Team Ryu, Anyone?

Dear Ryu, honestly, there’s too many words that I want to tell you. I’m contemplating right now, whether it’s better if Myung-Wol is together with you or with Kang-Woo. Why do you make me confused at this moment? Why do you suddenly become so cool and grab some of the attention that I have towards Kang-Woo? As much as I want her to be happy with him, I’m also worried about your own happy ending.

Originally, I was in Team Kang-Woo. But as time goes by..the cold-as-a-stone, stiff Ryu proves that he can also be as sweet as Kang-Woo, and more, he starts to show his hidden feelings he had for Myung-Wol. No one knows for how many years he had been hiding behind his straight face. Oh, I know that his love journey will never be easy, but I couldn’t help but support him a bit..

Look at how happy his face was when he finally found her on the mountain! After he tirelessly searched for her, he was greeted with a lovey-dovey scene between Myung-Wol and Kang-Woo, which surely made his heart hurt a little bit.

And this time, he tried to be the one who save the damsel in distress, but unfortunately, the damsel is strong enough to save not only herself, but the one who came earlier to save her. And our Ryu is left to be the savior behind the shadow, unknown to anyone.

But I do think that he himself doesn’t want to be found out about his feelings. Like when he’s actually so worried about Myung-Wol, he tried so hard to hide his relief when she returned.

Kyaaaa~ I squealed during this scene! But our Ryu clearly didn’t like it so much to be touched TT_TT I hoped that at least he took the advantage of that time: held her hand and put it on her lap, not moving away his own head. He does need an acting coach like Kang-Woo.

He still suppressed himself from showing any affection towards her. Sometimes I really wanted to push him closer towards her. Just touch her, she won’t be that shocked.

I personally loved this scene. It’s the scene where Myung-Wol became an extra for one of Kang-Woo’s endless dramas and he kept making NG to torture her. And not like himself, Ryu went to have a talk with him. When Kang-Woo asked Ryu whether he loved Myung-Wol or not, he just shrugged it off. After Ryu saved her, he looked over at Kang-Woo and had this look that’s saying,”Yeah, I loved her.”

He’s probably loved Myung-Wol so much to be able to think of nothing but her happiness. He knew that she’d be happy with Kang-Woo (apart from the mission that they had to complete) and he himself acknowledged her feelings, but still, he tried his best to protect her from In-Ah’s violence. He’s some sort of daddy long legs to Myung-Wol.

Argh, this is really killing me..

Myung-Wol : Senior Comrade, can I quit? I knew it, it’s impossible, right?

Ryu : Me’s really nice if we could quit. It’d be really, really nice.

It’d be nice if both of you didn’t come to the South, but then, this story wouldn’t be here…





2 thoughts on “Team Ryu, Anyone?

  1. I am also having second thoughts! 😀 Haha! Sometimes I want to go ride on MYUNGWOL & RYU-SHIP 🙂

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