Empress Ki: Eps 32-33

Get hunted or be a hunter! This week is the hunters’ special!

After the victory on the good side last week, it will be out of character for the evil side to lay low for too long. Yeon-chul is planning yet another attack that can end either according or against his wishes. He’s going all out this time, just like what he did back in the earlier episodes. While I’m continuously hoping that he would meet his demise soon and watch his so-called achievements crumble in front of his eyes, I still want to see him putting a grand plan that would lead to his downfall. The revenge would be sweeter if you could witness your enemies falling into the pit he dug himself, and I’m sure Seung-nyang, Wang Yoo, and Ta-hwan would like it so much. I do feel a twinge of guilt for Dangkise and Tanashiri…but good is destined to trample over evil at the end of the day.

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Empress Ki: Eps 30-31

Life is all about choices but we tend to forget that regret is also a part of the choices we make. Last week, we’re given one episode of Empress Ki to dwell in, to analyze, to love, or to hate . Honestly, I am content with it as long as they don’t replace both Monday and Tuesday slots with Winter Olympics coverage. Episode 29 leaves me with a lot of things to ponder and as much as I try, for the rest of the week, to quit thinking about the drama, I can’t seem to escape the constant stream of questions coming out from my brain, especially after watching that short but intriguing preview of Episode 30. What will happen next? Is Ta-hwan going to give in to Yeon-chul’s persistence to make him abdicate? What will Seung-nyang do to help him? How will Wang Yoo deal with the new knowledge about Seung-nyang now being Ta-hwan’s concubine and no longer his? Also, I’m looking forward to the main trio’s reunion, although it’s a reunion that is not without heartaches at the end of the day.

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Empress Ki: Episode 29

“Can you handle it?”

After watching the preview for episode 29, the above question comes to my mind and  it can be directed to us the viewers and also the characters. Truth can be hard to be swallowed and Yoo looks very happy to be able to see Seung-nyang again without realizing that she now belongs to the Emperor. Can he handle the surprise waiting for him? As for Seung-nyang, her fight with Tanashiri can go either way, between a success or a failure. I’m all for seeing her giving a virtual slap on the Empress but can Seung-nyang handle the disappointment of a failure hitting her again? Ta-hwan is mustering his courage to face Yeon-chul and he’s preparing himself in secrecy. He’s getting better at keeping himself composed in front of the old man, but handling the final battle between him, the green Emperor and the experienced old man won’t be easy. Not to forget the bratty Empress Tanashiri, whom I’m sure will not be able to accept the fact that she’s losing her grip on her own position soon.

And the final question to us, the viewers…can we handle the wait for the next episode for another one week?

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Empress Ki: Eps 25-26

There is no turning back once you’ve reached the point of no return.

I’m sure most of us are already excited for Seung-nyang’s return to the palace, since it means one word: REVENGE! I’m tired of seeing the evil side wins all this while and with Seung-nyang in the game, it means demise for all of them. Yum, revenge is delicious when it’s directed at the right person. It’s a lie if I say I don’t want to see Seung-nyang meeting Yoo again, because his eyes are full of fury after her ‘death’ and I hope he will get to know that she’s alive before he make any reckless move. At the same time, I want to see Seung-nyang embracing Ta-hwan’s heart in the future, because he deserves to be loved by his one and only love. Sigh, it’s hard to root for both male leads!

I still can’t believe that we’ve passed the halfway mark. Woohoo!

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