Mon-Tue Battle: Moon vs Moonlight

It’s a secret already known by most people, but if you’re being out of loop (just like me) when it comes to kdrama news these days, KBS and SBS is at it again: after pitting medical dramas against each other on the Monday-Tuesday slot, they have arranged for yet another big battle, this time with historical dramas or sageuk. Although both dramas lined for the time slot are practically fusion sageuk, it is going to be a war of genre again after Doctors and Beautiful Mind. Both Moonlight Drawn By Clouds and Moon Lovers (aka Scarlet Heart: Ryeo) boast their own strengths, and I am so eager to see how everything will turn out, not just for the sake of the ratings battle.

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Park Bo Gum and Ryu Jun Yeol for Harper’s BAZAAR China

I don’t really put up pictorials of Korean celebrities featured in Chinese magazines because there are a lot of them (plus I can’t even cover all of those from Korean magazine outlets!) but this time, I’m making an exception for these guys. Both Park Bo-gum and Ryu Jun-yeol enjoyed popularity both in South Korea and China thanks to Reply 1988, so Harper’s BAZAAR China courted them for individual pictorials for the magazine’s May edition. Park Bo-gum couples up with a cat for laid-back shots while Ryu Jun-yeol goes minimalist for a black and white pictorial. Check them out!

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I Remember You: A Mind Game

I finally picked up this drama after shelving it for some time, and I must say that it is going to be an unforgettable one out of all the shows I’ve seen this year. The online buzz also played a part in helping me to put I Remember You on my watch-list so I thank you, all fellow drama fans for showering it with lots of love ❤ I felt a bit sad after completing the drama though, since it was so good I’m not ready to let it go yet. No, it was exceptional. The plot was clever and the cast made it a joy to watch. If you’ve not caught it, don’t miss it!

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