2016: Closing Remarks

I know, there is literally only 3 months left to 2017 – at this point a post for 2016 seems pointless, hah. As unbelievable as it sounds, this post has been in the works for the longest time, just that it never made its way to the ‘publish’ mode. I was actually contemplating to forget about it for good, but in the end I decided to put it up regardless of how late it turns out (I apologize).

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For Writer-nim, Kim Eun Hee

As a big fan of thrillers, I wanted to write something for scriptwriter Kim Eun-hee since I watched her recent works, from Sign to Signal. She is known for penning what I think are rollercoaster-like crime thrillers, enough to make your heart skip a beat and also race like crazy. Her stories are those that definitely live up to their titles all the way till the dramas’ end; I somehow became a fan of her writing so this post is dedicated to the writer and her works.

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Lee Je Hoon – CINE21 No. 1044 Interview

I don’t know why, but I find myself dreading the ending of Signal this week. It is rare to have such an enjoyable drama that is near perfection in every aspect, and I don’t think I will be able to say goodbye to the drama without shedding a few liter of tears. I feel like translating this recent interview of Lee Je-hoon with CINE21, so here it is…although my writing is a bit rusty these days. I will miss you dearly, Park Hae-young ㅠㅠ

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Lee Je Hoon & Jo Jin Woong of Signal for Vogue

These two names are probably more familiar in movieland than in dramas, but the two actors are going to appear on the small screen with upcoming cable drama Signal on tvN! Given the stellar cast, it’s like we’re in for a movie 😉 The hype has been around since forever, and the show’s premise sounds very intriguing. They have been featured on the January issue of Vogue and the background of the pictures have Signal’s synopsis as their theme with radios, an hourglass as well as other communication devices. Both Lee Je-hoon and Jo Jin-woong look so fine in leather jackets, coats and suits ❤ What a delight to see them in a pictorial together!

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January Dramas: What’s Your Pick?

Happy New Year to all The Talking Cupboard readers! Wishing you all a great year ahead, and may 2015 2016 bring lots of happiness to you 🙂 As a drama fan, I am hoping to see lots of great dramas this year, and January will be a busy month for us…because there are a lot of new dramas coming our way! They’ve teased enough with all the goodies in the last few weeks and thank God, we’re one day closer to all these dramas~

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