Han Chae-Ah – Esquire August 2012

It looks like the ladies of the drama Bridal Mask is on the roll these days! First was Jin Se-Yeon, now it’s Han Chae-Ah’s turn to be featured in the magazine. Her pictorial is for the August edition of Esquire, but the set reminds me of her hotel room in the drama. Maybe she actually did the photo shoot at the set? Who knows, but she’s indeed a smoking hot goddess in this pictorial.


She has beautiful hair and I prefer to see her letting her hair down, instead of being tied in a bun like her character Ueno Rie does all the time. Maybe it’s the common style for a woman of status like her. And….is it just me, or she does look like Shin Se-Kyung’s sister at times? Not that similar, but the resemblance is there..

source: sina

4 thoughts on “Han Chae-Ah – Esquire August 2012

  1. i think she looks like a sexier version of Seohyun from Girls’ Gen πŸ™‚ i’m only up to ep 7, but i’m LOVING this show – thanks for the rec! ❀

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