Remember: Son’s War – Episodes 3 & 4

As we delve deeper into the mystery behind Jung-ah’s murder, more truths are revealed and complications arise. Jin-woo and co. finally get to see the capabilities of their opposition and who they’re really dealing with. The injustice is intensified this week, with more glimpses into our characters’ pasts. And once again, Remember reminds us that this is not going to be an easy road to justice. Time to brace ourselves.



We rewind back to the scene in Dong-ho’s office where Jin-woo offered him money as the fees to hire him for his dad. Now we see that In-ah has followed behind Jin-woo, overhearing his conversation with the lawyer. Jin-woo yells at Dong-ho, wondering why he was refused although he has brought money. But both him and In-ah are shoved out of the building and chased away.

That night, Dong-ho sits in his office thinking of his younger self. He must have seen himself in Jin-woo, because he is just like how he was back then. Even when his underling Manager Pyun asks him what’s wrong, he remains silent.


At the restaurant where Dong-ho was having steak the last episode, he meets with a lady whom is shown a video clip on his handphone. They talk about a 20-storey building in Gangnam, which will belong to the lady after the lawsuit ends. All she is asked to do is to shed a few tears as the judge looks over when the clip is played on court. The call he received was from Manager Byun to give him the news about the building where Gyu-man hit him. There was a reason why he went all the way up to the rooftop. They’ve also found out that Jung-ah was invited to Gyu-man’s party at the villa and that she was seen entering his vacation house.

All these lead to last week’s ending: Lawyer Park is now the defense counsel for Daddy Seo. He tells Jin-woo to lean in before whispering that he has caught on, and someone very powerful is involved in the case. Someone in the audience turns out to be a spy for Gyu-man and he is informed of this latest development while having a massage. He becomes slightly unsettled when he hears that the public defender has been replaced by Dong-ho.

Back in court, murmurs become audible when the first thing Dong-ho says as Dad’s attorney is a request for the trial to be postponed. He needs one more day as he is in the process of locating an important witness to the case. Jin-woo and In-ah are bewildered. Prosecutor Hong doesn’t object to this and later shares a conversation with Dong-ho outside. He muses that it’s interesting both of them have ended up in the same profession, what’s more facing off in the same trial. And he also knows that Dong-ho actually doesn’t have a witness, but agreed to ensure a fair trial since Dong-ho probably wouldn’t have had time to read the case records yet.


Dong-ho formally meets with Dad for the first time and he wants to know the absolute truth, since they are outside of court. It sounds like he doesn’t believe Dad. Showing him the written and stamped confession, he doesn’t understand why he confessed to killing someone if he was innocent no matter how forceful the detectives’ interrogation was. Dad finally admits he faced a threat regarding Jin-woo so he penned it down in order to protect his son. He continues to say that Dong-ho doesn’t need to defend him if the lawyer cannot trust him. Dong-ho agrees to go all the way.


Jin-woo is at Dong-ho’s office to pay the lawyer fees but he doesn’t accept it. Instead Dong-ho makes him promise to use his special ability only for him if he is able to free his father. The lawyer signs his name on a 50000 won note and tells Jin-woo to sign it too, as a contract. They talk about the court case and Jin-woo is told to say everything he remembers from the night his dad didn’t come home. Dong-ho organises the information on the board. At the same time, In-ah is looking up on the case at home.

Dong-ho is at a sauna with his buddy Joo-il, and they chat about Gyu-man’s involvement in the murder, as well as Jin-woo’s hyper-memory. Later the lawyer and Manager Pyun revisit the crime scene to investigate.

In-ah stops Dong-ho as he exits the lift at the court building to tell him not to scam Jin-woo. He just tells her to watch the trial later. The judge is baffled when there is no witness who shows up in court for the defense. He summons the prosecutor’s witness after Dong-ho says that he’ll be coming soon. Prosecutor Hong begins to question his witness, Detective Gwak Han-soo who arrested Dad and took his statement. The detective lies that Dad was intoxicated at the time of arrest, which explains why he couldn’t remember killing the victim Jung-ah. This is a great disadvantage to Dad, but everyone is stunned when Dong-ho announces that his witness is the same detective. The policeman continues lying to Dad’s fury, until Dong-ho asks him to show his gun. He starts guessing the type of gun he uses and a special feature it has: the detective’s initials G.H.S on the handle. With that, he is able to invalidate the forced written confession as evidence. Wow, talk about turning the tables around.


Dong-ho is interviewed by a horde of reporters outside and looking straight into the camera, he advises the real criminal to turn himself in. At the carpark, Jin-woo receives a call after Dong-ho leaves.

Cut to Yeo-gyung in the mansion of the Nam household, giving her chairman father Nam Il-ho (Han Jin-hee) a massage on the shoulders. So she is Gyu-man’s younger sister, as suggested by their common surname. Gyu-man rushes to Chairman Nam’s side upon hearing that his father was calling for him. The chairman tells him to act with caution, now that his succession to lead Ilho Life Group is round the corner. The latest news of the murder case is broadcast just then and Gyu-man watches it, trying not to give himself away.

Later when he is alone with Secretary Ahn, he worries that Dong-ho might have really gotten something on him, judging from what he mentioned on television. He also warns the secretary to ensure that this news does not reach his father’s ears.

The doctor confirms that Daddy Seo is suffering from an early onset Alzheimer’s disease. He tells Jin-woo that cases like this usually mean that the disease progresses rapidly and it will be difficult to give proper treatment if Dad ends up in prison. He also offers help to testify for Dad, if a confirmation is needed in court.

Jin-woo visits Dad at the prison, who is still concerned about Jung-ah’s father and as a parent himself, he understands how her father must be feeling after losing his only daughter. Halfway, he zones out during their conversation and Jin-woo looks at him worriedly. Later he goes looking for Jung-ah’s father who has been released from the detention centre, asking him to believe that Dad is not the real murderer. But Jin-woo is brushed aside, and he shouts that he will prove the truth.

Dong-ho is informed of Dad’s test results and he brings Jin-woo out for a meal. He tells Jin-woo that lawyers do not decide whether their client has committed a crime, so he doesn’t ask for the truth but he asked Dad because he didn’t want to defend him thinking that he did it. He then adds that he is envious of Jin-woo because the father he wants to protect is still in this world.


In-ah alights her bus and spots Dong-ho sending Jin-woo off in the distance. She follows Jin-woo and tells him not to trust Dong-ho too much. She also says Dad being unable to remember things may look suspicious to the jury and that is when Jin-woo breaks the news to her: his dad is not pretending, he really cannot remember due to Alzheimer’s.


Gyu-man goes to a club and to a row of ladies, offers to give them his new car if they bark like a dog and lick some alcohol off a plate. One of them is the lady Dong-ho had sent in, and she does it as Gyu-man breaks out in maniacal laughter. Gyu-man just continues to push it, only to tell her to get out. The friend who was on the rooftop with him the other day comes and she leaves in a huff, leaving a hidden camera disguised as a cigarette pack on the table. Gyu-man and his friend talk about Jung-ah as well as Dad, during which he admits to killing her. The whole conversation is recorded as Dong-ho listens to it in a van, but their cover is blown when Friend is looking for a cigarette to smoke. Dong-ho says it doesn’t matter, since he knows Gyu-man will now come looking for him.

In-ah finds Jin-woo to apologise and he’s understanding of her standpoint because he would have had suspicions if it wasn’t his dad involved. She comforts him saying she would like to know the truth as well.


Just as Dong-ho had predicted, Gyu-man goes straight to his office. As he watches the video clip, he throws the laptop to the floor and breaks it. However, Dong-ho had expected this and made copies of it. Gyu-man offers to pay him more money, to which Dong-ho says he would be surprised if he knew how much he was getting for this trial. We see another collar-grabbing scene between the two after the chaebol becomes enraged with the lawyer’s words.


Gyu-man is furious and orders to be driven to the vacation house, so as to ensure that there are no traces left. Jin-woo and In-ah are at the villa to see if they can find anything at the last place Dad was at, just as Gyu-man arrives. At the Director’s arrival, all the guards are sent away from their positions. This gives them the opportunity to infiltrate the villa, unnoticed. They hide whenever they notice someone’s presence, and end up searching in a dressing room. Jin-woo finds a rack of dresses familiar as he uncovers them. He had seen them while he was on a video call with Dad, but one red dress is missing: the one Jung-ah wore. Jin-woo realises that Jung-ah was here on the night she died, they get anxious when they hear footsteps and in their hurry they drop a table lamp. Gyu-man and Secretary Ahn hears the sound from outside and the secretary checks it out. In-ah and Jin-woo place everything back into their original position, before running away. Thankfully they are not found out. Secretary Ahn goes to another room to check if the murder weapon he had hidden was still there.


In-ah and Jin-woo head to Dong-ho’s office to tell him what they found out, but he is not around. They are told that he has gone out on business, but soon the lawyer’s underlings are called out as well. Now that they are alone in the office, In-ah goes looking through the file regarding the case and sees photos of Gyu-man at the villa, as well as the CD containing the incriminating evidence. She loads it to watch, and Jin-woo runs to her side when he hears a voice. He quickly fishes out his phone to call Dong-ho but the lawyer keeps it short and switches off his phone, because the person he is meeting for a lunch appointment is none other than Chairman Nam. When Jin-woo calls again, the call cannot go through.

[End of EPISODE 3]



At the meeting with Chairman Nam, Dong-ho says he came to convince the chairman but the elder wonders if it’s the other way round, after Dong-ho got a call from him. Gyu-man is seen to be very frightened of his father, worried that he would lose his dad’s favour over this issue. He’s at a loss, and it is only then when Secretary Ahn admits that Chairman Dad already knows about it. Gyu-man is in shock and wants the car to be stopped. He pulls the secretary out, strangling him while asking why his warning was not taken heed of. To Gyu-man’s confusion, he is told that if it was not for his father taking care of the problem behind the scenes he would have been in hot soup already. And that the chairman should be meeting with the lawyer by now.

Dong-ho tells Chairman Nam that he would make sure everyone in South Korea would be able to see the video clip with his son in it through mass media, even if it cannot be admitted as evidence in court. As usual, the chairman offers money (as rich people always do) to give Dong-ho anything he wants but the attorney only wants one thing: for Gyu-man to turn himself in before the trial starts today. And he leaves.

Back at his office, Dong-ho assures them that the trial will be overturned for sure after he plays the video clip on court. And Dad will be freed.


At the Nam household, Yeo-gyung tells her dad that she saw his book and bought it. Their conversation has to be halted when Gyu-man comes in with his secretary. As soon as Yeo-gyung and Secretary Ahn leaves the room, Gyu-man goes down on his knees to seek forgiveness. He gets beaten by the chairman who demands for the whole story to be told. We now see what exactly happened inside the villa, all the way till how the incident happened in the woods. Gyu-man was extremely drunk and after killing Jung-ah he lost consciousness as well. He woke up the next morning, calling Secretary Ahn and leaving him to clear up the mess. He tells Chairman Nam he didn’t mean to kill her, but his dad only tells him not to get scared just because one woman died; there will be many lives in his hands in the future when he succeeds Il Ho Group.

In-ah helps Jin-woo clean the red paint sprayed on the walls outside his home, saying it should be removed before Dad comes home.


Chairman Nam asks Secretary Ahn to release something they have prepared for at the opportune moment. The case will be resolved once someone else other than his son takes the fall for the murder, but the only problem is Dong-ho. He wonders if he has a weakness. The secretary has already done his research and dug up on Dong-ho’s gangster buddy Joo-il. It seems that Joo-il wants to expand his small gang in Bucheon to Seoul. The chairman seems to know what to do…

Jin-woo visits Dad to tell him that he would be able to get out after the trial today. They exchange smiles at the glimmer of hope.


Prosecutor Tak and Dong-ho meet for a meal of soup and rice when the television broadcasts news of Chairman Nam doing charity work. The prosecutor comments that it’s all for show and it’s not the case in his company. He also asks about Dong-ho’s trial, which Dong-ho is confident of swinging around.

Dong-ho is about to go into court and stops to meet Joo-il who has come to look for him outside. On the rooftop, Joo-il tells Dong-ho to lose the trial so as to prevent a stop to his success as a lawyer. He doesn’t listen and heads to the courtroom for the trial.


In court, the doctor has been bribed and lies that Dad doesn’t have a memory problem. He even says Jin-woo came asking him to tell the court that Dad has Alzheimer’s. Dong-ho tells him he can be charged for giving false statements in court but the doctor remains calm and says no. Prosecutor Hong would like to summon Jin-woo as a witness, to which Dong-ho objects. But with this turn of events, the prosecutor argues that it’s important to get confirmation from Jin-woo. The judge overrules the objection and the court is recessed.


Back at the rooftop, Joo-il tells Dong-ho he can never win this trial even if he showed the video clip at this point. He finally admits that he had gotten some benefits from Chairman Nam: he’ll be given construction rights to build a multiplex shopping mall in Myeongdong. He tries to convince Dong-ho that his dream will come true once the mall is built as he does not need to resort to money extortion anymore.

Dong-ho thinks back to the day his father passed away. He was on the same lorry and his dad was acting strange. As he approached a barrier set up by the police, his father had made a sharp U-turn and caused an accident. His last words to Dong-ho was to treat Joo-il as his father when he is not around. Somehow, the accident scene looks very familiar. It’s the same one that caused Jin-woo to lose his mother and brother.


Back in the present, the trial continues. Prosecutor Hong questions whether Jin-woo made a request to the doctor to help Dad. He says no and ends up blurting out that the person who really killed Jung-ah is Director Nam Gyu-man of Ilho Life Group. When asked for evidence, he adds that there is a video that shows Gyu-man admitting to the crime. As part of the jury, Yeo-gyung is shocked to hear her oppa’s name. Jin-woo asks Dong-ho to play the video but he hesitates and eventually tells the judge that such a video does not exist. Knowing that it’s not true, Jin-woo continues to ask the lawyer for it but he is ordered to be dragged out of court.

In-ah chases after Yeo-gyung as she is about to be driven away by her chauffeur. She asks her classmate to tell her brother to turn himself in. Yeo-gyung just leaves and goes straight to her brother. Obviously, he continues to hide the truth: Yes he is a troublemaker, but how could he kill someone?

Jin-woo is in disbelief as he goes knocking on the door of Dong-ho’s office. However, it’s locked and no one is around. Even the lawyer’s mobile phone is turned off.

Jung-ah’s father is crying miserably as he watches a video of Jung-ah celebrating her birthday as a young child. He goes to his daughter’s room and looks through her belongings. He flips through her diary and sees that she went for a singing gig the day she was killed. He then spots Secretary Ahn Soo-bum’s namecard. He calls Prosecutor Hong, telling him this case might well be related to Ilho Group. He heard about what Jin-woo said during the trial and it can’t be a mere coincidence. Furthermore, he doesn’t want an innocent man to be convicted of Jung-ah’s murder; his daughter wouldn’t want it too. But Prosecutor Hong is already having a meal with Chairman Nam…

The next morning, it is reported on the news that Jung-ah’s father had committed suicide. A suicide note was found, so the case was closed as that. The court summons the last witness to the trial for the murder weapon. It’s Kim Hyun-ok, the ahjumma who worked at the vacation house with Dad. As expected, she lies about Dad being secretive and hiding something in the break room when Prosecutor Hong questions her. Dong-ho has no questions for the witness and the trial progresses to give a closing statement on each side. The prosecution paints Dad as a brutal man who had a premeditated murder plan and one who showed no remorse for his actions. All Dong-ho says is for the judge to be lenient with his sentencing. In the end, Dad is given the death penalty. It’s just sad to see father and son being dragged out of court, away from each other.


In-ah confronts Dong-ho but he just leaves without a word. Prosecutor Hong sees Dong-ho outside and grabs his hand for a handshake, which Jin-woo sees as he is pulled out. Yeo-gyung remarks In-ah that she must be disappointed with the outcome, to which In-ah replies in tears that someone’s whole life has collapsed because of the trial she thinks is a game, together with his son’s.

Joo-il and Dong-ho are at a pojangmacha, drinking soju. Dong-ho is evidently upset, and Joo-il looks at him thinking back to what Chairman Nam had said to him. He was about to leave after telling the chairman his threats will not work on Dong-ho, but Chairman Nam told him that Dong-ho wouldn’t be able to continue as a lawyer the moment the video is played. Dong-ho tells Joo-il that it’s not entirely because of him, but without explanation. After all, they’re still thinking about each other.


Thinking about his father, Jin-woo cries silently at home in the dark. Dong-ho also stares at the 50000 won note with the signed names, and slips it back into his wallet. Gyu-man comes looking for the lawyer to get back the original copy of the video. He takes it and leaves, just as Jin-woo sees him go off. Dong-ho exits the building and Jin-woo runs over to punch him. Dong-ho tells the high school student that the trial is not over as long as his father is still alive, and the one who will save him is still a lawyer. However, Jin-woo doesn’t believe in lawyers anymore, and vows to turn things back on the right track himself.

Dad tells Jin-woo that he’s sorry he won’t be able to be with him for a long time, and they tell each other to take care of himself. Dad then asks his son to leave his black shoes by the door, because he’ll be going home alone everyday from now on. Time is up and Dad has to go back into the prison cell. Jin-woo tells Dad he’s going to become a lawyer to prove Dad’s innocence.


Jin-woo attends the funeral service of Jung-ah’s dad. Everyone there starts to point fingers at him and he even gets slapped by a family member. They only quieten down when he calls out “Ahjusshi!” before paying his respects and giving apologies.

Outside, Jin-woo declines In-ah’s help in finding another lawyer for Dad and leaves with his luggage. Dong-ho visits his father’s memorial saying that he has nothing to brag about today. Holding up the 50000 won note, he promises that the contract isn’t over as of yet. He will not give up.


We’re now out of the past, and we advance four years forward.

In-ah is now a prosecutor and goes to trial, waiting for the defense lawyer who is late. We don’t see who it is until the doors to the court swing open- In-ah shoots up, startled as she recognises the attorney: it’s Jin-woo.


[End of EPISODE 4]

This week, we see that the corruption in all the white-collared workers runs deep. From the doctors to the law enforcers, and even civilians. As the saying goes, ‘Money makes the world go round’. In this case, it’s Chairman Nam’s power to influence everyone involved in the trial that might implicate his son. He is such an influential figure in society that he has so many individuals under control. Seeing that Gyu-man is so scared of him, he must be a more ruthless person compared to his ill-tempered son.

With the back story established, we also see how all the characters are more or less involved in this web of injustice. It was nice that the drama took the effort to show us reactions from various groups of people before and after the trial. Not only their facial expressions, but what it meant deep inside for each of the characters in the story. For instance, Dong-ho as well as Jung-ah’s father. His suicide was definitely planned to keep him quiet forever and the last note was obviously forged since he already had an inkling that someone from Ilho Group is involved. From his initial treatment of Dad in court, to the final acceptance of his daughter’s death and someone might have been wrongfully accused. I think Remember did a great job in this aspect.


Dong-ho was a clearly different person the moment he realized he was on a losing end. We stopped seeing the confident, street-smart self in him. Instead it was just his hesitation, and maybe even empathy for Jin-woo who was a mirror of his younger self. And who knew that the same death anniversary of his father and Jin-woo’s family members was not a coincidence. I also want to know how he continues to fulfill his promise to Jin-woo, four years down the road.


Jin-woo shed lots of tears these 4 episodes. Of course, a case of this scale is not something that a high school student can handle. Now that we’re finally beyond the past, I can’t wait to see the change in him after four years. The time that passed could not have been an easy one, but Jin-woo’s courage to fight through the end is admirable.


I wonder what Yeo-gyung will do once she finds out the truth: her brother was behind the murder and In-ah’s words was proven to be right. I hope to see her becoming more involved in the story now that we are back in the present.

I believe that the good will triumph over evil and since the injustice is so deep, hopefully the end will be more worthwhile and satisfying. To beat the baddies who’ve already shown they’re not people to be trifled with, Jin-woo might need to find some allies in In-ah and maybe Dong-ho?


3 thoughts on “Remember: Son’s War – Episodes 3 & 4

  1. IA: “Let’s clean up this mess before your dad returns home…. ”
    At least there was a moment in midst of all these piling up stress and anxiety, that JW smiled responding to what IA said. Knowing at least beside him there is someone who also hope that dad may returns, that someone did genuinely believed dad’s innocent, and that very someone bothered to sense dad may be saddened to see the insulting graffiti on the wall, showing genuine joy that his dad might be coming home, thus giving him a hard-earned moment of comfort. While this girl was actually a complete stranger he met barely week ago on at bus, yet she believes in him, trusted him when everyone else including his neighbors who knew him all these years didn’t. When he was forsaken in complete solitude, no friends or relatives to rely on, In-Ah was step up a few times at the crucial moments, outside the court when he was thrown eggs at, mob neighbors attacked him outside his house, gambling den… etc. She actually sensitive enough to care about how dad feel.

    1. Hi, thank you for your comment! 🙂 Yes these are moments when you feel that humanity stills exists in Remember’s world, full of rich and powerful corrupted people. It was sweet of In-ah to stay by Jin-woo’s side when he was in a difficult situation ❤ Yup and she also saw the video clip Lawyer Park took which captured the truth. It further justified her choice to believe in Jin-woo and his father.

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