IU and Yeo Jin Goo – Marie Claire August 2019 Interview

Nice to Meet You!

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Mon-Tue Battle: Moon vs Moonlight

It’s a secret already known by most people, but if you’re being out of loop (just like me) when it comes to kdrama news these days, KBS and SBS is at it again: after pitting medical dramas against each other on the Monday-Tuesday slot, they have arranged for yet another big battle, this time with historical dramas or sageuk. Although both dramas lined for the time slot are practically fusion sageuk, it is going to be a war of genre again after Doctors and Beautiful Mind. Both Moonlight Drawn By Clouds and Moon Lovers (aka Scarlet Heart: Ryeo) boast their own strengths, and I am so eager to see how everything will turn out, not just for the sake of the ratings battle.

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Pretty Ladies IU and Park Bo Young for Ceci

It’s only mid-September but pictorials for October are already being released, awesome! Actress Park Bo Young and singer IU grace the covers of Ceci China’s and Korea’s October issues respectively, showing off their feminine charms. Both of them have had a fantastic 2015 so far with dramas and appearing on variety programs. Now let us enjoy the gorgeous!

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Producer: Real Life Versus Reel Life

My thoughts on another drama which concluded last month- this time we got to see the “real” behind the “reel” and vice versa.

One of the dramas with the most hype even before it began its run: The Producers was highly anticipated because of its use of real-life broadcasting channel KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) in South Korea as the setting in this fictional story, as well as referencing to real names of people, and then the horde of cameos right from the start. I especially like that KBS took the risk to experiment a new filming style for the drama- mockumentary as seen in the interviews of the various characters within the show.

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