Main Cast of Hwajung for KNTV

This is actually the photo shoot done by Japanese broadcasting station KNTV with the main cast of Splendid Politics aka Hwajung (sans Cha Seung-won ㅠㅠ) during the interview session with the stars last month, but I just want to share these pictures here because I love how cheerful the cast looked in them! The drama is popular among the drama fans in Japan, and it won’t be a surprise to me if the station will eventually air the series later. Princess jungmyung, King Injo, Hong Joo-won, and Kang In-woo in modern clothes!

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Posters and Teasers for the Upcoming MBC Sageuk Hwajung

It feels like an eternity since the news about Splendid Politics or Hwajung first came out and the wait is almost over with the premiere date set on 13 April, which is next Monday! After the mixed reactions regarding the casting, the drama is ready to embark on its 50-episode journey, with the promise to stay true to the history without going off-tangent with the fictional parts. Still, it is a drama after all (and not a documentary), so I’m hoping to see a good sageuk which respects the historical facts and manages to fill in the blanks with acceptable fictional takes, making it a decent ‘faction’ historical drama.

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