Kill Me, Heal Me: Episode Previews

Text and video previews for 2015 drama Kill Me, Heal Me on MBC, credit to KMHM’s Official Website.

Episode 20

Should we open the bag?

Ver A: The sudden appearance of the new alter Mr. X threw Dr. Seok and Ri-jin into despair, while Do-hyun learned the truth about Jun-pyo’s involvement in the car accident which killed Seo-yeon. Chairman Seo had a secret meeting with Young-pyo, Ki-joon, and Do-hyun to decide on the matter of Seungjin Group’s succession.

Ver B: Mr X makes his appearance, causing Do-hyun and Ri-jin to find out the reason behind X’s existence. Jun-pyo woke up after 21 years and the moment Do-hyun and Ri-jin saw him, Se-gi appeared..

Episode 19

Who would despise those two people the most?

Ki-joon and Chae-yeon were shocked to learn about Do-hyun’s Dissociative Identity Disorder, while Ri-on was sad and restless since Ri-jin had decided to stay by Do-hyun’s side again. Ferry Park bid his final goodbye to Ri-jin, and traces of Do-hyun’s new alter, Mr. X started to appear…

 Episode 18

Let’s run away..first, from the terrifying memories.

Ki-joon started to gather information about Do-hyun, while both Ri-jin and Ri-on had the chance to meet Do-hyun’s various alters and handled them well. Do-hyun prepared for the shareholders’ meeting and he was entrusted with complete authority by Chairman Seo herself. However, Ki-joon went to meet Young-pyo and told his father about their decisive point to defeat Do-hyun..

Episode 17

Please don’t hit Do-hyun!

Both Do-hyun and Ri-jin remembered the truth about their shocking past and went into panic mode. While Chairman Seo was busy blocking an article which mentioned Jun-pyo’s name out out of blue, Madam Shin smiled satisfactorily behind her. Do-hyun got to hear the story behind the fire incident happened at Seungjin mansion 21 years ago from Chairman Seo herself…

Episode 16

I will remember this for a long time.

Do-hyun and Ri-jin went to take the Snow Flower Train spent their time together happily during the trip. Madam Shin went to meet Young-pyo secretly and made a request to him, while Chairman Seo warned her to be careful after she suddenly became haughtier than ever. As for Ri-in, she received the invitation from Chairman Seo and went to Seungjin mansion to meet her, but she happened to see Jun-pyo’s photo there, causing a new memory to appear…

Episode 15

Living the rest of my life to atone for the sin won’t be enough; you’re the person covered with the wounds.

Do-hyun started to regain the memories he lost and Ri-on started to find the person behind Ri-jin’s kidnapping. Ri-jin decided to recall the memories of her childhood and this made Do-hyun worried about her. Madam Shin went into a panic state after Do-hyun declared that he would let the whole world know about his illness.

Episode 14

I’ll find out about everything that had happened!

Do-hyun spent his time with Ri-jin and her family, regaining all the smiles he had lost before. Ri-jin’s mother encouraged him to treat Ri-jin well and showed Do-hyun the photos of Ri-on and Ri-jin when they were young. Do-hyun also recalled new details about his lost memories and had his encounter with Nana. Chae-yeon revealed her intention to break off her engagement with Ki-joon.

Episode 13

It’s Ahn Yo-na’s world from now on! Oppa~!

Ri-jin’s night started to be haunted by nightmares and Do-hyun was worried for her; however, it was not easy for Ri-jin to open up about her feelings. Do-hyun then give it a thought again about Ri-jin and Ri-on’s connection. As for Young-pyo (Ki-joon’s father), he received the confirmation that Min Seo-yeon’s child was still alive. Ri-on had the chance to encounter one of Do-hyun’s alters, Yo-na…

Episode 12

If you did it, then I will do it too. Because you’ll become me soon!

It was too late when Do-hyun found out about the degree of problems caused by Se-gi and he fell into despair. Chae-yeon grew even more confused with Do-hyun’s sudden change in his attitude. Ri-jin got to witness that Do-hyun, just like Se-gi had to struggle with the transformation and Chairman Seo went to meet Dr. Seok..

Episode 11

Show me and persuade me with your charms.

Chairman Seo witnessed Se-gi going into Jun-pyo’s ward through the CCTV and fainted from the shock. Ri-jin made the decision to leave home and Ri-on didn’t have any other choice but to send her away. Meanwhile, Se-gi pressured Ri-jin into choosing between Do-hyun nd him, and Ri-jin replied, “Persuade me with your outstanding merit.”

Episode 10

The memory that only you can I there inside it?

Se-gi proclaimed an all-out war against Do-hyun and Ri-jin was frightened to see the cold side of Se-gi for the first time. Chae-yeon, on the other hand, was surprised when Se-gi visited her. Se-gi went to the company and caught the attention of the staff. He also confronted Ki-joon. Madam Shin met Ri-jin and begged for Ri-jin to report Do-hyun’s activities to her.

Episode 9

Turning the fate into destiny..that’s my third mistake.

Ri-jin had the chance to have a extraordinary experience when she managed to meet all the alters of Do-hyun in one night, except for Se-gi. Meanwhile, Ri-on shed burning tears as he blamed himself for creating the chance for Do-hyun and Ri-jin to meet each other.

Episode 8

You must not lose Yo-na at any cost!

Ki-joon proposed to Chae-yeon but she was still angry about his attitude towards her. Ri-jin became Do-hyun’s secret doctor but she was surprised to find out the truth that she had to live under the same roof with him. Thus, began their uneasy and absurd cohabitation..

Episode 7

If you want to save me so badly, then you shouldn’t be late.

Chairman Seo confronted Secretary Ahn about the real reason Do-hyun returned to the country. Ri-jin met Yo-sub and struggled to stop his suicide attempt. Madam Shin ordered some people to find President Min’s child from the past, while Do-hyun began to plan for his strategy in order for him to meet Writer Omega.

Episode 6

Who are you?

Do-hyun kept thinking about Ri-jin without he himself realizing about it and caused Se-gi’s jealousy to grow worse. Se-gi then give a warning to Do-hyun, “If you touch my woman, your woman will be in danger.” After being provoked by Se-gi, he went to visit Ri-jin with a request, that was for her to become his secret physician.

Episode 5

Try to recall, what happened between you and that lady

 Ri-jin, who was kidnapped by Se-gi, received the request to put Do-hyun to sleep forever. Secretary Ahn began his pursue to find the two of them. Do-hyun ended up going to Ri-on’s house and he was introduced to the family as Mr. Ferry.

Episode 4

Just continue living like that, as if you’re not there.

Do-hyun was shocked to learn that a new personality had appeared and this time, it was a little girl. As for Se-gi, took Ri-jin with him and brought her somewhere..

Episode 3

If Se-gi approached Oh Ri-jin with the intention of getting rid of me…

Despite Secretary’s Ahn’s effort to stop him, Ferry Park left for the promised place upon hearing that a lady was being held captive by the bikers. Ri-jin carefully observed Do-hyun, who appeared with a different personality again in front of her. Do-hyun was late to the meeting that was meant for his inauguration as the Vice President. Chairman Seo was burning with rage and slapped Do-hyun without listening to his reason for being late.

Episode 2

You can never forget my different eyes!

AlthoughRi-jin was taken aback by the 180-degree transformation of Do-hyun into Se-gi, she brought him to the hospital to treat his injury after the fight. Dr. Seok then encountered Se-gi, posing as Do-hyun. Do-hyun made his decision to stay in Korea and prepare himself for the succession battle of Seungjin Group. However, while he was getting ready for the board meeting, he received a call from the bikers and learned that Ri-jin was being help captive by them, so he decided to summon the other him..

Episode 1

I don’t even know yet…how many persons are there living inside me.

Do-hyun noticed that another person was living inside him and learned that it was because of his multiple personalities. Chairman Seo called him back to Korea for the sake of protecting his position. Ri-jin went to Paradise Club to find her patient Suk-hee, who had disappeared from the hospital, and ran into Do-hyun, who became totally different and unfamiliar from his usual self..

44 thoughts on “Kill Me, Heal Me: Episode Previews

  1. About the preview for episode 11:

    Thank you for posting it!

    AAAAaaahh!!! Ri-jin is going to find out about Ri-on’s research! O.O
    This episode looks like it’s going to be hilarious and full of serious shocks at the same time. And, when Se-gi has his hand to his head in the car, could that mean that Do-hyun or one of the other personalities is going to come out? So dangerous to have that happen while driving…
    Oh boy, I’m so looking forward to watching this ep. 😀

    1. Hehe you’re welcome!
      Why does it feel that Ri-jin finding out about Ri-on and Se-gi’s headache will be the ending for this episode? Urgh I hope he will pull over and pass out somewhere safe, not in the middle of driving! That might cause another problem later!

  2. For the written preview on epi 12, it didn’t explicitly mentioned that Dr Seok told Grandma about Do Hyun being a DID patient. It just says she went to meet him.

  3. Thank you for the preview for episode 13!!

    Oh my. Oh my. Oh my. Episode 12 packed a wallop and it looks like ep13 will as well in many ways. I’m so glad that they’re timing Ri-jin remembering at the same time that Do-hyun begins taking a stand. I think it was most powerful to have the mysterious child’s identity revealed through her memories -If, of course, her memories are true. I know there are some who think there will be a twist where it will be Ri-on in the end.-, and it’s a great flow of the story to have Do-hyun growing stronger at this time so that he might be able to help her like she helps him. -I’m really, really relieved that it looks from the preview that in this episode at least Do-hyun doesn’t start pushing her away to protect her from the Seungjin Group and their past memories. Maybe that’s just because he hasn’t realized their connection yet, but I hope the writer doesn’t ever take the story that route, or at least not for very long.-

    I can’t believe they are actually going to let Yo-na and Ri-on meet. >< Oh my. They really are going there. Poor Do-hyun’s manly pride is going to take a bruising. I’m probably going to be watching the scene peering through my fingers and bust a gut laughing. ^^;

    1. You’re welcome!
      It will be a great (although not without pains) journey for both Ri-jin and Do-hyun to discover their lost/ hidden memories and help each other to overcome the painful past for both of them. Me too! Instead of the regular ‘I’m leaving/sending you away because I love you!’ trope, I wish that the writer highlights that healing each other’s wounds is more effective by staying beside your partner instead of leaving him/her by him/herself.

      I think that Yo-na probably knows one or two things about Do-hyun’s locked memories, because her appearance this time seems to be longer from the spoilers I’ve seen. Aside from the comedic effects, it will be good if she can contribute to solving the mystery! I don’t really mind watching Do-hyun showing his weakness in front of Ri-on, because I want them to end up as friends somehow…that has been one of my dreams since the beginning 🙂

  4. Hooray episode 14 tomorrow! Thanks for bringing us another preview. 🙂

    Episode 13 was so full, and my stomach hurts even now from laughing so hard during Yona’s scenes. 😀
    At the very end of the preview ep 14 I could hear Ferry Park’s bomb countdown… I wonder if that is just metaphorical effect that the story is coming to a boiling point or if Ferry’s going to come out again?

  5. Thank you for the text previews for episode 15!!

    Sigh, I was afraid after viki translated the 3rd track of the OST “Unspeakable Secret”, by Moon Myung Jin that we might be in for Do-hyun trying to leave Ri-jin after all when he remembered.

    I’m glad that in eps 13 and 14 we already saw Ri-jin suspecting and preparing herself to dig into her own lost memories from her conversations with her parents, brother, and Dr Seok.

    I bet we are going to get a lot of good Secretary Ahn scenes coming up as he supports both of them.

    1. owww….please don’t make dohyun leave rijin side this time…he should be the one protect rijin since he can’t do that when he young right and i agree with you..this time secretary ahn will show his unlimited support towards both dohyun and rijin…hope they can get through all the obstacle and find their own happiness after this..arghhhhh…can’t wait for tomorrow!!!! .

    2. I was praying…no, not noble idiocy for Do-hyun, please! He needs to stay beside Ri-jin, come hell or high water, because he’s the only one who can protect her! But I’m willing to trust Do-hyun this time (and also the scriptwriter!), so I hope I won’t be disappointed!

      (Still, I get depressed each time I listen to that OST, so I have to skip that song on my playlist. Huhuhu)

      1. Yeah, I get the feeling that even if OTP separation comes up there are so many awesome characters, Ri-jin, the alters, that won’t be content to accept it that it at least won’t last long, not to mention the support from Secretary Ahn, Dr. Seok, and maybe even Ri-on. …And, given this drama’s tendency to break the fourth wall and make commentary on itself it might even end up very interestingly presented.

        If Do-hyun does “[make] his decision to leave Ri-jin’s side to protect her.. (from MBC, shown during SOGC broadcast)” then even though he is getting stronger, I bet the stress will cause his alters to assert themselves again. I’m interested if this will lead to the discovery of Mr. X, but I also would like to see more of Yo-sub; not that I want to be seeing him try to commit suicide again, I just wonder if and how the writer is going to utilize him again as a character now that he’s thanked Ri-jin for stopping him and assured her he wasn’t going to try again for the time being.

        I think that Se-gi might have a bit to say too about how Do-hyun tries to handle the situation seeing as how Se-gi knew the whole state of affairs but still pursued Ri-jin and tried to be by her side.

        “Madam Shin went into a panic state after Do-hyun declared that he would let the whole world know about his illness. (from MBC Program Highlights, updated on 24.02.2015)” Oh my, so now both his mother and grandmother will know about his DID…?

  6. Thank you for so faithfully uploading and updating the (text) previews!!

    In response to episode 16’s, I’ve been wondering for awhile now if Chairman Seo always knew where Min Seo Yeon’s child was adopted. However, the way she didn’t react when she met Ri-jin that time before at the office makes me think that she didn’t recognize her new name and grown up face at least.

    So now I wonder… does Chairman Seo call for Ri-jin because she has discovered Ri-jin’s identity when Chairman Seo somehow became aware of the recent kidnapping ruckus caused by Shin Hwa Ran? Or, does Chairman Seo call her because she knows Ri-jin to be Do-hyun’s private doctor…? Is she going to try to get Ri-jin to convince Do-hyun to go back the States…?

  7. Thank you for the text preview for ep17!

    “Do-hyun got to hear the story behind the fire incident happened at Seungjin mansion 21 years ago from Chairman Seo herself…”
    I’m glad that even if we might get to meet Mr. X this week, it doesn’t seem like Do-hyun loses control of himself for the full episode due to shock.
    I wonder what drives Chairman Seo… will it be desperation as Jun-pyo is coming under attack from Young-pyo and Shin Hwa-ran, or will Do-hyun(JS) and Ri-jin’s pleas for her to see him as a human and family member have begun to get through to her…?

      1. watches video preview
        flips a table not in anger but sheer shock made me stand up too fast.

        So, the name “Shin Se-gi”, meaning “new century”, comes from the matchbox he was holding!? -What a great red herring the writer put in having Shin Hwa-ran and Se-gi have the same last name but nothing concrete to do with each other name-wise.- What could Puppy’s name really be then? If he does have a name that is, instead of being only called “child” until after the fire. Here is a totally way out there suggestion. What if the two children were both coincidentally named “Do-hyun” but with different Chinese characters? …Yeah, probably not. It would be difficult for the writer to get us to swallow that naturally, but, but… she’s just made me like the name “Cha Do-hyun” so much…

        Poor Se-gi. Well, it looks like many will get their wish to see him again, since it looked like it was him standing there watching the old memory. I guess the memory of Se-gi starting the fire is one that Se-gi has been holding off on showing Do-hyun(Puppy). I fearfully wonder what can be the terrible end push that caused Se-gi’s creation before the fire. Because it was Se-gi, right? Who started the fire judging by the boy smiling in Se-gi’s characteristic way…

      2. Awgh. At the beginning of this drama I had thought that maybe Do-hyun(JS) had started the fire, but for the last few weeks I had thought that not only were others more likely, I had been hoping that it wouldn’t be him, because this way he has yet another thing he will probably feel guilty about. >-<

        I would like it if we get a scene were Do-hyun(Puppy) and Mama Ji talk… I don’t know what would be revealed in such a scene or what particular use it could have for the immediate story, but I would like for them to have a conversation, because I get the feeling that her reaction would be a caring one…

        1. I know, right?! All the theories we thought about Se-gi’s name…and it ended up being a match brand. Huhuhu..the writer knows how to troll us, and we should be on our toes because I feel that there will be more surprises for us in the actual episode!

          I thought initially that Se-gi might have been the one who started the fire to rescue Ri-jin but the theory died down just like that…and now, that was a possible thing that happened back then 😮 Yeah, Puppy had changed into Se-gi when he was young, and that smirking boy was indeed Se-gi!

          We’ll probably get to learn Puppy’s real (or nick?) name, but nothing hurts than knowing that Ferry Park turns out to be a boat’s name. I guess the alter Ferry was indeed created because of Daddy. He was very gentle and affectionate in the flashback…

          If there’s a group of people who will accept Puppy no matter who he is, it’s no other than Oh Family. I think Mama Ji will see Puppy as another unfortunate soul in the whole ordeal just like Ri-jin. Awwww I really want to see them living under one roof as a big family in the end! She adores our Puppy so much!

      3. scratches head at how wordpress is displaying comments out of posting order again @.@ I thought I had somehow managed to miss your last comment until I noted the time stamp. ^^;

        I wonder if Mama Ji met little Puppy that day at the mansion…

        And, your previous theory, if I remember correctly, that Ferry Park makes bombs kind of like a superhero, fits him being Puppy’s wishes for his father, perhaps. A lot of boys view their fathers as superheroes when they are little, right?

        1. Hmmmm I think it’s the theme O.O Let me tweak the settings a bit…
          EDIT: Yeah, it’s the theme. Urgh I can’t do anything to it except for moving the comment..

          Ohhh she might have seen the little boy, or she might be avoiding people in order for her to bring Ri-jin out of the house, safe and sound without others realizing about it! Looking at the floor where little Do-hyun (or Se-gi!) started the fire, could it be somewhere else inside the house? He probably didn’t even realize that little Ri-jin was already gone from the house at that time…

          Oh God, you’re right. Superhero = Daddy. This makes everything even more heartbreaking than it already is!

  8. Just to be safe. I’m starting a new comment chain

    “Looking at the floor where little Do-hyun (or Se-gi!) started the fire, could it be somewhere else inside the house? He probably didn’t even realize that little Ri-jin was already gone from the house at that time…”

    I noticed that the lighting was very different this time when he was crying for his father to not hit her, too. Maybe it’s different because it’s not a half-dream memory or maybe it’s a different part of the house like you said. It makes sense that he wouldn’t start the fire where she was if he was doing it to save her.
    I think she must have still been in the house though when he set the fire, because Ri-jin said she has a fear of fire as well as basements. She probably was caught up in the fire somehow…
    I wonder though if he thought that she was already safe because maybe if he met Mama Ji he might have told her where Ri-jin was locked up and then set the fire to serve as a distraction…?

    1. Hmmm I don’t think he planned it with Mama Ji, because Se-gi thought that little Ri-jin perished in that fire. Perhaps, the guilt of failing to save little Ri-jin was so great and it was the reason for Do-hyun to block his memories.

      About the lighting…maybe because the boy was somehow overpowered by his strong will to save Ri-jin, compared to how helpless he was in the basement scenes?

      LOL at this rate, I won’t be able to stop blurting out theories until tomorrow! I can’t resist discussing the preview with someone! Hehehehe thanks a lot for the company 😀

      1. Right back at you! 😀 Thank you for being here because this is just so big that I can’t resist discussing either!

        Hmm, I don’t think Se-gi planned with Mama Ji to set the fire. No way would Mama Ji be okay with letting a little boy or anyone else do that, I believe. And, there is a very good chance that they never coincidentally encountered each other while Mama Ji was searching for Ri-jin.
        …I can’t wait for the reveal of what Se-gi’s reasoning for setting the fire was.

        1. I’ve been thinking, though… If Puppy/Se-gi really thought that Ri-jin died in the fire then that would be plenty of reason to block his memories, but did Se-gi really think that? When Se-gi was shouting at the grandmother, did Se-gi mean that they should have saved Ri-jin from the fire or did he mean that they should have saved her from the abuse? …Of course, he did tell Ri-jin that it was a relief she was still alive… So I guess he probably thought she did die.
          Ack. He thought he killed her… I’m already crying just thinking about those scenes tomorrow.

        2. I think Se-gi was referring to the fire when he was talking with Grandma, since he was implying that she should have saved her instead of him.

          He might have thought that it was the last chance for him to save little Ri-jin from that ‘hell’, thus causing him to take the extreme measure that was to burn down the entire house. Se-gi probably started the fire from a point that was far from the basement but before he got there, Daddy managed to drag him away. Poor Se-gi/Do-hyun/Puppy (so many names…) didn’t even get to see little Ri-jin for the last time, and it was horrifying to realize that his family didn’t even acknowledge the fact that another child died in the fire, for the sake of burying the secret of Ri-jin’s existence forever.

          No wonder Se-gi was so enraged, and little Do-hyun was tortured with the guilt that he killed his friend instead of saving her, and he was probably led to believe that he was the one and only Do-hyun to have ever existed in the household after he lost his memories (and possibly brainwashed by his family with fake info).

          That was a cruel thing to have happened to two innocent kids, but the reason why the adults acted like that was also intriguing to me. Maybe the late Chairman Cha was the root of all the evils happening in the house??

          Hehehe Wednesday is almost here and what’s better than spending time spewing predictions and theories for this drama? Heeee~

        3. “He might have thought that it was the last chance for him to save little Ri-jin from that ‘hell’, thus causing him to take the extreme measure that was to burn down the entire house. Se-gi probably started the fire from a point that was far from the basement but before he got there, Daddy managed to drag him away.”

          Ah, that really makes sense…
          What if… What if that day Puppy was told by his parents that they were going to introduce him to the company members as “Cha Do-hyun”? Could that have been what pushed him to think this was the last chance to save her? Would he have been able to understand such a thing at his age…? Did he set the fire because he wanted to stop the party?

          I am very curious about the late Chairman Cha, too. According to Chairman Seo he was too harsh towards Jun-pyo -Ironically, she has been treating Do-hyun(JS) much the same-. Opposite of that Jun-pyo is first a super caring dad towards Puppy, but then goes to the extreme opposite after entering the Seungjin Group again. Now, Jun-pyo was mentally ill but just how cruel or cold was Chairman Cha towards his son?

          A completely random thought, Do-hyun(JS) returned Ri-jin’s things to her house but what about all of Mama Ji’s food containers from all the dishes she made for him? It probably won’t ever come up again in the drama, but trying to return those now would certainly be difficult…. I guess he would do so through Ri-on. Ah- I can’t wait for tomorrow!!!

        4. Now that you mention it, the boy dressed up nicely in the preview too! Maybe because it was supposed to be a big day for the whole family, but remember the flashback of Ri-jin getting locked in the basement wearing gown and frills? That might have happened on that day too! We’ll know soon what little Do-hyun heard from the adults that caused him to start the fire…

          The late chairman might be a strict father and when Jun-pyo failed to meet his expectations, he turned to his daughter-in-law and put his hopes on her. Being ‘abandoned’ by his own father and then his wife probably caused Jun-pyo to lose his confidence and rationale, and it only grew worse when he learned about Seo-yeon’s daughter.

          I bet he didn’t really eat those side dishes when he’s home but if we can get to see them containers again, that will be neat! Hehehe

  9. Thank you @mimi for the’s really interesting to read the comment from you and @zk..many theories involved here and i just like “ohhh..maybe it’s true” and “ahhh,so it’s like this”..hahaha..but my confusion here,what is dohyun real name?maybe that’s will trigger mr.x since dohyun also confuse with his own identity and can personality be able to have a talent to make bomb like perry park?his talent is so dangerous..kkk..i think the late chairman is the one cause all this thing to happen.if he not force junpyo to married seoyun and treat his son nicely this tragedy will not happen but rijin and dohyun might not exist and we will not have this story..arghh..stresss!!!hahaha..can’t wait for the full episode tomorrow so we will know the whole story and hope to see mr.x… 🙂
    *only words from rijin can heal our puppy right now and vice versa ❤

    1. Forget to mention here..that kid actor is really good in acting..i can feel the shin se gi aura at the scene when he started the fire and his crying voice ask his father not hit little dohyun (rijin) is really heartbreaking.. so talented child..

      1. You’re welcome!

        We’re going to find his name real soon (I hope so!) and X can be the alter Do-hyun will create for his own unknown identity as he finds who he really was. Regarding the bomb making talent, maybe because Do-hyun is one smart guy, so he has some hidden talent inside him?

        The child actor playing Do-hyun gave me goosebumps when I first saw the preview. That kid was good, and then Se-gi appeared behind him…ah, I can’t wait for episode 17!

    2. @somebodytolove, this is my fantasy prediction about Mr. X, if Mr. X has secretly been existing for quite awhile already.
      He has a secret room that even Puppy wasn’t aware about. One section of the room is covered with his mathematical findings -He likes math judging from the whiteboard in the teaser.- And, he is also great at playing piano, so the other half has a piano in it. He’s like a reclusive genius.
      He even has a secret spot in Do-hyun’s gigantic wardrobe where he hides his “x” face mask. j/k, rather a silly, little fantasy, huh? 😉

      About Ferry Park making bombs… I think it must be similar to Yo-sub being a talented artist. That’s not something you can do without practice, so the alter must have studied to learn how to make bombs.
      Up on the rooftop off to the side there is a portrait of a soldier. Since Do-hyun was in the States since he was fifteen until now, he has never served the mandatory service, so maybe that is supposed to be a bit of Ferry’s background story? That he was an explosives expert in the army…? Y’know, you have the G.I. Joe action figures… maybe it’s something like that?

      1. mimi: “Now that you mention it, the boy dressed up nicely in the preview too! Maybe because it was supposed to be a big day for the whole family, but remember the flashback of Ri-jin getting locked in the basement wearing gown and frills? That might have happened on that day too!”

        Hmm, I was thinking that might be from the very first day she was locked up. It looked like her mother always had her wear pretty dresses, but when we see her abused she is dressed similarly to Puppy. I think that maybe they had her wear Do-hyun(JS)’s clothes so that if someone glimpsed her from afar they could lie that that person had seen wrong and that it was their son.

        1. Hmmm the boyish clothes little Ri-jin wore were one of the reasons for me to think that Ri-on was the missing child earlier in the series. Hahaha~ That is possible too, for them to dress Ri-jin like Do-hyun so no one would suspect a thing.

  10. Omg!!!about preview for episode 18:
    with so little time we have,can we get happy ending in this situation?please writer-nim make the happy ending for the time i’ve invest for this drama sake!

    1. Oh my, indeed! O.O It looks like the episode is going to be packed!
      Quite interesting that both Ri-jin and Ri-on are going to be meeting Puppy’s alters, and I’m glad it seems like Puppy will come to as well, since he is going to be preparing for the shareholders meeting.

      Hmm, the text preview is still calling Puppy “Do-hyun”. I wonder if that indicates anything.

      Thank you, @mimi, for bring this to us!

      Only a few more hours until the raw will be available on viki. It’s so hard to wait!!

    2. somebodytolove: Yes yes yes…Do-hyun deserves all the happy endings he can get!

      zk: I guess the preview (and MBC) wants to prevent us from getting confused with all the name changes 😀

  11. Thank you @mimi for always bringing us the previews. 🙂
    I am so looking forward to tomorrow’s episode. Mr. X as a magician is just brilliant and promises lots of fun!
    It looks like there is so much fun to be had with the alters I wonder how there will be enough time for things like finishing the Seungjin Group battle, etc.

    Ah~ I can’t wait! 😀

  12. I can’t believe I never knew there’s a comment box here in the preview page. I kept thinking I want to comment on the preview but there was never a good place to do, until I read zk’s comment. Somehow, I’m not excited by the magician twist, we have waited so long for X to make an appearance and he comes in the form of a magician? Really? I’m intrigued how they’re going to play this character, but this late into the story, I feel like they’re robbing us of times that should be spent solely on Rijin and Dohyun. Maybe I’ll just focus on Yona pouting over Rion’s decision to enter the army (to avoid her! haha), and awww, Rijin let her have the bed this time. Finally! Nana is coming to our screen. I can’t wait to see Nana (alter based on Rijin) and Rijin meet up and interact, I wonder what kind of conversation will they have, will it be a touching one like Perry Park and Rijin?

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