Moving and Playing Catch Up

Today I did something which I consider a big leap in my life, and it’s related to this blog! This blog has become a big part of me and I am proud to announce that it’s now getting its own domain! Look at your address bar! If it shows , then you have the new address to this blog. I am so excited because it has been a dream of mine since last year and I’ve achieved that dream ๐Ÿ™‚

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Leads of Falling for Innocence Pose for Elle’s April Issue

I love this pictorial for many reasons: the concept are gorgeous and the models themselves are gorgeous! Thank you to ELLE Korea for bringing together the leads for jtbc’s upcoming Fri-Sat drama, Falling for Innocence (or Falling for Soon-jung) in a photo shoot for its April issue, because that’s what we should do for every drama promotion. Yeah, I’m all for it! Jung Kyung-ho, Kim So-yeon, and Yoon Hyun-min shine in the black and white spreads and I’m hoping that the drama won’t disappoint, both in romance and bromance departments.

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Coming Soon to Cable: Mar/Apr

If cable channels were once deemed as optional by Korean household, I am sure that most of the drama viewers nowadays would feel that they’re missing all the fun if they don’t subscribe to those channels. With more freedom to create their contents, these channels have been churning out dramas after another, and their series are worthy rivals of those aired on the public broadcasting channels. The upcoming line up for these channels are no joke either, and I’m already anticipating their arrival.

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Law of the City in New York: Episode 5

The family spent their first weekend in NYC and their first Law Day was filled with the activity to bring them closer to the citizens of New York that was the family marathon at the Central Park. Ailee had invited her friend to come over, hence the family would have their first guest! New people, new things to be learned, and twist in their fate?

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Law of the City in New York: Episode 4

The family welcomed an additional member, Ailee, in the previous episode, and she proved to be a great help to the new citizens of NYC. They also found out the secret of their neighbourhood, Greenpoint, which turned out to be a popular filming site for various television series as well as housing the indoor sets for the series. They also continued their quest for jobs and this week, they were about to experience several things that might be familiar to most of them..or not.

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