Jung Yunho – High Cut Vol 102

I do love black hair because it’s my natural hair colour but I can’t help it but to love coloured hair, especially if it fits the person nicely. In this case, I’m digging Yunho’s red hair! Is this his recent hair color, or has he changed it? Loving the red haired Yunho, who is the next cover boy for High Cut, Volume 102.


source: HIGH CUT

TVXQ – 1st Look Vol 9

Cute and suave, all in one photo shoot. I guess it’s not a hard thing for them. Here’s the latest pictorial of TVXQ’s Shim Changmin and Jung Yunho for 1st Look, Vol 9, November 17 edition.

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TVXQ – W Korea Oct 2011

Potter Yunho and Fashionista Changmin are what makes me aching to post this. This photo shoot was probably taken during their trip to New York for Lacoste’s fashion collection showing earlier this month. Yunho looks as suave and adorable as usual but seeing Changmin in various outfits just make me burst out laughing, maybe because I remember this. Growing up may improve your sense of fashion and plus, if you’re being selected as a brand’s spokeperson, why not?

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