Han Gang,Yi-Kyung, and Mr Scheduler on…Cyworld?

I found this on SBS’s site, in the forum section.The title is 49 Days’ Diary (49일다이아리). Someone called Son-Ji (쏜쥐) shared about the characters’ minihompy on Cyworld. Cyworld is like South Korea’s Facebook and it is so popular among the netizens.

Mr Scheduler’s minihompy. I wonder what the top picture is all about. His home? Oh, Ji-Hyun commented on his page! Yi-Kyung asked who is him. Hahaha! He even got comments from the deceased on his list (Mr Kim Jin-Soo in ep 1 and Mrs Oh Mi-Young from ep 4)..amazing!


Han Gang’s minihompy. Oh, he just show a picture of his office. Imagine him showing his teddy bear’s pictures here. LOL. Yi-Kyung asked who is him too. Han Gang replied to her, saying something like how she forgot his boss. Her co-worker, Sun-Jung seems mad with her. There’s Seo-Woo and Min-Ho…and Ji-Hyun’s there too!

Yi-Kyung’s minihompy. Oh, Han Gang called her Song,again. He’s mad about her pretending not to know him. Seo-Woo is inviting her to come to her bakery again, I think. Mr Scheduler is also there. OMG, he wrote his rap for his caller ringtone. And…I spot Min-Ho too~


Surely this is fanmade, but just imagine how amazing it is if our characters have their own minihompy. Then we’ll get to know them deeper~^^


Rant Out, Souls!

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