In Money We Trust

The catchphrase that hooked me up with the drama. Is it possible to fall for a drama way before its premiere? It is possible for me in some rare cases and this time, I hope the charm stays with me until the end. The Incarnation of Money is set to take over Cheongdamdong Alice’s slot this Saturday and I think I’ll follow this one too, making it the fourth SBS’ weekend drama I watch in a row.


It’s not too much to say that I have high hopes and expectations for the drama simply because:

  • The team behind it was also the one who rocked Giant and History of the Salaryman. Though I have yet to watch the former, the latter was a journey full of crack and I won’t mind to have another dose of that crack.
  • Hwang Jung-eum. Yeah, I really, really like her.
  • Kang Ji-hwan. I recently finished Capital Scandal and was this close to watch Lie to Me, so this is a good thing for the drama to arrive at the right time.


The Incarnation of Money is centered around a prosecutor Lee Cha-don (Kang Ji-hwan) who lost his parents at a young age and soon lost his memories of his life as a chaebol because of an accident. Bok Hwa-sul (Kim Soo-mi), the one who caused the accident took him under his care and he grew up together with the woman’s daughter Bok Jae-in (Hwang Jung-eum). Being raised with the money her mother earned through the loan shark business, Jae-in was a lonely girl despite the wealth from the money they had while Cha-don’s perfect life was shattered in a blink of an eye because of the money. Ji Se-gwang (Park Sang-min) and Eun Bi-ryung (Oh Yoon-ah) hold the secret that destroyed his family, again because of the money.

The press conference was held on Tuesday and the 15-minute preview was disclosed at the event. I haven’t watched the whole video, just because I’m afraid of knowing too much details about the drama.

15-min preview, credit to SBSNOW1:

In case you haven’t seen the teasers, these are the two teasers released:

The posters are yet to be released but I’m all for the money-like backdrop poster to be used as the main poster. Pretty please! I love that one so much 😉 The Incarnation of Money will air its first episode on February 2nd. Gotta love the cast, including the recurring ones from the team’s previous works. Curious? Let that be a surprise then~






EDIT: Here’s a slightly longer teaser number 3. Two days left!


5 thoughts on “In Money We Trust

  1. I am so on this because of your first two bullets alone, I cannot wait for this too. I giggled when I saw the mini reunion from the Giant cast. I was not crazy about Lie to Me but I have watched Kang Ji Hwan in several movies that I liked. And HJE? Except for FH2, she does romance good!

    1. The reunion is something that can’t be missed! So much goodness…ah, I suddenly miss laughing like a lunatic while watching HoTS and I trust KJH will be able to be the clown of the show 🙂 I’m not sure why but I really love HJE’s voice. Hahaha! So excited for the drama!!

  2. You sound like you were saved from watching Lie To Me? But it was really great! Kinda wacky but oh so good chemistry!!

  3. OMG!!!! i will definitely go sailing with you with this drama. for these reasons: Kang Ji-Hwan! and Kang Ji-Hwan!

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