New Year Greetings: Grown Ups Edition

Adorable. That’s what I thought of these celebrities all in their hanbok for Lunar New year greetings. The pictures were released by sidusHQ, featuring the celebrities under the company all smiling and looking happy for the pictorial. I’m still waiting for other actors and actresses from other companies for their pictures to be released but maybe they’re just too busy with filming and such. Anyhow, enjoy the beauty of both the people and the hanbok itself!

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Hyun Woo – Elle Girl January 2012

This should be posted last week, or is it before that? But I waited for more photos of him and got another one. Here’s Tree with Deep Roots‘ “Sung Sam-Moon” Hyun Woo,playing with feathers.  This photo shoot will be featured in ELLE Girl magazine, Korean edition, January 2012.

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Boys Over TV

Wait, don’t shoot me for choosing such a cheesy title for this post! That’s the original title of featured interviews for Vogue Girl’s January 2012 issue, so far featuring two actors from the most popular dramas currently: Tree with Deep Roots and Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. Curious about who they are?

Yep, believe your eyes! They are Kim Ba-Wool and Scholar Sung Sam-Moon! Or if you prefer their real names: Park Min-Woo and Hyun Woo. Each of them has their own interviews, but I don’t think I can translate them fast enough. Half a loaf is better than none, right? Now I’m going to stare at them forever^^

source : VOGUE girl Korea