First Look at The Last Princess

I am lucky to have chanced upon the first trailer released for the movie The Last Princess (native title Princess Deokhye/덕혜옹주) yesterday, considering the anticipation I had ever since the project was first announced. ‘The forgotten history, hidden by the country; the last princess of Korean Empire’. Starring Son Ye-jin as the titular Princess Deokhye, the film will follow the events in her lifetime, from her happy childhood to the nightmare that was her life away from her home country.


The trailer seems to be a mix of Princess Deokhye’s personal life and a hint of her involvement in independence movement, although we will need to see more stills and trailers to make our deductions on the plot. So far, the latest work of Director Heo Jin-ho looks promising with an ominous undertone to it, judging from the first trailer. It remains to be seen whether they will go all out with the portrayal of the princess’ tragic life, but it will be an eye opener if they do so. Well, at least the cast is promising, and we will get to see Kim So-hyun and Son Ye-jin playing the same character in a movie at last. The Last Princess is booked for August release, although the exact date is not yet confirmed.


Title: The Last Princess (덕혜옹주/ Princess Deokhye)

Director: Heo Jin-ho (Dangerous Liaisons, Happiness)


  • Son Ye-jin as Princess Deokhye/ Yi Deokhye

    • Kim So-hyun as teenage Deokhye
  • Park Hae-il as Kim Jang-han

    • Yeo Hwe-hyeon as teenage Kim Jang-han
  • Ra Mi-ran as Bok Soon

  • Jung Sang-hoon as Bok Dong

  • Baek Yoon-shik as Emperor Gojong

  • Park Soo-young as Prince Imperial Yeong

  • Park Joo-mi as Yang Gwiin

  • Ahn Nae-sang as Kim Hwang-jin

  • Yoon Je-moon as Han Taek-su

  • Kim Jae-wook as Takeyuki Sō


2 thoughts on “First Look at The Last Princess

  1. After watching Bertolucci’s “The Last Emperor”, I started to take a liking to stories about fallen dynasties and their descendants, so definitely looking forward to this. I swear I’m no sadist though – it’s just that sadder stories get to me most. :p

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