Arang: MBC Section TV Entertainment

At first I wasn’t planning to put this here…but I can’t help it. Lee Jun Ki and Shin Min Ah are too adorable to be missed out! Apparently, the news feed for Arang: Magistrate’s Chronicle are focused on their appearance in MBC Section TV Entertainment earlier today. The show visited the filming site and had an interview with both of them, all smiling and happy despite their busy schedule.

I’m not that good in Korean, so I’ll just summarize the news based on my understanding^^

[article#1] Jun-Ki unveils his crush towards Min-Ah. He shares his thoughts about her, saying that he feels like watching a celebrity each time he looks at her. Filming beside her everyday, he can’t help but instantly hooked to her and of course, he’s happy to be with her every single day!

[article#2] He doesn’t hide his pleasure of being able to star in a drama with her and says something about Min-Ah’s record of filming with many men (he doesn’t say actors LOL) and his eyes. Jun-Ki also states the three charms of Min-Ah: first, her passion. She kept filming although she hurt her knees and carried out shooting through the night without any hassle. Secondly, her 털털함 (anyone care to tell me what this means?) and last but not least, of course, her attractive point is her beauty.

[article#3] The article also talks about Min-Ah’s charms, but I like the picture used above. Haha!

[article#4] This one is funny! Jun-Ki draws laughter during the interview when he shyly admits that Min-Ah has the prettiest neck among his female partners in his dramas. Haha!

[article#5] Min-Ah reveals the sexy ghost tattoo on her neck but says that it belongs to Arang, not hers. LOL

And now…here’s the anticipated video of Section TV Entertainment. Credit to the uploader and thanks to kpopanda for tweeting about this!

Playful Lee Jun-Ki, adorable Shin Min-Ah and funny poster shooting. See it for yourself! 😉


6 thoughts on “Arang: MBC Section TV Entertainment

  1. I really like mina smile it is very attractive and her beauty of course men always admair her i love u mina more power 4 u

    1. THAT! and the accessories! I want them so much…
      Jun-ki still has his boyish charm but I’m feeling something different, is it the army? lol
      Caaaaaan’t wait. Thanks for making the wait easier with all of your news ^^

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