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송중기 (Song Joong-ki)

  • 10asia Feb 2009 (c)

   10asia+feb+09_2  10asia+feb+09_3  10asia+feb+09_6  10asia+feb+09_7  10asia+feb+09_8

10asia+feb+09_4  10asia+feb+09_5

  • allure Oct 2009 (c)

  • ELLE girl Oct 2009 (c)

elle+girl+oct+09_1  elle+girl+oct+09_2

  • ELLE Dec 2009 (c)

  • Singles Dec 2009 (c)


song+joong+ki+singles+dec09+2  song+joong+ki+singles+dec09+3

song+joong+ki+singles+dec09+4  song+joong+ki+singles+dec09+5

  • CeCi Feb 2010 (c)

  • NYLON Feb 2010 (c)

nylon+feb+2010_3nylon+feb+2010_7 nylon+feb+2010_4 nylon+feb+2010_2  nylon+feb+2010_6

  • CeCi Mar 2010 (c)

ceci+mar+2010_1  ceci+mar+2010_2

  • InStyle Mar 2010 (c)

instyle+mar+2010_1  instyle+mar+2010_5  instyle+mar+2010_4

instyle+mar+2010_3  instyle+mar+2010_2  instyle+mar+2010_6

  • VOGUE girl Apr 2010 (c)

vogue+girl+april+2010_4  vogue+girl+april+2010_3

vogue+girl+april+2010_2  vogue+girl+april+2010_1

  • HIGH CUT Jun 2010 (c)

high+cut+jun+2010_4  high+cut+jun+2010_5

high+cut+jun+2010_3  high+cut+jun+2010_1  high+cut+jun+2010_2

  • ELLE July 2010 (c)



  • ELLE girl Aug 2010 (c)



  • Harper’s BAZAAR Oct 2010 (c)


  • allure Dec 2010 (c)

  • ELLE Dec 2010 (c)

  • ELLE Jan 2011 (c)




  • COSMOPOLITAN Mar 2011 (c)



  • HIGH CUT Apr 2011 (c)


  • InStyle Jul 2011 (c)


  • NYLON Aug 2011 (c)



  •  VOGUE girl Aug 2011 (c)





  •  W Sept 2011 (c)




  • VOGUE Nov 2011 (c)


  • GQ Dec 2011 (c)


  • CeCi Jan 2012 (c)



  • Dazed & Confused Feb 2012 (c)

  • allure May/June 2012 (c)



  • 1st Look Vol 28 (c)



  • ELLE Sept 2012 (c)



  • Harper’s BAZAAR Oct 2012 (c)


  • VOGUE Oct 2012 (c)



  • Singles Dec 2012 (c)


songjoongki+singles+dec12+5  songjoongki+singles+dec12+8  songjoongki+singles+dec12+10

songjoongki+singles+dec12+11 songjoongki+singles+dec12+6   songjoongki+singles+dec12+7

  song+joong+ki+singles+dec12+3  songjoongki+singles+dec12+12

  • HIGH CUT Vol 92 (c)

   songjoongki+highcut+92_1  songjoongki+highcut+92_2  songjoongki+highcut+92_5  songjoongki+highcut+92_3


  • OhBoy! April 2013 (c)
  • ELLE Oct 2015 (c)

11 thoughts on “송중기 (Song Joong-ki)

  1. I love all these pictures! I really need to put that boy in a banner.

  2. It’s great to see a blog interested in Song Joong Ki ^^ We’re a fanpage wordpress of Song Joong Ki in Vietnam 😀 Nice to meet you!

  3. Officially following you simply because of this awesomely perve-worthy compilation of Song Joong Ki piccies, lol. That said, I’m sure we’re not having any less fun than what the pretty boy is having reading his own magazine in the second last image you posted for the August 2011 issue VOGUE Girl, tsk tsk 😉

    • LOL boy is like a vitamin and I’m putting these in one place for the sake of looking at them whenever I’m feeling down, so..haha!

      I’m still wondering whether he really read that magazine during the photo shoot. hehehe

  4. May, what.s the font that you used for joongki’s name in the top banner? It’s so lovely.

  5. i’m sooo ready for his post-army photo shoots. * nods *

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