Jin Se Yeon – Elle Girl August 2012


That was my first reaction upon seeing her in the news today. Despite her busy schedule, playing Mokdan in the currently airing drama Bridal Mask, Jin Se-Yeon manages to squeeze in a photo shoot with Elle Girl for August edition.

Although she’s officially joined the entertainment industry since 2010 through a small role in It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl, I didn’t see any magazine featuring her in their photo shoot. Guess it’s not that easy to be featured in magazines nowadays since there are so many actors and actresses around. I’m so glad because she’s received the love call from Elle Girl and she’s too cute to be missed out!

Following her first appearance in Daddy’s Girl, she joined The Duo cast as the young Dong-Nyeo (later Han Ji-Hye), in which I found her character super annoying. After her appearance in KBS Drama Special Daughters of Bilitis Club, she landed herself the lead role of KBS2 daily drama, My Daughter, Flower before becoming the heroine of Bridal Mask.

She’s brave enough to take the role as most actresses that have been approached for the role rejected the offer, afraid that their reputation would be tarnished since Bridal Mask is a drama centered around 1930s, where Japan colonized Korea and it’s still a sensitive issue to be addressed till today. Although she’s quite new and received critiques about her acting, I think she has the potential to go far in the industry and if Bridal Mask can be her stepping stone in improving herself, then I’ll be more than happy for this  cute girl.

The photo shoot brings out the cute and youthful Se-Yeon, all smiling and happy in the pictorial. Youthful is quite an understatement since she’s still young, being 19 years old (20 in Korean age). More pictures and interview with her will be featured in Elle Girl August edition.(source: Chosun News via Naver)

Se-Yeon also made it into another news about her recent college admission photo taken last September. The photo is being compared with a photo of her taken during the interview with Bridal Mask cast, since she’s wearing similar outfit. The only difference is her hairstyles. She does look younger with her hair tucked behind her ears 🙂 (source: Newsen)

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