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지창욱 (Ji Chang-wook)

  • Singles June 2009 (c)
  • Men’s Health July 2011 (c)
  • VOGUE girl July 2011 (c)


  • SURE Jan 2012 (c) (c)
  • COSMOPOLITAN Feb 2012 (c)
  • GQ Apr 2012 (c)
  • NYLON June 2012 (c)
  • Singles Oct 2012 (c)
  • Style Chosun Feb 2013 (c)


  • Instyle July 2013
  • SURE Nov 2013 (c)
  • GRAZIA Jan 2014
  • Instyle Jan 2014 (c)
  • marie claire Jan 2014 (c)
  • ELLE February 2014 (c)
  • CeCi February 2014 (c)
  • The Celebrity March 2014 (c)
  • Harper’s BAZAAR March 2014 (c)
  • allure May 2014 (c)
  • CeCi June 2014 (c)
  • Gentleman June 2014 (c)
  • SURE Aug 2014 (c)
  • ARENA HOMME+ Aug 2014 (c)
  • Gentleman Nov 2014 (c)
  • GQ Dec 2014 (c)
  • Instyle Mar 2015 (c)
  • KWAVE Dec 2014
  • The Celebrity Mar 2015 (c)
  • STARAZ Mar 2015 (c)
  • Singles Apr 2015 (c)
  • L’Officiel HOMMES May 2015 (c)
  • marie claire May 2015 (c)
  • ONE July 2015 (c)
  • GRAZIA Sept 2015
  • @star1 Sept 2015 (c)
  • Esquire Nov 2015  (c)

10 thoughts on “지창욱 (Ji Chang-wook)

  1. OMG never knew he is THIS hot!!!

  2. OMG!!!!! This guy is soooooo hot. O_O

  3. Long live the Emperor (Empress Yi) because omggg he’s so fine.

  4. very nice my cute emporer 🙂

  5. Thanks for the compilation! Personally, the ones from BNT International with him wearing a checkered suit are my personal favourites – even if his face is caked with make up.

  6. #your so handsome at all….in fact i like you cauze your my #1 fan/idol/crush……yepppeeee…….

  7. Just spent 15 minutes savoring these photos of JCW. Thank you for bringing them all together.

    • You’re welcome ^^ Glad you enjoyed the eye candy~

      • My first JCW drama was Empress Ki….Such a challenging role and he was so very young. This fine actor has done a lot of work since then and is impressive as well….If he keeps bringing his talent to us in such memorable roles he’ll be known as one of the hardest working actors in all of dramaland! I always look forward to his next project, but hope he balances work with real life because it’s so easy to burn-out…..take charge and don’t let the industry push you into being another sad statistic.

  8. ♡♡♡.. Mmh.. But where is update for this year?
    Thank you for this. 🙂

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