2013 Appreciation Post

Last minute work is my forte, so I decided to make the last day of 2013 as my appreciation day…but so many things happened that the post was left unattended..until today. 2013 passed by in a blink of an eye, and there are so many things to be appreciated as well some that make me want to complain all day long. Life’s not adventurous without both delightful and not-so-fun things, right? Just like the drama offerings last year, there are some that worth mentioning and they will be in my mind for quite sometime, while others might probably lost themselves in my fading memory.

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One week into my two-week holiday, I’ve come to realize that I’m having a love-hate relationship with dramas for the time being. I was planning to watch the dramas that I haven’t watched before this but my mood for those dramas soon disappeared into thin air. Thank God Master’s Sun still grabs my heart and tickle my funny bone but the sudden turn of events in the drama makes me want to escape the ‘torture’ of watching the drama, even for a while.

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