Mirroring (and Shadowing) the Witch

As the plot goes deeper and we get nearer to the center of everything, Mirror of the Witch has reached its halfway mark in what feels like a blink of an eye. The story is easy to follow but I can see why the opinions are divided for the drama: it’s either exciting or boring, not in between. For me, the joy of watching this little fairy tale is in watching the characters grow (albeit not in the fastest rate), finding solace and support in each other. But that does not mean the baddies are doing nothing; they are lurking from every corners and holes, prying for their targets and goals.

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Parallelism, Deviation, and Realization in Mirror of the Witch

It’s official: I’m under the spell of Mirror of the Witch and I don’t think I can escape easily now that I am this deep into the drama. How did I know? Well, you know you are just infatuated with a show when you can’t stop thinking about it on the day it airs and you are literally staring at the clock waiting for the show to be out, then waiting for both episodes to be available. Forget about subs, because I can’t wait anymore.

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First Impression – Suspicious Housekeeper

Dramas come and go, and so is the mood to watch them. Maybe I’m reaching a point where I’m not that addicted to dramas after being ‘forced’ to reduce the time spent for the addictive hobby. While I spend less time watching dramas, I do pay attention to the updates from the Kdramaland, witnessing the end of several dramas through the news and reading people’s takes on new shows. Since the blog was left without any updates for the last few weeks, I think it’s good to share my impression about Suspicious Housekeeper, the new drama on Mon-Tue slot that replaces Empire of Gold starting last week.

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