Flower Boy Next Door: Seven Lessons

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Note: This is just for fun. Heeee~

When you’re trying to reason with someone…

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…don’t forget your weapons – either a broom or aegyo.

Random people is looking for your friend?

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That friend might be a prisoner on the run.

Received an awkward text?

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That might end up saving your day.

When helping two girls who fought to reconcile…

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…don’t forget to cheer for them like proud fathers.

One who can speak a few words…

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…doesn’t mean he can understand the whole thing.

When you expect someone to turn around…

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…wait for that person to actually turn around instead of walking away.

“Pride and prejudice and …misunderstanding?”

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Just kiss and make up.


3 thoughts on “Flower Boy Next Door: Seven Lessons

  1. Very good lessons, indeed. 😉 Especially the “just kiss and make up”. (Come on… you know you want to!!)

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