Heartstrings: a Latecomer’s Review

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When you’re at the school, the thing that the teachers hate the most is their students coming late to the class. The latecomers would be the targets for chalks, dusters, books, marker caps, pen holders (ouch!), or simply ‘words of wisdom’ from their teachers. That scenario, thankfully, never happen in kdrama land, where everyone is allowed to enjoy it as they like without being pressured. It’s never too late for someone to enjoy what other have enjoyed and moved on. So that’s being me, in the case of Heartstrings a.k.a You’ve Fallen for Me. Months after it ended, the feeling has finally kicked in, and I decide to watch it. And it’s a ride with completely different feelings compared to the first time I watched it.

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2011 Appreciation Post

Another year is going to end and another year is coming in less than 24 hours. Sounds pretty fast, right? Many dramas started and ended, some being better than the others and a few went down the lane pretty miserably. Rambles aside, this year is pretty much a good and bad year for me. The reasons, in no particular order…

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