Flower Boy Next Door: Second Shot

Dear Oh Jin-rak, I want you to be my ahjusshi next door.

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E02.130108.날 좀 내버려둬 제발!!!.HDTV.XviD-WITH.avi_000006373

Episode 2 is good good good! It’s totally worth waking up super early this morning and then giggling alone in the dark while watching the episode. I’ve come to like Jin-rak because unlike the typical boy next door, this time we get an ahjusshi next door. Gaahh, someone send me a clone of him please~!

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E02.130108.날 좀 내버려둬 제발!!!.HDTV.XviD-WITH.avi_000100667

The letter that Dok-mi sends to him prompts a very cute response from him. He looks around to make sure that Dong-hoon is nowhere nearby and open the letter, only to find her tips on using hot water. She’s actually asking for his help to replace her spot for the demonstration head and only points out her real intention at the bottom of the letter. Totally loving his reaction there and then, Watanabe drops by to offer them a basket full of hard-rock cookies (or bread?). Hahaha! That brings us back to Pandarique, who’s busy knocking and kicking on Dok-mi’s door.

Three nosy Stooges.
Three nosy Stooges.

I guessed the right thing – that brown coat and shorts make Enrique looks like a crazy pervert trying to enter Dok-mi’s house and his attempt to describe the Korean words is hilarious. He’s super talkative but there are some words that he doesn’t know? Boy, you need a tutor for both your language and maturity courses. However, his entrance into the characters’ lives slowly shows and impact, especially to Dok-mi. She can’t ignore the problem caused by her stalking and decides to face them, but Jin-rak is there to cover for her. Awww, he’s a good shield for her 🙂

So. Childish.
So. Childish.

Guess who stalks who after the incident? Enrique’s words above doesn’t ring a bell at first but then, I try to read it and it says..”I will be back soon.” Written in Hangul. Is this the way he learns Korean and English? Adorable!!

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E02.130108.날 좀 내버려둬 제발!!!.HDTV.XviD-WITH.avi_001556488

This scene is just funny,cute, and mind boggling at the same time. How do he manage to read her mind, as in the words floating in her mind? Those horrific expression of Dok-mi explains it all: who’s not scared of someone who can see what you’re thinking? I’m glad that as childish as Enrique seems to be, he’s not a jerk (for the time being). Like I said before, he’s like a puppy that can be adorable but at times, he has his boyish temper. I can’t wait to get to know about these two: what did Dok-mi experience for her to be such a recluse? Was it bullying? What exactly happened to Enrique for him to act like a boy?

For now, based on the preview, I think I know why Tae-joon and Seo-young (Kim Yoon-hye) aren’t going to be the focus: because they are probably going to be lovers, leaving the people crushing for them (Dok-mi and Enrique) to get their hopes crashed. At least, Dok-mi and Enrique have each other to lean on and it looks like he’ll be the new sunshine in her life~

Bear with it, Go Dok-mi!
Bear with it, Go Dok-mi!

Aren’t these two cute?! If this goes on, I might develop a serious case of second lead syndrome. Wooaahhh >o<

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E02.130108.날 좀 내버려둬 제발!!!.HDTV.XviD-WITH.avi_002193424 [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E02.130108.날 좀 내버려둬 제발!!!.HDTV.XviD-WITH.avi_002191489

Scandal Next Door. Muahahahaha



9 thoughts on “Flower Boy Next Door: Second Shot

  1. I’m searching everywhere for a recap…. i watched the episode without subs and i am a bit-almoat totally lost…and ofcourse i hadn’t noticed the i will be back note, just too cute
    Thanks 🙂

  2. You guys are going to have to duke it out for Jin-rak. You should see the people on Koala’s playground. I merely suggested buying the man some socks and got veiled threats :)!! In fact, many people could not believe that Kim Ji Hoon would even take a second lead role (out of the army no less) after being the lead, but I think he was looking for something different, something scruffy to go back to his scruffier personas of earlier in his career rather than the (fairly stiff) romantic leads he has been playing. I love the mellow vibe of the show and the way that she is going to get a family whether she wants one or not. They are soo looking to take care of her. Me to, please. Take care of me, too!

    1. Hahaha! The viewers are mainly divided between rooting for Enrique and Jin-rak and I might be slightly biased towards the adorkable childish Pandarique 😉 I’m glad KJH took the role because he looks so natural! I read somewhere that some aren’t liking the slow narration of the drama so far, but I like it and it suits the drama since it is told mainly from Dok-mi’s perspective. I can’t wait for those guys to start entering her little own world and become her supporters! Aww..it’s going to be a happy family!

  3. jin-rak, i don’t mind whom you hang out with during the day — just as long as you come home to me at night. 😀 😀 😀
    btw, muchadoboutlove, i’m loving this look, too! whitecarrot & i need to take over your brain to fix up our patch!! ^^

  4. “Dear Oh Jin-rak, I want you to be my ahjusshi next door”

    Omo, diary entry of the century? (See what I did there?) Heh. Anyway, loved this post ^^

    Jin-Rak oppa you can have my heart and my panti– err…shoes?

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