Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo for Dazed and Confused Nov 2016

These two are back together but not as Chul and Yeon-joo; instead, Lee Jong-suk and Han Hyo-joo pair up for an up close and personal couple pictorial for Dazed and Confused Korea. It’s a rare occurrence to have leads for a drama to be reunited in a photo shoot after the drama has ended its run, but I guess their chemistry in W was too good to be missed. Well, Dazed totally did a good job because they look so stunning, and I hope that the magazine will release more shots from this pictorial!

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Magazine Monday – Lee Sang Yoon

The star for this week is Professor Cha Hyun-suk in tvN drama Twenty Again, Lee Sang Yoon! The hotly airing cable drama has been receiving lots of love from both the Korean and international audience, as seen from the ratings that hit up to 6% (which is very impressive for a cable network) and online hype. Life has been really hectic, so I’ve yet to watch the drama but it’s already on my to-watch list 😀 From the positive response the show has garnered, I can’t wait to watch it already! Now let’s move on to enjoy some pretty pictorials he has had for the past few years.

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