Welcome to the talking cupboard! This blog was founded on March 16, 2011 with the name one talking cupboard. The name was changed afterwards to make it simple, since the URL was thetalkingcupboard from the get go. The blogΒ was created thanks to the viral 30-Day KDrama Challenge back then on tumblr, which inspired me to create a proper blog focusing on my dramas. So far, the blog focuses mainly on Korean entertainment, including kdramas, kmovies, and sometimes kvariety. The blog consists mainly of random thoughts about dramas the I am watching or finished watching, recaps, swoon-worthy and drool-worthy pictures of actors and actresses, magazine spreads, and purely random ramblings. I am deeply interested in the history and culture of South Korea, hence I also made a few posts focused on traditional Korean clothing called hanbok and other things related to Korean culture and history.

The talking cupboard is currently maintained by the creator, Mimi akaΒ muchadoboutlove and Jasmine aka dramaladloverj; Mary aka kichul1106 previously contributed to the blog as well πŸ™‚

Interested to write for this blog? Contact me at muchadoboutlove@thetalkingcupboard.com or twitter.com/muchadoboutlove. Have a good time browsing the blog! ❀

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  1. Hello: I am so glad I found you. I am watching “Empress Ki” and it is take a long time to get subtitles episodes. I am glad you created this blogsite. Looking forward on coming many more times to read your posts. Take care. Thank you so much!!

  2. Internal screaming ensued when I saw my blog on your blogroll. I can’t believe my eyes omg thank youuuuuuu! ヽ(οΌ›β–½οΌ›)γƒŽ

  3. I decided to read up about your info and when I reached halfway the comments, I realized you’re Malaysian! So am I! So excited to find a blogger from Malaysia, with equal interest in k-drama, and one that can fully understand k-drama without subs! It’s awesome what you’re doing here, and I find it interesting that I could not detect your origin from your comments, I mean I always have a knack of deciphering that (sounds like I’m boasting, sorry, heh.). And I’m impressed by your dedication to keep a blog, I mean I created one at the height of my passion for fanfiction (triggered by ‘Boys Over Flower’), but I decided it was too much work to ‘prettify’ it and manage it, so I dropped it and my fanfiction altogether. I hope I can get my motivation soon and start it back up, especially seeing how fired up I am by ‘Kill Me Heal Me’ lately. Drop me a line if I finally start it back up, I’d really appreciate that. ❀

    1. Heyyyy a fellow Malaysian! ^^v

      I am curious, actually…where did you think I came from based on my writing? Hehehe!

      Yeah, I understand how difficult it is to maintain a blog and it is a blessing or me that the passion I have for Korean dramas is still strong, thus the blog continues to grow. I did consider to quit blogging at times but I would find the inspiration to write not too long after those moments.

      Best of luck for your blog, and don’t forget to drop me the link, dear! ❀
      P.S If it’s okay for me to ask this..where are you from? Lembah Klang?

      1. Haha, I’m actually across the ocean from you, the Land Below The Wind, Sabah. Hmm, I never really gave it much thought, but I did think you sounded polite from your posts so you must be somewhere from Asia. My initial thought was you must be a korean living overseas! When you said no, I figured it must be from Phillipines or Taiwan, never Malaysia. I mean I’m not trying to put down our country or anything, but I’m just so surprised there’s a local blogger that’s very interested in k-culture and to think a couple months ago, I was reading up your blog for ‘Empress Ki’ recap! Been trying to find someone who’d recap that and only you did, I did consider watching it myself but 50 episodes seem like a big committment, and if you haven’t figure out me from my posts, I’m really scared of committment, haha. I’m a fan of dramas but ever since I came across dramabeans, I mean I totally went from actual dramas to reading dramas, I just love reading about it and the insights they put up for it, it’s like an eye opening experience, I feel like a hermit just discovering the world. -_- I keep thinking I should blog what I watch and share my thoughts instead of desperately finding a place to spazz and not fitting in, but then I shudder at the thought of doing it long term, hence the dilemma. I am totally happy to come across your blog. If you don’t mind me asking, are you Chinese?

        1. Ohhh a Sabahan! I was born in Kelantan but currently staying in Putrajaya ^^v I’m a Malay girl!

          Hehehe I think my English and my writing style have been influenced greatly by Japanese/Korean since I learned Japanese when I was in secondary school and Korean dramas have been my favourites from my primary school days. LOL talking about commitment and Empress Ki, I was so torn in between starting the recap and ditching the idea altogether, but I ended up writing the first recap. There were times (a LOT of times actually) when I felt like giving up…but I still woke up early to finish the recaps. It was probably the immense LOVE I have for the writers and the cast that made it possible for me to finish the series (and went a bit ting-tong after six months of watching the drama!)~ Hohohoho!

          Yup, drama-reading is an eye-opening experience! Blogging is fun but it can be tedious at times, especially when you’re doing longform writing. Haver you tried using tumblr? There are lots of formats related to dramas which can be experimented with (posting BTS photos, drama snippets, etc) and it’s a place that is for microblogging. I used to write on tumblr before moving to this wordpress site because my thoughts can be..er.. quite long and jumbled up πŸ˜›

        2. What?! I read somewhere you grew up watching mainland Chinese drama, and I thought you have got to be Chinese! Lol, sorry I’m kind of shallow like that. I have tried registering for tumblr before and stuck at the process of figuring how to use it, and I’m really more of a quitter more than a beginner because I tend to drop things when they get difficult, plus I’m bad with blogging in general or keeping diary alike. My thought is at its best spontaneously flow out when I spazz about a drama or anything.

        3. It’s okay, really! My dad is a big fan of Chinese dramas and movies, so I was exposed to those since I was young! Hehehe the drama fandom runs in the family~

          If that’s the case, you can spazz here anytime! Well, if you want to write a longer afterthought (or a review!), maybe you can be a guest writer on this blog ^^v

        4. I’d love that! Except I haven’t really been inspired to write anything yet. I’ll ask you when I have one. Thanks!

  4. Just finished reading all the comments here…and my dear cupboard (Mimi is your real name is it? So, hiiii Mimi! ;3) you really surprised me!! Never in my mind thought that you’re from Malaysia and a Malay girl?..just wow(you’re really amazing.. This is my first time found someone from our clan doing kdrama recap(thumb ups!!) . >.<

    Such a great blog you have here and your recap was super fast! Love every bit of it. Especially with this KMHM fever, everyday I keep refreshing your blog(lol I’m a bit stalkerish type if it is about dorama).I know the drama airs every Wednesday and Thursday.who knows maybe you want to give some wonderful thoughts about it while waiting for DH and SG to appear again. :p

    Yay and I’m from Malaysia too! Btw we are fellow Kelantanese πŸ˜‰

    1. Ehhhhhh another Malaysian?! Hiiiii~ /waves/ OMG I am always excited to meet fellow Malaysians in this vast kdramaland! And you’re Kelantanese too! Waaaahhhh!

      Yeah, my name is Mimi πŸ˜€ Hehehe I actually try to stay as far as possible from the blog once I finish the recaps, because I don’t want to have too much thoughts about KMHM..but the comments left by fellow fans are hard to resist! I love reading them, and sometimes I feel like I’ll interrupt the discussion, so I just let the conversation flow among them. Hehehe!

  5. Hehehe Yeah feel so nice!! Me too!!! I love everyone here who give out their thoughts (especially about scene I couldn’t understand-u know that Yo Na world where there are lots of fans gathered-left me hanging for a while..then after I read your recap and our ‘drama analysis expertise’ (reaally amazed with their talent to decipher it semantically (hehe actually I referred to both scene and dialogue), and of course you as well Mimi ;p)

    And kyaaa Mimi you’re super talented! How can you do the recap so fast? You’re still studying right? @.@ Hee sorry I’m getting excited knowing that you’re Kelantanese as well ;p

    So happy that we are meeting here in this four dimensional world! tehee

    Oh ya btw my name is Fara πŸ™‚

    1. Hahahahaha! Don’t feel sorry because I’m excited too! ^^v Nice to meet you here, Fara!

      I just finished my degree, currently a jobless bum lazing around watching dramas πŸ˜› I sacrificed a bit of my sleeping hours for the recaps ^^;

  6. Hahaha I feel you about that jobless thingie. But hey you put so much effort here, doing these wonderful recaps and feeding our souls (hm how do I relate this..it’s like customer service? hehe one of a kind job, rarely found, only here in this kdramaland ;p

      1. Hehe..thank you for your hard work Mimi! (I like your name, sounds so cute ay~) Mimi-chan Mimi-chan ❀ ❀ shooting more love arrow πŸ˜‰

  7. Hello there! I just came across your blog and started reading all the comments and so inspired to see so many fellow Malaysians. I too hail from Malaysia so just want to say hello. Your blog is very impressive and referenced by so many other bloggers which is how I came across it. Great job! Maybe this is your calling πŸ™‚ Looking forward to reading your recaps and howdy to all our fellow Malaysian bloggers and readers!

  8. I REALLY love your blog – GREAT job!! I have a site too dedicated to specifically the Three Kingdom Period. Would love for you to check it out and collaborate. KoreanHistoricalDramas.com

    1. Thank you for the compliment πŸ˜‰ Yours are better than me, and that site is multiple times better than this blog! What an amazing and informative site you’ve made! You’ve encouraged me to hurry up on watching Ballad of Seo Dong (only watched two eps so far) and starting Kim Soo Ro for the badass queens πŸ˜€

        1. You can share those posts by clicking on the ‘Share This’ button for Facebook, just above the comment section for each post. As for the pages, I’m afraid that you’ll have to share the links manually because the share button doesn’t appear for the theme 😦 Sorry…

  9. Hi there^^

    I stumbled upon your blog when I was searching about King Sukjong and Dong Yi avid fan of Dong Yi. From here, I learnt a lot not just about King Sukjong but also Korean culture. I especially love the entry you posted about saguek in general (the lists) and also about Kings of Joseon.
    What makes this more amazing is to know you are also from malaysia! I never thought I will find fellow malaysian that shares the same interest as me, mostly in saguek. Most of my friends are either into kpop and kpop only or not into kpop at all!
    Thank you for your dedication and commitment in sharing these knowledge, and keep it up! I’ll root for you from behind^^

  10. Thank you for writing such detailed reviews for each episodes of Empress Ki! It was a very brilliant production. Although it was quite sad feeling. I enjoyed reading the reviews on this blog very much. Thanks ! ^^

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