2016: Closing Remarks

I know, there is literally only 3 months left to 2017 – at this point a post for 2016 seems pointless, hah. As unbelievable as it sounds, this post has been in the works for the longest time, just that it never made its way to the ‘publish’ mode. I was actually contemplating to forget about it for good, but in the end I decided to put it up regardless of how late it turns out (I apologize).

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Songs Featured in One More Happy Ending

pFour episodes into the series, One More Happy Ending (also known as Happy Ending Once Again) is slowly making its way into my heart, and I can’t put into words how much I enjoy every single episode so far! I have noticed that the featured songs are always spot on with both characters and scenes, so I am trying to put all of them in a single list. If you happen to know any of the songs which I have yet to add here, I will be happy to include them in the post! ^^

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January Dramas: What’s Your Pick?

Happy New Year to all The Talking Cupboard readers! Wishing you all a great year ahead, and may 2015 2016 bring lots of happiness to you 🙂 As a drama fan, I am hoping to see lots of great dramas this year, and January will be a busy month for us…because there are a lot of new dramas coming our way! They’ve teased enough with all the goodies in the last few weeks and thank God, we’re one day closer to all these dramas~

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