Nice Guy: Posters and Press Conference

With Bridal Mask coming to its end this week (and technically today), Nice Guy’s premiere is fast approaching us. Yesterday, the press conference for the drama was held and everyone came wearing black. Maybe it’s to show the concept of the drama itself: dark. This is a melodrama about revenge, after all.

It’s nice to see them all smiling brightly, as it would be almost impossible to see them smiling so frequently in this drama.

All the main cast were present during the press conference: Song Joong-Ki, Moon Chae-Won, Park Si-Yeon, Lee Gwang-Soo, Lee Yu-Bi, Lee Sang-Yeob, and Kim Tae-Hoon.


Song Joong-Ki (Kang Maru)


Moon Chae-Won (Seo Eunki)


Park Si-Yeon (Han Jaehee)


Lee Gwang-Soo (Park Jaegil)


Lee Yu-Bi (Kang Choco)


Lee Sang-Yeob (Park Junha)


Kim Tae-Hoon (Ahn Minyoung)

I just love each and every photo of Joong-Ki and Chae-Won. Maybe the photographer is their shipper, since there were so many photos of this couple!


My favorite set of photos. Hehe

Cute. Cute. Cute.

The three leads.

Noona-dongsaeng love. Haha.

Love how they look so happy in this photo, while in the drama, it’s the complete opposite.

Adorable couple. Teehee.

They look like real siblings!

The official posters actually came out the day before yesterday and I’ve been searching for bigger resolutions, but no luck yet. Guess I have to settle with these for the time being. The posters fit the theme and plot of the drama perfectly. Simple but intriguing.

source: SSTV

EDIT: Here’s the first episode preview from KBSDrama Youtube channel


2 thoughts on “Nice Guy: Posters and Press Conference

  1. Thanks for the updates! It’s SO true..the photographers were shippers. Check these out:

    Holding hands..TOO CUTE!


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