October-November Dramas: What’s Your Pick?

Winter is approaching; we’re coming to the end of 2016 and once again, there are lots of dramas in store for us. With shows of various premises coming up this month and the next, it’s going to be two months filled with romance, comedy and melo. Most of the October dramas are airing starting next week, while the November premieres are scattered throughout the month. Are you excited? Let’s look into the choices! [Updated]

1% Of Anything

This has been showing on Dramax channel since October 5th – 6 episodes have aired so far and it is a remake of the 2003 hit classic with the same title. This version stars Ha Suk-jin and Jeon So-min; the story will follow the romance between their characters when he starts to meet her on a contract engagement. (Teaser below!) Ha Suk-jin is also the lead in tvN’s currently-airing drama Drinking Solo which is a slice-of-life drama depicting the growth of teachers and students in an institute.

Gogh, The Starry Night

This is a mini drama made from a Korean-Chinese production collaboration, starring Kwon Yuri, Kim Young-kwang and Lee Ji-hoon(1988) as the leads. Shin Jae-ha and Choi Duk-moon are also part of the production. It talks about the different kind of people you meet at the workplace with an advertising company as the backdrop. It also focuses on Go Ho’s (Kwon Yuri) individual story and of course, the romance 😉 There are also some cameos, including those from Park Shin-hye, Lee Jong-suk and Yoon Kyun-sang. The drama was already released in China where it had 20 bite-sized episodes of approximately 20 minutes each. It will premiere today (Oct 22nd) at 10pm KST on SBS for a fortnight.

Man Living At Our House

Man is a webtoon adaptation starring Soo Ae and Kim Young-kwang, with Lee Soo-hyuk and Jo Boa rounding up the main cast. While webtoon adaptations are not uncommon in dramaland, this one sure does have a strange premise. It tells the story of an independent working class lady (Soo Ae) who returns to her hometown one day, only to find a younger man (Kim Young-kwang) claiming to be her stepfather living in her very own home! That is after she finds out that her boyfriend of nine years has been cheating on her. The said young man is mysterious with a dark past, and romantic comedy hijinks will ensue between the pair living together. Jo Boa will play Soo Ae’s rival in the story, and Lee Soo-hyuk stars as a chaebol who believes money is everything. Man will premiere on KBS2 next Monday, 24th October taking over the hit sageuk Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds on the Mon-Tue slot. Check out the first episode preview below!

This Week, My Wife Is Having An Affair

The drama is a remake of the 2007 Japanese drama with the same title, starring Lee Sun-kyun and Song Ji-hyo as the main couple. He’s a typical career man but starts to feel a crisis in life when he suspects that his wife is having an affair. He dares not turn to his family and friends for help, so he turns to the Internet in an attempt to save the marriage. Kim Hee-won and Ye Ji-won, Lee Sang-yeob and singer-actress BoA form the other two couples in the story with problems in their marriages as well. Kim Hee-won will play a lawyer who cheats on his wife, while she is smarter than he thinks. Lee Sang-yeob plays a PD trying very hard to win over his workaholic wife, but doesn’t seem to be very successful… The show will premiere 28th October, next friday on jTBC.

Rude Miss Young Ae

This drama is back for its 15th season, centering around a single woman named Young-ae (played by Kim Hyun-sook). It depicts the highs and lows of working women in their 30s. Co-starring Lee Seung-joon and Ra Mi-ran, it is slated to be first broadcast on tvN the 31st of October.


This has got to be one of the most highly anticipated dramas for the season – it is fully pre-produced and boasts a star-studded cast of Jo Jin-woong, Lee Kwang-soo, Seo Kang-joon, Lee Dong-hwi and Park Jung-min. It is a remake of American drama series Entourage, and will depict the truths behind stars and the entertainment industry. Jo Jin-woong plays the CEO of the company where rising actor Cha Young-bin (Seo Kang-joon) is in, and the actor has three best friends with distinct personalities. Being an entire pre-production, Entourage will be broadcast simultaneously in nine Asian countries including Japan and China. The tvN drama will kickstart the parade of the upcoming November dramas with its first broadcast on 4th November, taking the Fri-Sat slot.

Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim

This medical drama is about a famous surgeon who was once at the peak of his career, but suddenly gives everything up to work as a neighbourhood doctor in a small town and goes by the name “Teacher Kim”. Veteran actor Han Suk-kyu will play this titular character and it will be his drama comeback after sageuk Secret Door in 2014. Meeting Teacher Kim will change the lives and careers of two young surgeons played by Yoo Yeon-seok and Seo Hyun-jin. They both have very different life goals – I am sure we will see their personalities clash! The first teaser has been released, and it will start airing on 7th November, replacing the timeslot currently occupied by Moon Lovers on SBS.

Legend Of The Blue Sea

We have another star-studded line-up in Legend, which tells the love story between a mermaid and son of a noble family in the Joseon era. Jeon Ji-hyun, whose last drama You Who Came From The Stars was a huge hit will play the mermaid and this time, alongside Lee Min-ho as a con-artist. He is the doppelganger of the said noble family’s son, whom she will encounter as she tries to adjust to life on land. Even the team behind the production is star PD Jin Hyuk whose works include City Hunter and Master’s Sun, as well as writer Park Ji-eun of YWCFTS and Producers. It will be a fantasy romance, and premieres 16th November on SBS as the next Wed-Thu drama after Jealousy Incarnate.

Oh My Geum Bi

This melodrama will be about a father who has an eight-year-old daughter Geum-bi suffering from a rare disease of “childhood Alzheimer’s”. The father will be played by Oh Ji-ho, and the daughter by child actress Heo Jung-eun. His character would be a conman, but he is apparently not very good at it. Joining them will be actress Park Jin-hee as a lady who lives a lonely life until she meets the father and daughter pair; Oh Yoon-ah will take on the role of Geum-bi’s mother. The script reading with all the cast was held just recently, and the drama is set to premiere on KBS2 following the conclusion of On The Way To The Airport. This means that it will inevitably face competition with Legend of the Blue Sea on SBS, but the show’s heartwarming premise may just hook viewers looking for a healing drama. A string of teasers have been released for its November 16 premiere, and this newest one gives off a melo vibe.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

The titular character in this drama will be played by Lee Sung-kyung, and the show tells a story of how she falls in love for the first time. Starring opposite her will be Nam Joo-hyuk who is getting more attention for his role as 13th Prince Baek Ah in Moon Lovers – he plays Bok-joo’s best friend, a swimmer with a playful side. Stars Lee Jae-yoon and Kyung Soo-jin round up the lead cast. Only stills have been released so far, since it has not been long after the script reading. Weightlifting Fairy will take over Shopping King Louie on MBC next month. First teaser below!

Father, I’ll Take Care Of You

This upcoming weekender on MBC will be about an old couple who decide to live for themselves following their children growing up and becoming independent, but one day the four siblings return home. In the process, they experience kinship again when living together, forging new family bonds and ties. With Kim Jae-won, Lee Soo-kyung, Lee Tae-hwan and Park Eun-bin as the main cast, Father will be the next drama after The Flower in Prison ends its run next month. The production team flew to Taiwan to film in September and have since returned. Some character stills have been released. The latest teaser below!

Night Light

Written by scriptwriter Han Ji-hoon of Last and Time Between Dog and WolfNight Light stars Jin Gu, Lee Yo-won and UEE in a story about three people with endless ambitions who try to attain more than they already have. Their fates entangle during this power play. Jin Gu is coming from his role as Sergeant Major Seo Dae-young in Descendants of the Sun, while the two leading ladies have shown us great performances from their past works so this line-up definitely interests me! The script read was held just recently, so we might have to wait a little longer for more information about the drama. Night Light will replace Woman With A Suitcase on MBC in end November. First teaser hot off the press below~

It seems that we have quite a number of drama remakes and adaptations this time round, especially in the October line-up. Again, there is a lot to look forward to – what are your choices?


11 thoughts on “October-November Dramas: What’s Your Pick?

  1. Lee Min Ho is a sure must-watch. Would like to check out Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo for Nam Joo Hyuk too :p Rude Miss Young Ae, This Week, My Wife Is Having An Affair and Man Living At Our House seems like it might be worth a watch too. Too many dramas!

    1. Hi Kate, there are so many dramas around indeed! Yeah, watching has no quota though 😛 the shows are definitely worth a try ^^

  2. If Dramafever ever gets the license for Entourage, then I will be all over that thang. I’m hoping for Age of Youth, boys edition. But for now, I can’t get excited for it.

    I will check out Legend of the Blue Sea, but I’m sure I will not watch 16 episodes of it. It will not bring anything new to the genre.

    1. Hi! Dramafever has a page for the drama so hopefully they obtain the license. Otherwise you can try Viki maybe? I haven’t watched Age of Youth yet, but there’s always a chance for the drama gods to hear our wishes! About Legend of the Blue Sea, I will also be deciding if I would be watching later – we’ve only gotten the first teaser which we cannot tell much from.

  3. Watching 1% of something and Man Living in our house. First one is pure heart, second one is fun, interesting and Soo Ae is amazing. I want to check out Weightlifting Fairy, Night Life and Romantic Doctor. Legend, I’ll binge watch later.

    1. Hi Lea, it’s good to know that you’re enjoying 1% and Man Living in our House! I have yet to watch both but I will keep them for future viewing 🙂 I want to check out Night Light and Romantic Doctor too, when the time comes ^^ Haha I’m still undecided about Legend, will choose later~

  4. 1% of anything! Super love that drama. It’s been awhile since I went crazy for a drama (think the last one was The Master’s Sun). The chemistry between HSJ and JSM is so good and the writing is fantastic. I love how JSM’s Da Hyun stands up for herself and doesn’t tolerate bullshit. Also, Jae In showed actual growth in character.

    I’ve already picked my next fix when 1% ends this week. Weightlifting Fairy! Watched the first 2 episodes and lahved it. It has heart! It has laughter! It has pretty!

    1. Hi Satsuki, I read about the leads’ chemistry in 1% and the pretty well-done plot. Have not watched it yet but I will place it on my list to watch it sometime! Glad you enjoyed the drama 🙂 I see; the only drama I am watching now is Entourage but Weightlifting Fairy sounds nice as well! Thank you for reading and I hope you continue to enjoy WF 😀

    1. Hi! I haven’t started on any of those you mentioned, but am glad you’re enjoying them so far. I’m watching Entourage, but will need to catch up on it. 🙂

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