D-Day: Stills & Teasers

With cable drama D-Day set to premiere on 18th September following Last every Friday and Saturday, jtbc has released a stream of teasers and stills where a massive earthquake hits Seoul, with a rescue team dispatched to provide medical treatment for the victims. The premise looks promising so far, with great CG effects to display. The cast includes Kim Young-kwang (from Plus Nine Boys), Jung So-min (from Big Man), Ha Suk-jin (from Legendary Witches) and many more. The short teaser clips leave me excited about the story and intrigued about the characters! [Updated]

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Kim Young Kwang and Jung So Min for Ceci

As the premiere date of upcoming jtbc drama D-Day is approaching, two of the lead cast, Kim Young-kwang and Jung So-min cosy up for the September issue of Ceci Korea’s magazine. The drama will premiere in September after Last ends. Being the first disaster drama in Korea, it is promoted as a blockbuster for the second-half of 2015 with high production budget (with the amount of CG required). In the pictorial below, they sure look stunning together clad in various clothing for the different stylistic shots. Check it out!

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White Christmas: a Review

When one thinks of White Christmas, things that come to that person’s mind are probably the song or a happy love story; or the true meaning of opening his window to falling snow on the joyful day. Now imagine this: instead of being stuffed with your loved ones inside your cozy homes, you have to spend your Christmas in your boarding school during the only holiday. Don’t worry so much, there’s plenty of snow there, but joining you are a teacher, a psychiatrist, and your schoolmates who get murdered one by one mysteriously. Welcome to another version of White Christmas, where it’s as dark as the night sky and beware; your life is going to change once you decide to explore it.

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