Empress Ki: All Previews

Video previews for 2013/4 drama Empress Ki on MBC.

Ep 49 Preview

Ta-hwan: Leave the palace as soon as the day breaks.

Ta-hwan: Even if you end up as a ghost..you can’t step your foot onto the palace ground.

Golta: I will use that authority of yours, Your Majesty.

Golta: I’ve escorted you all this while…it is okay for me to take this much, don’t you think so?

Empress Dowager: Consort…what are you doing?

Empress Dowager: Who knows, you might get your poison..

Ta-hwan: Empress Dowager’s faithful dog is here..

Ta-hwan: These unfaithful, disloyal subjects..I will kill them all with my sword.


Ep 48 Preview

The preview is posted on Empress Ki’s official website HERE.

Court Lady Seo: Prince Maha…has passed away.

Ta-hwan: Did you just say that…Maha is dead?

Seung-nyang: Byul-ah…

Seung-nyang: Bayan..for the thing you’ve done..even your life won’t be enough to pay for it.

Seung-nyang: I won’t be able to forgive the Chancellor who tried to kill Crown Prince Ayu and me.

Seung-nyang: I want to order (him) to be sentenced to death. Is there anyone who is against this idea of mine?

*Bad timing again?*


Ep 47 Preview

Baek Ahn: You’re great, Lady Ki.

Seung-nyang: Are you thinking of getting into a war against me, Chancellor?

Baek Ahn: Do you think you’re capable of being this person’s rival?

A man: Has Baek Ahn’s side made their decision yet?

Leader-nim (?): If the Emperor’s heart abandons Consort Ki, do you think that Baek Ahn will win?

Seung-nyang: What do you mean?

Seung-nyang: Are you aiming your sword at me?

Ta-hwan: It’s Wang Yoo! Wang Yoo is jeering at me…

Seung-nyang: Your Majesty..

Golta: Pull yourself together, Your Majesty!


Ep 46 Preview

The preview is posted on Empress Ki’s official website HERE.

Byung-soo: Now, everything will be fine once Prince Maha is killed.

Dok-man: Hurry up!

Empress Dowager: Prince, what happened to you? This young body..how can an arrow hurt it?

Empress Dowager: See it for yourself, Emperor. How scary and vicious Consort Ki is.

Ta-hwan: Be careful of your words.

Seung-nyang: Do you have something to say to me?

Baek Ahn: The appointment of Crown Prince…I won’t stop it.

Seung-nyang: Are you talking about a deal with me?

Baek Ahn: This Baek Ahn, from now on, won’t have the need for any recognition.

Seung-nyang: The person who wants to protect Chancellor is no other than me.

Moo-song: Are you saying that Lady Ki is going to take care of Maha from now on?

Eunuch Bang: We have to keep this a secret from His Majesty.

Eunuch Bang: The day he gets to know that Maha is his real son..

Wang Yoo: What do you mean by Maha is my real son?



Ep 45 Preview

Taltal: Please think of His Majesty the Emperor only. (Taltal’s voice is <3)

Seung-nyang: Please cry in my place.

Seung-nyang: I don’t have the right to cry.

Maha: Greetings, father.

Ta-hwan: What a fool. Crown Prince’s selection is not to give a chance to you.

Ta-hwan: You shouldn’t have been born.

Ta-hwan: Everyone move out of my way!

Ta-hwan: Love me. I’m telling you to beg for my grace!

Ta-hwan: Consort..Stop thinking that I’ll abandon you if you’re acting so conceited like this.


Ep 44 Preview

The preview is posted on Empress Ki’s official website HERE.

Ta-hwan: Dethronement alone won’t be sufficient for you after the mistakes you’ve done.

Ta-hwan: That’s why, I can no longer spare your life.

Empress Dowager: There’s no way the Goryeo King acts alone. The accomplice must be found out and punished together with him.

Seung-nyang: All of us…which country do we belong to?

Seung-nyang: Are we Goryeo’s citizens or Yuan’s citizens?

Baek Ahn: Please order his execution.

Ta-hwan: Wang Yoo’s death has to be let known to the citizens.


Ep 43 Preview

Ta-hwan: I’ll kill you! Shut up!

Baek Ahn: Your Imperial Majesty!

Ta-hwan: Do you think I won’t be able to kill you?

Seung-nyang: Prince, did you cry?

Maha: You’re spiteful and deserves to be insulted!

Seung-nyang: Be careful of your words.

Ta-hwan: How dare Wang Yoo defied my orders? Get him at once.

Maha: If the King of Goryeo doesn’t step out, I won’t move an inch from this place.

Wang Yoo: He wants to meet me?

Wang Yoo: He’s brave to do so.


Ep 42 Preview

The preview is posted on Empress Ki’s official website HERE.

 Baek Ahn: We are prepared to leave.

Ta-hwan: The sound of your march will be a part of our nation’s great history.

Lord Oh: The only person who can put a stop to this war is you, Consort.

Seung-nyang: I’ll leave to all of you the responsibility to stop this war. I’ll make it happen like that.

The soldiers: We swore our allegiance to you, Consort!

Taltal: Right after getting his throne back, there’s no way Wang Yoo won’t do anything. He will attempt to resist our Yuan Dynasty.

Wang Yoo: The moment I sit on this throne, I will stop sending military support to Yuan Dynasty.

Ta-hwan: Empress Dowager!!

Empress Dowager: Consort had hit the young prince, Your Imperial Majesty!

Ta-hwan: Consort is not someone like that. There’s no other person more precious to me than Consort Ki.

Ep 41 Preview

Taltal: It’s an ordinary song..

Byung-soo: Yes, yes!

Jo-cham: Wh..what? The secret fund is in the mountains?

Jo-cham: It’s there!

Dangkise: Bring the men over.

Ta-hwan: Please stop.

Empress Dowager: You’ve caused an incident that made you a laughing material.

Empress Dowager: This person is incompetent.

Ta-hwan: Empress Dowager!

Ta-hwan: Yang-ie ya, I won’t continue to be a foolish emperor like this.

Ta-hwan: We have no time.Hurry up and move the army.

Baek Ahn: We must not make any mistake.

Taltal: Uncle..

Wang Yoo: This is the last time I’ll see you. (Not clear about this line)

Baek Ahn: What do you mean by ‘last time’?

Wang Yoo: I’ll go back to Goryeo soon.

Baek Ahn: Have you given up at last?

Wang Yoo: We have to remove it completely.

Wang Yoo: Taltal has found out about the treasure here.

Seung-nyang: We have to hurry up.


Ep 40 Preview

The preview can be found on the official website : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/empress/preview/index.html

Seung-nyang: Dangkise, today I’ll set my mother free of her grudge.

(Yeon-hwa probably telling Bayan not to take Lady Ki lightly)

Bayan: Did you see how she glared at me?

Bayan: Both of you didn’t know that Noble Consort is silently threatening me.

Yeon-hwa: What do you mean by threat?

Ta-hwan: After thinking about it, I’m going to make my Consort happy.

Baek Ahn: Yeon-chul is looking at us from the hell, so please stop chasing after Consort Ki’s skirt.

Ta-hwan: What do you mean by chasing after Consort Ki’s skirt?

Ta-hwan: Right now, your attitude is no different than Yeon-chul.


Ep 39 Preview

Wang Yoo: I thought that you might feel burdened..

Seung-nyang: I even survived the poison..

Seung-nyang: How can they escape from this matter?

Empress Dowager: How long are you going to delude yourself into thinking that everyone is the same as Yeon-chul?

Seung-nyang: Empress Dowager..

Ta-hwan: I hereby declare Bayan Khutugh, a lady from the Chancellor’s clan, as this nation’s primary Empress.

Seung-nyang: They’re assassins.

Seung-nyang: Who sent you?!

Bayan: I did. Just a little…I want to show you just a little.

I like this new Empress!!!


Ep 38 Preview

Tanashiri: Maha has to take revenge.

(Empress Dowager giving a warning to Tanashiri regarding the poison: something like she won’t be able to avoid it just because she’s the primary Empress.)

Ta-hwan: You haven’t changed at all.

Tanashiri: Kill me. Please kill me.

Ta-hwan: I’ll send you the poison soon.

Tanashiri: I hate Wang Yoo.

Wang Yoo: Blame me alone for what happened. Please hate me.

Baek Jin-hee is so pretty~


Ep 37 Preview

Yeon-chul: Do you still wish for absolute authority (as a ruler)?

Ta-hwan: I want it.

Yeon-chul: Yes, this Yeon-chul..has become this nation’s emperor!

Ta-hwan: I am ready to die for this fight.

(~and he’s telling the eunuchs not to feel sad over their sacrifice…something like that.)

Tanashiri: Let me go! What kind of imprudent behaviour is this?!

Seung-nyang: To me, you sound like you’re asking to be killed…

Wang Yoo: Have a drink.

Wang Yoo: Hurry up and drink that wine.

Wang Yoo: This might be your last shot in this life.


Ep 36 Preview

The video can be found on the official website here.

Ta-hwan: I will bring the truth about Yeon-chul’s bad deeds to light.

Ta-hwan: I’ve conveyed my wish to all of you. Now it’s your turn to tell me your wish.

One of the governors: Your Imperial Majesty, we have been waiting for this day to come.

Ta-hwan: We’ll raise the army. Tell the soldiers about this.

Seung-nyang: We’ll fight from our hearts.

Yeon-chul: We’ll make a plan to kill the Emperor. Do you get it?!

Yeon-chul: Soon, the Emperor, the Empress Dowager, Lady Ki, and the Imperial Concubines will be killed!

Yeon-chul: Dangkise have sent the news about the victory!


Ep 35 Preview

Ta-hwan: A curse?

Ta-hwan: Yang…Yang-ie ya!

Taltal: If Yeon-chul and ____ is abandoned…

Yeon-chul: Ta-hwan..

Ta-hwan: How bad it was for you to wish to become a Chancellor..

Seung-nyang: The  effect will start soon. Your Imperial Majesty have to regain your firm dignity.

Wang Yoo: I am no doubt a man who failed. Because of my shortcomings, I became a deposed king.

Ta-hwan: If this turns out to be a success, tell him that I will reinstate him.

Wang Yoo: All of you have worked hard.

Dangkise: Father, please wake up! Father, father!

Ta-hwan: Tanashiri, even Maha…I will kill them all, Chancellor!!


Ep 34 Preview

Tanashiri: I won’t let her off the hook easily.

Court Lady Seo: There’s a black magic to kill people using a curse.

Tanashiri: Then..will I be able to kill Lady Ki?

Court Lady Seo: It a type of curse..

Court Lady Seo: There’s a skillful shaman.

(Tanashiri reciting incantations)

A woman’s voice: Are you planning to get rid of Lady Ki? (~A shaman?)


Ep 33 Preview

Dangkise: It’s father’s order. The Emperor and Lady Ki…Both of them will die.

Ta-hwan: I want you…(~This sounds like a hanging sentence there..)

Dangkise: Those two have been giving Your Majesty heartache…and tonight will be the last time (for them to do that).

Tanashiri: Will all of this come to an end just from killing Lady Ki?

Ta-hwan: Where is she? (~No doubt he’s asking about Yang-ie here.)

Lady Oh: (~Is she telling him about a location? Can’t hear it clearly.)

Wang Yoo: Seung-nyang might be the prey. (~Again, not really clear…but run faster, Yoo!)

Seung-nyang: Are you going to kill me?

Tanashiri: How dare you receive His Imperial Majesty’s grace..I don’t know you could be this cruel.

Tanashiri + crossbow + red attire = forever OTP >.<


Ep 32 Preview

Seung-nyang: What is the reason for me to come here?

Yeon-chul: …I’m going to make you the criminal.

Seung-nyang: Alright. If you want to make me the person who tried to harm the Prince, I’ll look forward to it, Chancellor.

Empress Dowager: The Empress had left the Cold Palace?!

Empress Dowager: This is a matter that can’t be overlooked.

Tanashiri: It’s only for the sake of protecting my son.

Byung-soo: In this upcoming hunt…

Yeon-chul: …it’s going to be a sight worth seeing. I will catch a remarkable beast.

Dangkise: The hunter’s targets are no other than the Emperor and Lady Ki…


Ep 31 Preview

Ta-hwan: All of you need to think what you can do first. I need your power.

Ta-hwan: Please wait a little longer. I will bring good news to you. (Bear hug!!)

Governor: Chancellor, the Emperor hasn’t given his decision yet.

Yeon-chul: The talk about abdication is already over!

Byung-soo: The Chancellor, in case of any accident…

Seung-nyang: In case of any accident, they might not be on Yeon-chul’s side.

Tapjahae: Lady Ki has arrived outside.

Yeon-chul: How come a lowly concubine is coming to see a tiger?

Seung-nyang: How can a person who thinks he’s a tiger acts like a cat?

Seung-nyang, you’re so brave to walk into a tiger’s den yourself!


Ep 30 Preview (airing on Feb 17)

Tapjahae: One day, the traitor will be found out when he brings out his sword. (Not sure what he’s talking about…)

Taltal: Now, you need to die.

Yeon-chul: It’s okay if you don’t know the content. Just stamp your Imperial seal. Stamp it! The seal! (Ya, you old man! That poor guy can’t speak, not deaf!!)

Taltal: Honestly, it’s impossible.

Seung-nyang: Even if it’s hard, we have to make it work.

Baek Ahn: We might be able to block it.

Taltal: But it can cause harm to both Your Highness and His Imperial Majesty.

Wang Yoo: I’m here.

Seung-nyang: Thank you, Wang Yoo.

Seung-nyang: Do you resent me?

Wang Yoo: Don’t shed any tears; continue on your path with dignity. I’ll do the same.

My heart!!!!!


Ep 29 Preview

The video can be found on MBC website: http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/empress/preview/index.html

*Everyone gasping*

Empress Dowager: What is happening here again?!

Eunuch Park: : It’s poison! Lady Ki has been poisoned!

Taltal: For now, we have to take this matter outside of the Inner Court.

Taltal: It seems that we are successful.

Yeon-chul: You don’t have to get involved with the matter that should be dealt by the Empress.

Tanashiri: I’ll conclude this case. I’m sure the criminal is now inside the preparation room.

Wang Yoo: Search their storage room.

Eunuch Bang: Now, what’s left for us to do is to meet Seung-nyang.

Poor Yoo, he doesn’t know who he’s going to meet soon! It’s not Seung-nyang, but Lady Ki…


Ep 28 Preview

Ta-hwan: I have to show it to her that I can do it…so that Yang-ie will be happy.

Golta: Your Imperial Majesty..

Seol-hwa: What are you doing right now?

Seung-nyang: You’ve done a big mistake.

Wang Yoo: (…) We have to show those guys right now.

Wang Yoo: You guys won’t be able to kill me.

Taltal: Protecting a crime, you say?

Seung-nyang: I’m thinking of replacing the Empress’ ____.

Seung-nyang: Once an arrow is released, there is no turning back.

Baek Ahn: We will act according to Lady Ki Jaein’s idea.

Empress Dowager: What about the results?

Dangkise: The Empress has been caught in a trap.

Bi-soo: (…) This will end here, Wang Yoo..


Ep 27 Preview

Court Lady Seo: Your Highness! Your Highness…

Tanashiri: He’s calling that Lady Ki again tonight?

Yeon-chul: Hahaha! He sure thinks he’s a man. (Not so sure about this one.)

Tanashiri: If there’s no criminal, then we ought to make one.

Tanashiri: I will make Lady Ki as the criminal.

Seung-nyang: This time, I will start the fight.

Tanashiri: I can’t stand any of this anymore.

Tanashiri:I will teach that woman a lesson. Get ready for it.


Ep 26 Preview

Yeon-hwa: Congratulations for your entrance to your quarters.

Maids: Congratulations, Your Highness.

Yeon-hwa: Let’s see what you got.

Baek Ahn: The influence of the selection outcome is bigger than what I’ve thought of.

Taltal: We might lose them at this rate.

Yeon-chul: I will remove the Emperor from his throne.

Tanashiri: Are you thinking of taking over the throne?

Taltal: There are two ways to deal with Yeon-chul: get killed by him or beg for his mercy.

Ta-hwan: I’m happy to meet you again but meeting you on a day like this makes me sad.

Ta-hwan: I can’t even lend you my strength.

Empress Dowager: Tonight is the consummation night with the concubine.

Empress Dowager: Tell Lady Ki to prepare herself for the night.

Tanashiri: The fact that I have to see that girl is due to my lacking. It’s my fault.

Tanashiri: This will teach you a lesson (…)

Tanashiri: How dare that girl challenge me for a fight? I’ll see through it until the end.


Ep 25 Preview

The preview is posted on the official website: http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/empress/preview/index.html

Dok-man: What are you thinking to come here?

Seung-nyang: There is no turning back for me if I want to live.

Dok-man: Just give up on the concubine selection.

Ta-hwan: Yang-ie…find out about Yang-ie’s news.

Golta: Your Imperial Majesty! You can talk…

Ta-hwan: The fact that I’ve recovered…I want to keep it a secret for now.

Court Lady Seo: Which one are you going to select among the candidates?

Tanashiri: I’m thinking of letting none of them in.

Tanashiri: Just wait and see. If they dare to come against me, then it’s poison for them.


Ep 24 Preview

(I can’t really hear what they’re saying…so take the lines with a grain of salt.)

Ta-hwan: There isn’t any Buddha. If there is one, He would never took Yang-ie away from me. (And then he talks about  a world without smile..or something like that)

Taltal: For this concubine selection, who’s the candidate you’re sending there?

Seung-nyang: Please send me there.

Wang Yoo: When you’re in my arms, the heart is also there (???).

Wang Yoo: I will avenge Seung-nyang.

Dok-man: It was the Empress’ order. Yang-ie too, because of it..

Golta: He’s crying (?) because of Yang-ie.

Dok-man: Your Imperial Majesty, the candidates for the concubine selection are here!

Ta-hwan: Yang-ie! Yang-ie ya!


Ep 23 Preview

(Only the official website has it. Here’s the link: http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/empress/vod/)

Dok-man: Your Imperial Majesty…Lady Park is badly injured!

Ta-hwan: Yang-ie…what about Yang-ie?

Hong-dan: They were all dead.

Wang Yoo: Are you sure about it?

Wang Yoo: Seung-nyang…I will kill those people who made you like that with the most painful death. Watch over me, Seung-nyang..

Tanashiri: This child…I will take him…and give them the poison.

Yeon-chul: Have you heard that your Empress is having your child?

Ta-hwan: Golta, please kill me. You have to end this worthless piece of life!


Ep 22 Preview

Ta-hwan: Please treat her wound first!

Ta-hwan: Why is her face so pale?

Ta-hwan: We have to hide Seung-nyang in the harem.

Dangkise: Please allow the Commander to conduct a search inside the harem.

Ta-hwan: Is it confirmed that they are hiding inside there?

Dangkise: We can’t confirm it yet.

Ta-hwan: I don’t have the Emperor’s complete power. Without the power, I won’t be able to anything, eventually.

Dok-man: Lady Jae-in (Lady Park’s rank) will help to send you away.

Tanashiri: Even if my eyes (…), I can’t witness that woman having His Imperial Majesty’s child! If you can kill that woman off…please stop me from crying tears of blood, brother.

Jo-cham: Soon, the hunters will launch their attack.

Seung-nyang: I will never forget those who have helped me.


Ep 21 Preview

Eunuch Bang: …How dare those immature things..

Taltal (?): Yeon-chul is not dead. In the end..(He’s whispering O_O)

Baek Ahn: Those who knew about the truth…no one should have his life spared.

Moo-song: But it is strange..Dangkise knew about us..(again, not clear!)

Yeon-chul: (asking about something, probably the update)

Byung-soo: They’re in front of the house.

Yeon-chul: It will be able to stop them.

Yeon-chul: Just say what your wish is.

Wang Yoo: Please make me the King of Goryeo.

Yeon-chul: I won’t abandon a tiger (like you).

Ta-hwan: All the warriors are ready. No one is beside Yeon-chul at the moment. Go there and end his life right now!


Ep 20 Preview

Jeombakyi: There’s no doubt that they’re in a tight situation right now.

Tutor Jang: Anyway, it seems like a poison.

Eunuch Bang: If His Majesty is accused for the death, then who will be inflicted?

Wang Yoo: In the end, Yeon-chul needs to be protected(?).

Tapjahae: ___ please help us!

Wang Yoo: People will be blinded(?).

Eunuch: What’s everyone going to do when we return to Goryeo?

Wang Yoo: Do you want to be my Queen?

Ta-hwan: What should I do? There’s not much time left..Wang Yoo, I will surely take Seung-nyang away from you.

Ta-hwan: Tonight, everything will change..

A man: Wang Yoo the criminal, accept the order!

Wang Yoo: What crime did I commit?

Ta-hwan: Are you asking because you don’t know?

Eunuch Bang: Your Majesty!

Ta-hwan: Do you want to be an accomplice?

Seung-nyang: If you’re doing this because of me, then you’re a coward.



Ep 19 Preview ver 2 (010114) – shared by chesire cat

Ta-hwan: This is an imperial order. Hurry up and put Nyang down!

Wang Yoo: Seung-nyang isn’t a court lady anymore.

Ta-hwan: Wasn’t Yeon-chul the one who spared Seung-nyang?!

Yeon-chul: What are you going to do about it?

Ta-hwan: I’d like it if those people disappear from my sight forever. Yeon-chul and of course, Wang Yoo…kill them.

Wang Yoo: Will it be possible to kill you, Chancellor (Yeon-chul)?

Ta-hwan: Both of you have to find out why Wang Yoo has been meeting Yeon-chul secretly, what are they planning…

Yeon-chul: What is wrong with him?

Ta-hwan: If there’s a plan to make the change, then this is the chance to end Yeon-chul’s life. Those two…kill them.

Seung-nyang: Please find me a bow..

Seung-nyang: If I can become the old SN again, then I will be able to help His Majesty.


Ep 19 Preview (291213) – shared by chesire cat

Ta-hwan: This is an imperial order. Hurry up and put Nyang down!

Wang Yoo: Seung-nyang isn’t a court lady anymore.

Wang Yoo: Get out of my way!

Ta-hwan: I’d like it if those people disappear from my sight forever. Yeon-chul and of course, Wang Yoo…kill them.

Wang Yoo: Will it be possible  to kill Chancellor (Yeon-chul)?

Ta-hwan: Both of you have to find out why Wang Yoo has been meeting Yeon-chul secretly, what are they planning…

Tapjahae: What is wrong, hyung-nim?!

Yeon-chul: What is wrong with him?

Tapjahae: Pull yourself together!

Ta-hwan: If he is indeed helping him to change the history, then this is the chance to end Yeon-chul’s life. Those two…kill them.

Seung-nyang: Please find me a bow..

Seung-nyang: If I can become the old SN again, then I will be able to help His Majesty.


Ep 18 Preview

Ta-hwan: My late father’s curse has begun.

Yeon-chul: Who told Your Imperial Majesty about that absurd thing?

Ta-hwan: Are you trembling with fear?

Yeon-chul: What did you say?

Seung-nyang: His Imperial Majesty has made the Chancellor, Yeon-chul uneasy.

Tapjahae: The people who were searching for the blood letter are inside.

Yeon-chul: Your Imperial Majesty, was it you?

Ta-hwan: Is it a wrong thing to do..for a son to find his late father’s will?!

Yeon-chul: You being dead is something that many people will be fond of..

Seung-nyang: Your Majesty!

Ta-hwan: I’m issuing an imperial order.

Ta-hwan: You can’t receive any invitation meet, or smile when you see him, and don’t you dare to cry in front of me because of that man.

Dangkise: I have a very good method to utilize that affection between you two..


Ep 17 Preview ver. 2 (211213) – shared by chesire cat

Wang Yoo: If it’s really okay…then (…) anything.

Ta-hwan: Why don’t you offer me a hug instead of your back?

Seung-nyang: That is just an unlucky thought of you.

Ta-hwan: I’ll be fighting against the Chancellor (Yeon-chul) so that I don’t have to show my weak side to you again..You have to stay beside me, protecting me..

Golta: Then, Yeon-chul isn’t aware that you know about the day..

Ta-hwan: It will be enough if I die..

Yeon-chul: This brat really want to die..

Wang Yoo: (Something) need to be prepared..

Ta-hwan: That’s why, Seung-nyang, you have to help me secretly..

Seung-nyang: Won’t you remove your hands?


Ep 17 Preview

Yeon-chul: Emperor Myungjong’s curse…I am not afraid of a dead man’s curse!

Yeon-chul: This Yeon-chul who is still alive, my curse..I’ll show you properly!

Ta-hwan: Chancellor..

Yeon-chul: You being dead is something that many people will be fond of..

Seung-nyang: Your Majesty!

Dangkise: I have a very good method to utilize that affection between you two..


Ep 16 Preview

Yeon-chul: Just live like a corpse, living as if you’re dead.

Ta-hwan: There’s a notice inside the palace.

Empress Dowager: The world that we’re anticipating for…it might come sooner.

Ta-hwan: You’re very arrogant.

Ta-hwan: Even after that night’s drunk mistake…

Seung-nyang What kind of mistake have I done?

Golta: *gasping*


Ep 15 Preview

Golta: Can’t you really remember about it?

Ta-hwan: This brat. You should have stopped it.

Dangkise: Don’t misunderstand. It’s not that I couldn’t kill you. I didn’t kill you.

Wang Yoo: Just stay still.

Seung-nyang: It’s dangerous over here.

Seung-nyang: Your Majesty’s life…

Wang Yoo: The moment I was deposed, I already died.

Ta-hwan: Ahhh, there’s nothing that I can do…

Ta-hwan: That Wang Yoo guy, being someone spiteful but still, his good looks blow people away…

Wang Yoo: The Office of the Secretaries. If it can be used to our benefit…

Moo-song: But then, it won’t be easy to send the scroll away.

Seung-nyang: I can help.

Wang Yoo: Don’t ever appear in front me again.

Seung-nyang: Do you simply see me as a court lady serving His Majesty the Emperor?

Wang Yoo: I too, won’t ever look for you anymore.


Ep 14 Preview

Wang Yoo: Did you happen to see Seung-nyang?

Ta-hwan: From now on, you’re prohibited to say anything except reading books in front of me.

Dangkise: Did the late Emperor Myungjong wrote a blood letter? ?

Wang Go: Do you believe that Commander Geopseol committed suicide?

Yeon-chul: How about drinking this poison and close your eyes for good? It will be a happy future for you.

Ta-hwan: I’ll make things happen according to my wish.

Seung-nyang: Your Majesty!

Ta-hwan: If it’s not me but Wang Yoo, would you push me away?

[OMG Wang Yoo is dolling himself up!!! XD]

Eunuch Bang: In front of the garden, His Majesty will be waiting there!

Wang Yoo: Seung-nyang ah, why aren’t you coming? Hurry up and come here!

~I can’t stop flailing over Yoo’s hairstyle at the beginning of the preview. Kyaaaaaaahhh~


Ep 13 Preview

Wang Yoo: Seung-nyang, how are you faring so far?

Seung-nyang: Your Majesty!

Ta-hwan: I said don’t move!

Tanashiri: Drag that person away.

Ta-hwan: Search through this child’s body!

Ta-hwan: Why didn’t you come to find me before this? Why are you hiding your lover?

Seung-nyang: No!

Ta-hwan: Plus, do you hate me?

Seung-nyang: Please don’t expect anything from me. I won’t do anything for Your Majesty’s sake.

A man: What should I do?

Dangkise: Kill her. That girl needs to be killed off. There will be no regret.

Ta-hwan: Come closer.

Ta-hwan: Do not stay further than several steps from me.

Yeon-chul: This brat!!

Yeon-chul: All of them?

Wang Go: We assume that everyone at the border was killed.

Golta: Your master, the deposed king has died.

Seung-nyang: Your Highness…


Ep 12 Preview

Ta-hwan: I’m not coming here because I want to see her.

Ta-hwan: What a rude girl.

Seung-nyang: Please let me go.

Ta-hwan: How dare you?!

Ta-hwan: Why do you refuse it? Every single woman in this harem wants to be in my embrace…

Yeon-hwa: Her Highness the Imperial Concubine (Lady Park) has fainted.

The Maids: Your Highness!

Tanashiri: The despicable woman that you’re hiding..

Hong-dan: The pregnant concubine had a her period?

Ta-hwan: I will prevent it from happening with all my might.

Ta-hwan: Chancellor, please take back your order.

Bi-soo: In the end, he’s not someone who will give up so easily.

Wang Yoo: I will catch Batoru with my own hands. Until that time, this war will never come to an end.

Wang Yoo: Seung-nyang, please protect me in this war. We will surely meet again.


Ep 11 Preview

Tanashiri: Don’t let yourself caught in the act. Be careful at all times.

Seung-nyang: Yes, I understand.

Dangkise: The maid that will  help us..is it that child?

Ta-hwan: Why are you looking elsewhere? This is an imperial order. Lift your head up.

Ta-hwan: From now onwards, I will never go to find that child first!

Byung-soo: There’s something going on with them.

Park Bul-hwa: I’ve lit up the torch.

Eunuch Bang: They will attack us.

Wang Yoo: Answer me, are we being used as the shield?

Yeon-chul: This ignorant brat! War is fought using sword while politics are dealt with words!

Ta-hwan: Are you laughing at me? Alright, it’s better if you laugh to your heart’s content. A fool, half-wit, horse dung, just call me whatever you like!


Ep 10 Preview

Ta-hwan: What kind of order is it?

Yeon-chul: Do you want to meddle in the state’s affairs?

Ta-hwan: What is the role of myself as someone who is living inside this palace?

Ta-hwan: What is the real reason for me to stay alive?

Wang Yoo: I’ll slice your neck tonight.

Taphajae: (…) If he’s to stay alive, he will still die by Yeom Byung-soo’s sword.

Ta-hwan: That’s impossible. Seung-nyang was a man.

Ta-hwan: Seung-nyang…

Tanashiri: I don’t like that girl. She might have caught His Majesty’s weakness.

Tanashiri: This matter…carry it out secretly.

A man: Do you know what’s inside this envelope?

Tanashiri: The person who brought this envelope to you…kill her.


Ep 9 Preview

Tanashiri: There’s no simple way to capture a man’s heart.

Yeon-hwa: Don’t you ever know about the Empress’ temper? She’d cause a blood bath to occur.

Dangkise: There’s something going on in the inner court.

A girl: Someone might have received (His Majesty’s) grace.

A man: Who’s that person?

Yeon-chul: You’ll act according to my orders, or face the consequences.

Ta-hwan: I can’t breathe and I can’t stand it!

Ta-hwan: Look at me. Just stay like that and look at me. Don’t make any move.

Tanashiri: A lowly maid like you…I ought to make this low woman…

Ta-hwan: Stop it!

Seung-nyang: My heart is already swallowed by darkness. My feelings…don’t you ever understand my feelings?

Wang You: I miss you. I missed you so much..


Ep 8 Preview

Seung-nyang: Don’t bother me after this. Even the Grim Reaper fear me.

Wang Yoo: Give them to me and I’m going to make a new army.

Baek Ahn: Bring the two people forward and let them decide their fate.

Seung-nyang: Can you tell me anything about His Majesty?

One of the maids: Because of his first night, he’s receiving lessons about that!

Yeon-chul: You have to consummate your marriage on the first night no matter what it takes.

Empress Dowager: She shouldn’t be allowed to consummate the marriage with you.

Wang Yoo: The Goryeo people are dying.

Wang Yoo: Block them!!

Tanashiri: Come to me. Your Majesty is my owner.

Empress Dowager: First, we’ll have to select a concubine for you. I’m in the process of selecting the concubine personally.

Dok-man: Tonight, you’ll be going to the concubine’s room. Get ready.


Ep 7 Preview

Jeombakyi: Seung-nyang is actually a woman.

Dangkise: You’ll be mine when we reach the city.

Empress Dowager: You have to handle Tanashiri’s empress education and she won’t have it easy.

Dok-man: If you fail this, you won’t be able to become the empress.

Dok-man: Again. Again. Again.

Tanashiri: I won’t, I won’t, I won’t, I said!

Wang Yoo: Seung-nyang, what will happen to her?

Dangkise: Following my orders, just like how a slave should be.

Golta: Have you ever felt something like that?

Ta-hwan: If I meet that kid, my heart will beat faster. I don’t know what’s really happening.

Dangkise: I’m your owner, Dangkise!

Seung-nyang: No, Your Majesty!

Wang Yoo: Let me go, I have to kill this man!


Ep 6 Preview

Tutor Jang: Why aren’t you waking up? (to Ta-hwan)

Dangkise: At this moment, it’s better if we kill the Crown Prince.

Ta-hwan: Save me, Chancellor Yeon-chul.

Yeon-chul: We’ve finished talking about the Goryeo throne!

Wang Yoo: Just kill me alone and don’t touch the country!

Wang Go: Goryeo will receive Yuan’s grace as part of its nation.

Yeon-chul: Now, Your Majesty will be protected by me.

Ta-hwan: Thank you, Chancellor!

Yeon-chul: But in return, you have to make Tanashiri your primary empress.

Dangkise: I can’t stand the sight of you in front of me.

Seung-nyang: Please don’t shoot!

Yeon-chul: Who tried to kill Your Highness the Crown Prince?!

Ta-hwan: Ki Ja-oh…The one who pointed the sword at me was Ki Ja-oh..

Seung-nyang: Shut your mouth!!


Ep 5 Preview

Byung-soo: Dangkise, you have to find the Crown Prince first.

Wang Go: Post this sketch and offer a reward!

Ta-hwan: I can’t do anything. I’m someone who can accomplish nothing, Seung-nyang!

Seung-nyang: If you want to live, if you want to be the emperor, you have to jump.

Byung-soo: Seung-nyang, you rascal…I’ll kill you with my own hands!

Yeon-chul: Do you want to see a blood bath on this Goryeo land?

Byung-soo: Commander Ki Ja-oh attacked the Crown Prince and set fire to Daechung Island.

Wang Yoo: I’ll kill Yeon-chul with my own hands!

Seung-nyang: Crown Prince!!

Ta-hwan: Jump!!

Wang Yoo: No, Seung-nyang. you can’t die!

Ta-hwan: Don’t die, Seung-nyang. Don’t die, Seung-nyang.


Ep 4 Preview

Yeon-chul: No one can escape this alive. This is the only way to put the blame on Goryeo. Understand?!

Wang Yoo: I can forgive you for siding with Yuan, but selling of Goryeo is something that I can’t forgive.

Baek Ahn: Take Crown Prince’s head! We can’t lose him!

Wang Yoo: This is a royal order. Don’t smile like that anymore.

Eunuch Bang: Seung-nyang is a man.

Ta-hwan: Aish, really!

Ta-hwan: Give Seung-nyang to me.

Commander Ki: You have to stay alive. Stay alive and protect the Crown Prince at all cost.

Ta-hwan: If I die, you won’t get out of this alive.

Ta-hwan: Seung-nyang is inside! Seung-nyang is still inside!

Wang Yoo: No!


Ep 3 Preview

Wang Go: You have to kill the Crown Prince personally.

Wang Yoo: The Crown Prince must not die on this Goryeo land!

Baek Ahn: If you take a look at it, then you won’t be able to walk away alive.

Ta-hwan: Ah…wait, wait! I’m Yuan’s…

Seung-nyang: If you’re the Crown Prince, then I’m the Jade Emperor, rascal!

Tutor Jang: Crown Prince, you have to hurry!

Someone else: That person is Yuan’s Crown Prince.

Ta-hwan: Please save me, General Baek Ahn.

Seung-nyang: I’m someone who was sent to Yuan as a tribute.

Taltal: Protecting the Crown Prince…from whom?

Wang Yoo: From those who want to kill him.


Ep 2 Preview

Wang Yoo: Do you think I can’t kill you when you tell me to kill you?!

Wang Go: I can check whether Seung-nyang is the betrayer or not.

Someone else: Kill all of them! Don’t spare anyone!

Wang Go: You have to prevent the Crown Prince from returning to the palace at any cost, even if it means killing him!

Wang Yoo: The Crown Prince is exiled to Goryeo in order to kill him.

Baek Ahn: Tonight..it will end tonight..

Yeon-chul: If the Crown Prince die on Goryeo’s land, Goryeo will have to bear the responsibility.

Wang Yoo: Tie him up again.

Someone else: Get rid of him. This is King of Shimyang’s order.


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  1. omg!!! m confused,angry wat exactly is TH doing?!! can Empress Dowager die already!!! Bayan chose the wrong person to mess with.y Cant TH stop being so immature,am not liking this new TH. waited all night for the recap Thank u!!! happy new month

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