2014 in Retrospect

2014 was actually a strange year overall for me. Sometimes it felt so fast, but there were moments when I thought that time moved at the speed of a crawling tortoise. It was not a great year personally and even to the world’s population in general, but I am reflecting on what had happened to make 2015 a better year. Despite all the challenges, I come to realize that blessings come in small packets of full of warmth, just like some of the dramas which aired in 2014.

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Sneak Peek: Summer KDramas

New season and new dramas! We can never predict what is going to happen and the same thing goes with dramas. In my case, the excitement of watching the previews and teasers of upcoming dramas does not mean that I will love the dramas because it’s up to the drama itself to draw me in. The recent batch of new dramas is a mix of everything: from romantic comedies to melodrama, modern and historical. I am sure that there’s something for everyone and one of these might end your drama drought, if you’re having any.

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