[recap] Arang: The Magistrate’s Chronicle – Episode 7

Hi everyone! Sorry for the late recap, we’ve been busy with a lot of school stuff (boring stuff), but here’s the recap! There’s not much plot movement in this episode, but there is a lot of Arang and Eun oh bonding time as well as introductions of new creatures which roam this mortal world! So onward we go!

Episode 7



Eun oh arranges the talisman in order and uses it as a compass to find the area he was looking for. He finds another strip of it and yanks it off the branch. Meanwhile, Eun oh’s mother senses something is wrong. Up in Heaven, the crystal ball starts breaking.



Eun oh’s mother feels it getting stronger as Eun oh starts putting the talisman together which had been separated. The Jade Emperor, Hades, and Moo young watches the crystal ball with a bit of worry.


The last talisman ends up being tied on a branch near the edge of the mountain. Eun oh tentatively reaches for it, not knowing the city hall members are hiding near the bushes, plotting his “accidental” death. Lee Bang is the member that is ushered to go and push him off. Eun oh’s too busy concentrating on the talisman to notice Lee Bang behind him (although this is supposed to be a serious moment, I laughed at where Lee Bang’s hands are at). Eun oh manages to grab the talisman, but ends up rolling down the mountain.



Eun oh’s mother is about to open the door to her room when she senses it again, wondering if that day as come. Up in Heaven, the crystal ball shatters and the glass changes into petals. Jade Emperor utters it has been revealed and tells Moo young he needs to go down to Earth to look for evidence. Hades compliments Eun oh, albeit a bit hesitantly.



Lee Bang keeps chanting he didn’t do it (which he didn’t), but his comrades don’t believe him (haha). They run away when they hear Arang calling out for Eun oh and as they leave, Moo young looks at spot where Eun oh fell.



Arang shouts for Eun oh near the bones site and is startled to see Moo young. She misunderstands the situation, thinking he came to get her when he actually just wanted to investigate the site. She tells him they should never meet again and goes off searching for Eun oh. Moo young looks at the talismans and touches it, wondering if it was Moo yeon’s doing. Arang notices something on the floor where Eun oh fell at.



Joo wal enters Eun oh’s mother’s home and pleads for forgiveness. He had made sure she was dead, but Arang is still alive which surprises Eun oh’s mother. Arang looks down and sees Eun oh unconscious with blood on his head. She runs to untie the rope which blocks off the bones burial site and tells Moo young about the magistrate, but he ignores her. She uses the rope to lower herself down, but it fall too quickly. Eun oh grabs her in time, despite his shoulder injury, before she fell off the little ledge. Eun oh makes a little jab about how she won’t die which is unfair for him since he almost did.



She stops the bleeding on his arm and is in a frantic state, wondering what to do: they’re on a ledge and they can’t reach the short rope. Eun oh tells her the only way is for her to jump off the ledge which she will die in the process of doing, but she’ll come back to life and then go tell people where Eun oh is at. Arang looks at the river and is about to actually jump when Eun oh stops her and berates her for not knowing it was a joke; he would have died by the time she came back alive. He loses consciousness again.


The trio pretend that nothing happened and that they didn’t just leave a person near death. They comment on the nice weather despite hearing the rolling thunder. Dol swe is still nursing his head injury when he asks the trio if they’ve seen Eun oh. They pretend to not know and Dol swe takes shelter with them as the rain pours.



Arang drags Eun oh to a near by cave she spotted earlier and tells him not to die or she’ll kill him. She heads deeper in and wonders what’s in there. It seems safe so she drags him into where there is more space. There’s nothing to make a fire out of so Arang hugs the shivering Eun oh. Despite being weak, Eun oh still has energy to tease Arang about not being warm and having so many flaws which makes her question her warmth so she checks; she’s normal. Arang goes to find materials to make a fire since she’s flustered and as she leaves; she curses at the Jade Emperor while doing so (haha).  Eun oh wishes she wouldn’t go because she causes so many accidents when she’s moving (aww he’s concerned).



Eun oh’s mother and Joo wal sit in silence, with her glaring and him looking down in fear. Arang walks deeper into the cave until she stumbles upon a huge hole in the ground that’s filled with water. She happens to see a herbalist who is taking shelter from the rain in the cave.



She brings him to the Eun oh and asks if he has anything to make a fire with. Eun oh asks if it’s still raining and the man replies he was almost swept away by the rain. The herbalist’s split personality comes out and it turns out he likes to eat livers (gumiho?!). The herbalist slaps himself and has a conversation with the other being inside him.

Eun oh uses the staff the herbalist had to beat the man unconscious before he attacked Arang for having a newborn’s liver. Eun oh knew something was wrong when the herbalist said he was swept up by the rain yet his clothes weren’t even wet. They try to get away but the creep tackles Eun oh down and beats him up before attacking Arang. He stabs her, but then realizes she’s not a ghost or human. She retorts she is human! Before the creep can do something to her again, Moo young appears which frightens him.

Moo young pulls out a blade and the creep taunts Arang that she’s in trouble before Moo young cuts the creep and sucks in the black souls. It turns out the creep is made of many sealed souls that lost their direction and became an evil spirit. Arang asked who sealed this cave and Moo young replies no one did which confuses Arang, but before she can say anymore, he vanishes.

Arang shakes Eun oh awake to make sure he’s alive. Then another silent game with Joo wal and Eun oh’s mother (so random haha). We cut to Dol swe who is still worrying about Eun oh and the three members promise to go find him after the rain stops (yeah, right.). Dol swe feels guilty for waiting and decides to run out and find his master (aww bromance).

Moo young goes back to the HQ to report the evil spirit that lurked in the sealed cave despite it being blocked off. He reports how Arang attracted the spirit so her powers are beyond what they expected and are undetermined. Hades is worried about Arang attracted the spirits, but the Jade Emperor states that they have  that child on their side.

Back at the cave, Arang manages to make a fire and wonders what would have happened to Eun oh if she wasn’t here. Eun oh’s worried about her wound inflicted by Joo wal, but she’s okay. Eun oh tells her that they will catch the killer after they find the first killer that caused her to be a ghost in the first place. Arang looks at Eun oh’s sleeping profile.

Arang: You know that young master who was Lee Seo Rim’s fiance? Did he come to the funeral? I didn’t take a good look because of you. He must have come. Hmph, if I knew earlier, I would have appeared before him the first time, then I wouldn’t have to have a hard time like this. Isn’t that right? Sleep well. Don’t die!

It’s a fog-filled morning and Arang wakes up to find no one beside her. She panics and shouts for him; he is in the area and points out where the cave’s exit should be since the other side caved in. They manage to exit the cave and Arang worries about the ledge collapsing which makes Eun oh scold her for saying such things.

Luckily, they’re rescued by the concerned Dol swe who also gives Arang the stink eye which puzzles her. Eun oh wanted Arang to grab the rope first, but Dol swe demands Eun oh come up before her. Arang’s a bit disappointed that Eun oh wouldn’t insist to Dol swe on her going first, but Eun oh promises her he’ll help her get up.

As Eun oh goes up, the two are concerned about him which makes him annoyed. While he climbs up, the rope continues to scrap against the rocks, though they don’t know it. Eun oh’s rescued safely and it’s Arang’s turn. Dol swe mutters that he wishes the rope would break.

Eun oh tells her that in case it does, she should close her eyes and think of a good memory. The rope does break and she falls onto a rock before rolling into the water, unconscious. Eun oh exclaims he has to rescue her before collapsing.

Back in Heaven, the two are playing ba-duk again and Hades asks why the cave collapses. Moo young speculates it’s because all the sealed spirits were released at once which added pressure to the cave. The Jade Emperor asks about the owner of the bones site and Moo young replies he still hasn’t found it yet. The Jade Emperor feels the owner will be revealed soon. Suddenly, Moo young’s weapon starts glowing green and is excused to go capture whatever ghost is acting up.

Hades was sure the owner was hiding in the cave, but Hades can’t do anything about it if the person is human. They bicker about how it’s the Jade Emperor’s fault for Hade’s rapid aging because of the fact that he makes Hades break the rules. However, it’s a good thing they let Arang stay in the mortal world because the person will continue to target Arang rather than kill innocent people.

The silent game is over and Eun oh’s mother tells Joo wal to let Arang and Eun oh live for the time being. His new mission is to get close to Arang and figure out what she wants the most. Joo wal doesn’t understand why which prompts Eun oh’s mother to beckon him over to her. She gently touches the wound on his face that she inflicted previously and asks if it hurts. She also assures him that he’s precious to her since he’s her son.

Joo wal leaves the home, wondering what Eun oh’s mother is up to. Eun oh’s mother enters a room where there is a secret passageway on the floor. It’s like a secret dungeon and she touches two urns/vases. She speaks to them about how the seal is broken so she will be caught soon and she can only trust them to protect her since she doesn’t trust humans. Two guards materialize from the vases in front of her before returning to the vase. She can’t believe that she’s able to meet that child (Arang) whom if she can get by her side, she wouldn’t need to order incompetent human beings around. She curses at Lord Choi for having a spiritual illness around this time.

Lord Choi wakes up and drinks the medicine, feeling better. The underling reports about Lee Bang coming over which Lord Choi clicks his tongue at. His right-hand man comes in to report that Eun oh is not the legitimate son of the previous prime minister and  that he’s the son of a slave. His mother was also the child of a traitor and Lord Choi laughs at all this. The man was about to report the reason for Eun oh’s appearance in Milyang, but Lord Choi interrupts. Lord Choi wants all the strong men gathered at the village which is difficult because they were sent to do hard labor, but Lord Choi won’t take no for an answer.

Joo wal heads to the magistrate’s place only to be reported by the city hall trio that Eun oh is dead and Arang has been missing since last night. Dol swe rushes in with an unconscious Eun oh much to the chagrin of the trio. He also orders them to fetch for a doctor and to head to the cliff where Arang fell from. Joo wal runs off.

Arang is luckily washed ashore and not in the ocean anymore. The trio panic with Lee Bang still insisting that he didn’t push Eun oh off. One of the trio members comes back to report that Eun oh may have lost a lot of blood, but he’s going to be okay which makes them depressed.

Dol swe talks to Eun oh while he’s resting. He pours his heart out about how he’s not by Eun oh’s side just because of a promise he made with Eun oh’s maternal grandma. He’s by his side because he really likes Eun oh. He cries and hugs Eun oh which makes him wake up from the pain. He calls for Dol swe, wanting to know about Arang which makes Dol swe huffy since he’s right here!

Joo wal finds the unconscious Arang and checks to see if she’s breathing. He’s shocked that she’s still alive after falling from that height. Arang coughs awake and finds herself staring up at Joo wal. She touches his cheek and feels the warmth so she says she’s not dreaming. He makes up an excuse of going somewhere and just happening to stumble here; Arang smiles and tells him she owes her again. Arang gets up and tries to walk, but sways back and forth so Joo wal tries supporting her.

He carries her bridal style and sets her up on his horse. She decides to accept his help just for a little while and she ends up knocking out. Eun oh opens his eyes and wakes up.


What happened to the funny?

Boo, no Bang wool – Dol swe interactions in this episode! There wasn’t really much plot development that occurs in this episode, but now we do have a motive for Joo wal to actually get to know Arang. Basically, Arang is in the middle of this tug of war between Heaven and Eun oh’s mother (who still doesn’t have a name…hmm Madam Kim?). I feel bad for her, she’s pretty much bait at this point that’s used to prevent anymore deaths. Luckily, Eun oh’s mother only feasts once every full moon in a leap month.

There’s so many creepy creatures that appear in this drama and I’m expected there’s going to be more to come. Speaking of mysterious creatures, I’m shocked Eun oh was still alive after this whole charade! He fell off a cliff, had injured his arm, attacked a demon, and had to help Arang. His willpower to live is amazing! He was still pretty functional too despite losing a lot of blood!

There’s still a big mystery that lies ahead such as how Eun oh’s mother became that way and what happened to Arang before her death. Will Joo wal end up falling for Arang after his mission of getting close to her starts? Will the city hall trio stop the assassination attempts? Will Bang wool ever end up with Dol swe? Will Dol swe accept Arang?!

Find out on the next episode of Arang: The Magistrate Chronicles!

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