Lee Sang Yoon × Kim Ha Neul for Singles

New romantic melodrama On The Way To The Airport premiered on KBS this Wednesday, starring Lee Sang-yoon in his return to a public broadcaster after his past two dramas on cable television and Kim Ha-neul in her comeback drama since 2012’s A Gentleman’s Dignity. I have not watched the pilot episodes yet, but it sure looks good from the pretty posters and teasers! Singles has gathered the two leads for their October issue in a pictorial titled Steady Love; they are also on the magazine’s cover!

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Kim Ha Neul in Vogue July 2011

There’s an interview, but I can’t read Korean Hangul that well, so I can’t translate anything ^^; But she is so pretty I can’t help but to adore these pictures. Who can resist the beauty of a goddess like her?

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