. Ji-hoo gets informed about the attack and the current situation. Cha-don is reminded about his meeting with Madam Park on the next day and he gets to know that Lee Kang-seok is still missing and cannot be found.


On the next day, Se-kwang is the one waiting for Madam Park and she tells him about meeting Bi-ryung. Cha-don arrives a little late and sees Se-kwang discussing something with Madam Park. She’s afraid that Kang-seok has already left the world and her life won’t have any meaning to it. Someone enters the room and it’s the young Kang-seok, who flashes his bright smile to his mother. Madam Park hugs her ‘Kang-seok’, who’s actually Cha-don. Both Se-kwang and him stare at each other with hints of confusion in their eyes…



Is that a warning for Se-kwang to be prepared for whatever consequences he have to face once the tiger he thought had long vanished is still alive? Yeah, I think so. With the appearance of Eun Bi-ryung into the scene and Cha-don getting involved in Madam Park’s case, it’s a matter of time until the bad side decides to join forces again in order to wipe off the traces of their crime back then.


I find Jae-in’s unchanged nature a little funny, with her tendency to show off whenever she can and her habits: one of them is walking off while staring at someone and at the same time flipping her hair. She really LOVES flipping her hair most of the time. Her petty revenge won’t be a successful one, apart from causing Cha-don to be shocked (probably) and mostly because she just wants to hear the acknowledgement from him that she’s pretty, just like others.

…or maybe, he’ll just complain about the silicone. Heh.



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