Flower Boys Next Door – Vogue Girl April 2013

VOGUE girl isn’t going to let me forget Flower Boy Next Door anytime soon. The magazine took some of the boys outside to enjoy the sun but sadly, only three of them are present in the pictorial for this April. Yoon Si-yoon participates in this colourful photoshoot, together with Mizuta Kouki and Kim Jung-san.



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Flower Boy Next Door: 8

One sign that I’m so in love with a drama is the level of attachment I have with the characters. Eight episodes in and I really adore all the characters, even the sneaky Do-hwi. The amount of love might vary from one character to another but still, it’s a drama worth checking out when it’s this good. I sincerely hope that I will never regret picking up this drama despite the hint that it will be entering the melo department next week. Be still, my heart, and prepare for not one, but three possible major heartbreaks.

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E08.130129.전방에 터널 위험 구간입니다.HDTV.H264.450p-WITH.mp4_002033064

On a different note, if this drama isn’t part of the Oh! Boy project, “Miss Dok-mi Next Door (이웃집 독미씨)” might be a good choice of title. Just saying~

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Flower Boys Next Door – Vogue Girl Feb 2013

Five guys in one photo shoot. Vogue Girl did a good job this time, securing all five hotties in Flower Boy Next Door to be featured in its February edition. Is this an early Valentine gift for a single girl like me? Well, I must be lucky. Heeee

voguegirl+feb13+1The most important thing is…Yoon Si-yoon, you’re mine! Hehehehe

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Flower Boy Next Door: First Impression

Who slept early last night? Me. Who woke up super early this morning? Me too. Who opened her computer as soon as she woke up and downloaded the drama? Well, that person was no other than me. Never thought my biological clock would obey to my drama-driven brain, prompting me to wake up in the wee hours in the morning just to catch up on the pilot episode of Flower Boy Next Door.

[tvN] ___ ___.E01.130107.__ __ __ ____.HDTV.XviD-WITH.avi_000079913

One word to describe the first episode: it’s warm.

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