T Store CF: Joo Won & Yoon Jin Yi

I saw this CF several times on KBS when I was streaming Bridal Mask few weeks ago, and only yesterday, I found some decent links for it. Super cute. Well, it’s all thanks to the youthful stars Joo Won and Yoo Jin-Yi. They are both featured in T Store’s latest CF.

I was wondering what T Store is and found out that it is a mobile open market launched by SK Telecom, one of telecommunication operators in South Korea. It’s like App Store for Apple and Google Play for Android devices; the difference is it is managed by the operator, not according to the platform. Anyway, the CF is actually divided into two parts: Joo Won and Jin-Yi both have their own version of it.

Joo Won

Yoon Jin-Yi

They also have a combined version of the CF. Not sure if it’s official or a fan’s work.

I didn’t expect to find a behind the scene video for the CF! Or I was just too lazy…hehe! A short video but it’s really worth the watch because they are super adorable and cute! Kyaaaah~!

All credit goes to the uploaders! ^^

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