New Year Greetings from the Young Ones

I just have to share these pictures of the lovely child actors and actresses! Last year had been a pretty good year for all of them: Oh Jae-moo starred in Faith and Cheer Up, Mr Kim!, Park Gun-tae in The King 2 Hearts and May Queen, Kim Yoo-jung in The Moon that Embraces the Sun and also May Queen, Seo Shin-ae in SOS: Save Our School, not to forget  Kim So-hyun who had four dramas in her 2012 resume: The Moon that Embraces the Sun, Rooftop Prince, Ma Boy, and Missing You. Seo Shin-ae is currently starring in The Incarnation of Money while the others are yet to announce their next projects. I’m looking forward to their picks this year, because their talents are too precious to be missed. Check out these New Year Greetings pictures released by sidusHQ.

Oh Jae-moo



Park Gun-tae



Kim Yoo-jung



Kim So-hyun



Seo Shin-ae



Wishing all of you a Happy Lunar New Year 🙂

source: The Star, sidusHQ

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